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Chapter 769: The Bottom Line of Her Dignity

Su Yi had not expected that the problem she had been worried about since she had released the new album would actually be resolved by a scandal.

She had never expected that one day, she would not become popular because of a pleasant song, but because of a scandal that carried her new song to popularity.

And that she would successfully appear in the eyes of the public because of it too.

Speaking of which, it was really ironic.

She had always been very confident in her songs.

She also possessed ambitions and aspirations, but she despised becoming popular because of such a reason.

Dont reason with her or tell her that as long as she could become popular… What did it matter which method was used

Yes, it mattered.

Music was her bottom line; her dignity and pride.

She did not want to become popular with such a method.

She did not rely on her own capabilities, but on others to become popular.

When Cheng Ye was done, he hurried to the hospital to see her.

Teacher Lu had already left, but Sister Su Yi was still there.

Her calf had been fractured and it was put in a cast.

She would not be able to work for some time, but there wasnt anything to worry about anyway.

It would soon be the Lunar New Year.

Even the busiest person would have to go home on vacation.

He passed her half an orange and looked at the person in front of him worriedly.

“Sister Su Yi, why are you unhappy”

Brother Chen had said that Sister Su Yis new album had exploded in popularity and become well-known outside of the entertainment circle.

On the streets, he had seen people watching videos and the music used was the songs in her new album.

They were all very happy.

“Theres nothing to be happy about.” Su Yis expression was calm.

There was nothing to be unhappy about either.

The album had exploded in fame, so she could at least earn back the funds the studio had invested in her.

She did not have to feel guilty or like she had let Big Boss Huo down.

Why should she be unhappy

“I know.” Cheng Ye was actually very smart, but he looked stupid.

“Sister Su Yi, are you upset about the scandal”

Su Yi shook her head.


Cheng Ye sniffled.

“Thats not what I meant.

I meant that you were upset because the scandal had gotten into the hottest search topics, which led the new songs and album to popularity as well, right”

Su Yi knew that he was young, but he had debuted much earlier than her.

She had not expected the usually silly child to hit the nail on the head.

She did not say anything and tacitly agreed.

“Actually, Sister Su Yi, you dont have to think in that way at all.

Even if you rely on rumors to gain attention, many people will still know about them in the end!

“Only when others hear your songs will they know how outstanding and enjoyable they are.

If they dont know and dont pay attention to you, no matter how nice your song is, whats the point” Cheng Ye did not know what he was talking about either.

He only thought of the past.

He had debuted at the age of 12, but his team had not been popular at all since their debut.

His teammates had once thought of countless ways to appear in the publics eyes.

Even if they only had one shot to appear on camera, they wanted to fight for it with all their might.

No one knew how tough it was being unpopular and so indistinct in peoples memories.

They did not even have a single job.

Every day, they practiced dancing and singing with all their might.

However, even when trying their best to improve their capabilities, they couldnt receive a single job.

The feeling of only being able to stay at home and pick at their feet…

Every time, they would wonder where they were lacking in.

Were they not working hard enough After reflecting on themselves, they would work even harder.

They believed that one day, they would become a well-known presence outside of the entertainment circle and become popular.

They would have many, many fans and many, many people would recognize them.

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