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Chapter 809: A Dream (3)

She had been forced to come out to pay her New Years greetings.

Because of her personality, she did not like to go out, nor did she know how to chat when she saw others.

She did not know how to make the elders happy.

Her father would not scold her, but he would scold her mother every time.

He would blame her mother for not teaching her well and reprimand her to let Song Yiyan hear it.

She wanted to find someone to talk to.

She did not want to continue following her familys arrangements.

“What about you What do you think Remember, youre a person.

Every person can think independently.

Dont tell me you dont have any ideas or thoughts.” Ling Sheng tried to guide her.

From her words, Ling Sheng knew that Song Yiyans father was an autocratic man who had a strong desire for control.

Everyone had to do what he wanted and no one could defy him.

Song Yiyan had said that ever since she was young, everything she had learned, which school she had attended, what she had worn, what she had used, how she was to speak and do things, and even who she had befriended had been arranged by her family.

She only had to follow their arrangements step by step.

“Ling Sheng, I dont want this.

I want to do what I like.

I didnt have anything I really liked in the past.

I would like whatever Mommy told me to like.”

“However, I want to do acting now.

Only when Im acting again will I feel very happy.” Song Yiyan finally stopped crying.

When she spoke of acting, her eyes were sparkling with light.

Ling Sheng finally understood.

She had been controlled for too long, so she did not even have the slightest consciousness to resist.

Or perhaps, she was afraid of her fathers power and did not dare to resist.

As for her personality, she only knew how to cry and could not come up with her own decisions.

She had been raised into a marionette.

She did not dare to do anything but at least, she had her own independent consciousness.

Her independent personality had not been completely wiped out.

She suddenly thought of the first time they had met, when that arrogant and rude girl had bellowed at her, the impatience she displayed to wake her up.

Although it seemed like she was ruining their family relationship, she still said, “Song Yiyan, youre an individual.

Youre not your parents personal property.

Theres no need for you to listen to them for everything and completely follow the life they planned for you.”

Song Yiyan frowned, not really understanding.

She looked at her in confusion.

Ling Sheng let out a low sigh and added, “You have to learn to say no to others.

You cant listen to everything they say.

If you like something, you have to be bold and chase after it.

Dont be indecisive.

Otherwise, you can only be led by the nose forever like a robot following the instructions given to you by others.”

Song Yiyan pointed at her own nose.

“Am I a robot Then, what should I do”

Ling Sheng was at her wits end.

Did this little precious have to be so foolish It was really difficult to talk to her.

“Do you know a word calledrebel You just firmly refuse to listen to him.

If your father wants you to go east, you should move to the west.”

Song Yiyan seemed to understand something.

“For example, if my father asked me to come out with him to celebrate the Lunar New Year today, I should not come.

I should oppose him”

Ling Sheng felt like she had understood a little, but not in this way.

“You have to insist on saying no to something you think is right.

Your father asked you to come out to celebrate the New Year with your elders.

Thats basic social etiquette.

Unless you leave human society, it cant be avoided.

Didnt I come out with my father to celebrate the New Year too”

Upon hearing her mention her father, Song Yiyan finally regained her senses and said in shock, “Ling Sheng, your father is Huo Ci.

Why havent I heard of that”

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