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Chapter 777: Lost His Soul

This matter was too urgent.

By the end of the year, the migrant workers and high school students had all returned home.

The number of blood donors had decreased drastically, and there was insufficient blood in the blood bank.

For example, blood types that were originally few in number were basically depleted.

“May I ask if the person in the emergency room is the lady who was just brought in” Huo Cis voice was nervous as he looked at the young nurse and confirmed again.

“Is it Nangong Lengyu”

Upon hearing the voice, the young nurse looked up and saw that the man in front of her was actually Huo Ci.

Her eyes widened suddenly.

It was Movie King Huo.

She nodded hurriedly.


Nangong, she has AB blood.

Is her family here”

“Im her family.

How is she now” After saying that, Huo Ci realized that his voice was trembling.

He asked, “Can you wait a few minutes for me”

“Hurry up.

She wont be able to last much longer.” The young nurse looked at him and urged.

At this moment, a human life was at stake.

How could she be allowed to slack off After saying that, she returned to the emergency room and told the doctor, who was performing the emergency surgery, the situation.

Ling Sheng waited for a long time.

Xiaoqi had already been pushed to an ordinary ward, but her father had yet to return.

When she saw her son lying on the bed and breathing steadily, her heart finally calmed down.

She stared at him unblinkingly.

She had been scared to death!

This was the first time she had known that when one was nervous and scared, one would become so flustered and lose all rationality.

She had not known that she would be so flustered and at a loss one day either.

She had even thought, what if her father was not in and she was alone at home She might not even know if she could take Xiaoqi to the hospital safely.

When Huo Ci suddenly barged in, he was like a soulless walking corpse.

His emotions were suppressed to the maximum, as though only the last string was holding his whole body together.

With a light touch, the string would break and he would break down.

Ling Sheng was given a great shock.

As soon as she called outFather, she was dragged outward.

She did not know what was wrong with him, but her arm hurt from being grabbed and pinched.

Her small face contorted in pain instantly.

“Father, whats wrong”

Huo Ci did not speak.

He only dragged her out, suppressing worry and fear in his heart.

For a moment, there were all kinds of pent-up emotions inside him.

He only growled in a choked voice, “Follow me!”

Ling Sheng could clearly see his bloodshot eyes and that his voice had gone hoarse from extreme tension and worry.

He seemed to have cried.

What was going on What had he encountered

“Father, Xiaoqi…” Ling Sheng turned around to look at her son, who was on the bed but she had already been dragged out.

“You have to tell me what happened, right!”

“She was in a car accident.” Huo Cis voice was hoarse and broken, as though every word was being forced out of his chest.

“She needs a blood transfusion!”

Coincidentally, her blood type was the same as hers.

They both had AB blood.

Ling Sheng did not know who had gotten into a car accident and needed a blood transfusion.

However, when she saw her fathers lost look, she could guess that she had to be someone very important to him.

When she reached the emergency room and had her blood drawn, Ling Sheng finally realized that Auntie Yu was the one who had been in the car accident.

She stood at the door of the emergency room with her father, her heart in her throat once again.

She did not know if she was comforting herself or him.

“Father, dont worry.

Auntie Yu is lucky.

Shell definitely be fine.

The nurse said that she just lost a lot of blood.

Its nothing serious.

Dont worry.”

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