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Chapter 844: Making Her Suffer

That fool Huo Feifei.

How nice would it be if she had been well-behaved Why did she have to go poke a hornets nest Who else should be stung if not her

Huo Xuanzhou added fuel to the fire.

“Grandpa, shes too much.

Isnt she just jealous that our Sheng Sheng has more and better things than her Our Huo Family doesnt have room for people with such malicious mindsets.

Dont you think Im right, Grandpa”

Huo Xiao nodded and pointed at Fourth Son and his wife as he lectured them.

“Look at the good daughter you two have raised.

Now, you dont even let your own family off.

All of you want to bully her, is it Sheng Sheng has just come over, yet youre all making her suffer.

Do you think Im dead!”

Huo Li was originally in a good mood today.

After winning money, his daughter had returned with a capable son-in-law, which had also made him look good.

Before he could gloat for long, she had embarrassed him to such a great extent.

“Feifei, tell me the truth.

Why did you get your sister to throw away her clothes and makeup”

Huo Feifei knew that she could not say anything at this time.

She could only deny it to the end and remove herself from the accusation.

She sobbed aggrievedly, “Father, Mother, Grandpa, Grandma, its not like what Brother Zhou said.

I really didnt know they were authentic.

I thought they were fake.

I was afraid that Sheng Sheng would be laughed at if she wore it out.

Wasnt I doing this for the sake of the Huo Family too”

“Who would believe you Youre a liar!” Huo Xuanzhou was not in a good mood as he pointed at her nose.

“Huo Feifei, you dare to do it but dont dare admit it, right”

F*ck, she wanted to deny it How convenient for her.

Since she had dared to bully others, she should have thought of the consequences!

Ling Sheng was baffled.

After causing such a huge commotion, Prince Edward of Huo Feifeis family had not actually appeared.

Shouldnt he emerge domineeringly to protect his princess consort

However, speak of the devil.

She had just finished thinking that when she saw Prince Edward arrive late and stride toward Huo Feifei.

Upon seeing her cry, he asked anxiously, “What happened Who bullied you”

Ling Sheng looked at Huo Xuanzhou.

Oh, this Prince Edward could speak Chinese too.

It was rather accurate too.

To think he kept speaking in English when he had arrived.

Upon seeing her lover, Huo Feifei cried even more sadly.

She threw herself into his embrace and cried without saying anything.

She looked as though she was nursing a great grievance from being bullied.

Edward looked at everyone indignantly.

“Feifei was so happy to bring me home to meet her family.

How can you people bully her like this Since your family doesnt welcome her so much, well leave immediately.”

Huo Xiaos brow wrinkled even tighter.

Why would an unrelated outsider like him come out to join in the trouble If he was not a guest, Huo Xiao really wanted to whack this douche with his walking stick! Scram!

Edward shot an angry look at everyone present and pulled Huo Feifei away.

He has already said such harsh words, Edward thought.

Why wasnt anyone stopping him and getting him to stay

It was as if Ling Sheng and Huo Xuanzhou were watching a show.

They started jeering secretly.

Go on.

Go quickly.

Bro, hurry up! Dont hesitate.


Huo Feifei had initially thought that after Edward finished speaking, the people who had bullied her would apologize to her.

She had not expected them to pay little care to the prince as well.

She turned around and grabbed her lover.

Her face was full of tears, and she looked aggrieved and pitiful.

“Edward, dont be like this.

I cant leave.

This is my home.

Where do you want me to go”

Xiao Hui could not stay silent and watch the action like others.

She shot her husband a look, and the duo stopped them hurriedly.

“Feifei, Edward, wait a minute.

Where are the two of you going this late at night”

Huo Li was anxious.

It had not been easy for him to gain glory for a short while as a princes father-in-law.

He might even become a kings father-in-law in the future.

If word got out, he would gain face many times over.

He could not let a little b*stard ruin everything.

“Father, say something.

Prince Edward is already leaving.

When that happens, well be sinners who ruined our countrys international relations.”

Xiao Hui stopped Edward and Huo Feifei, feeling extremely annoyed.

A bunch of muddled fools! The most important person now was the prince.

If the prince broke up with Feifei because of this matter, she would not know where to cry to.

“Feifei, lets just clarify this problem.

Tell your grandpa what happened.”

Huo Feifei felt even more aggrieved and uncomfortable.

“Mother, I saw wrongly.

You also know that my ability to make discerning judgments has been poor ever since I was young.

I dont know how many times I was deceived by people selling me fake goods while buying bags and clothes.”

“All of Sheng Shengs items were new and custom-made in private.

They could not even be found on the official website, nor did I know the designer, so how could I know that they were real I thought that she had been deceived.”

“I was just being nice.

Who knew that things would turn out like this Brother Zhou even accused me of doing it on purpose.

How was I doing it on purpose”

“Yes, you dont know your specialty, French language, and you are blind as a bat so you cant recognize the real thing.” Huo Xuanzhou let out a cold laugh.

“Those eyes are useless.

Do you want me to dig them out for you!”

“Stop talking!” Jiang Meiyun could not bear to see Fourth Sister-in-law act so arrogantly either just because she had a prince as her son-in-law.

However, since the Old Master had not said anything and Sixth Brother did not care either, why was he rushing to the fore

Huo Xuanzhou said, “Im telling a major truth.

Huo Feifei, when you go out, dont ever say that youre a member of the Huo Family.

Youre an embarrassment to the Huo Family.”

“Mother, thats all Im going to say.

Since everyone thinks I bullied Sheng Sheng, Ill… Ill disappear.

Dont worry, I wont appear in front of you guys again and make you unhappy,” Huo Feifei sobbed.

Hatred surged in her heart, but on her face, she was pretending to be strong, forcing her tears to not fall.

Fine! They refused to give her any face as the future princess consort.

Just wait and see.

There would be a time when they would regret and beg her.

Huo Xuanzhou still had the cheek to criticize others.

Wasnt he the one who embarrassed the Huo Family the most

“Father, Mother!” Huo Li panicked and looked at the Old Master.

“Say something.

Feifei grew up under your watch and has lived with the Huo Family for so many years.

Is she still inferior to an outsider”

Huo Xiao had a terrible temper.

Who was he calling an outsider Exactly who was the outsider He picked up his walking stick and was about to hit him.

“Say that again.

Who are you calling an outsider”

Huo Li saw that the Old Master was not giving him face even in front of so many people and was about to hit him.

Thankfully, he was stopped by Su Xiyin, but the former instantly felt grief and indignation.

His eyes reddened as he said, “Father, I know you cant stand us from the fourth branch, but today is a big, happy day.

Feifei has returned with her fiancé.

Even if you dont like us, cant you pretend to wish us well”

Ling Sheng was just a b*stard! Why was the Old Master treating her like the apple of his eye Why was he protecting her so lovingly They could not even say a word!

“Since when did I not like your fourth branch” Huo Xiao was simply bullheaded.

They should just go along with him.

The more others resisted, the more counterproductive it would be.

Huo Lis heartfelt words stirred up a soft part of his heart.

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