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Chapter 849: Bow Respectfully with Clasped Hands

Yi Jingwei had never suffered such humiliation before.

His eyes reddened from anger.

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

She was just a shameless, filthy woman.

The Old Master really treated her like a treasure.

He looked at Huo Xiao.

“Old Master Huo, will you refrain from reporting me if I apologize”

Huo Xiao did not speak, but he nodded as a symbolic action.

He wish! How dare he bully his dear granddaughter If he did not ruin this douchebags reputation, would he still have the face to see his granddaughter

“Father, Jingwei this child is just a little blunt with his words.

Dont be angry.” Upon seeing that the situation had gotten out of hand, Ye Ru hurried forward to advise him.

“He knows his mistake now.

As an elder, dont make things difficult for him anymore.”

“Third Aunt, thats where youre wrong.” Huo Xuanzhou had a smug expression on his face, as though he was watching a joke.

He looked very irritating.

“I was clearly the one who wanted to make things difficult for him.

What does this have to do with Grandpa I want to seek an explanation for my sister.”

Ye Ru still wanted to speak, but after being glared at by Huo Xiao, she suppressed the anger in her heart and did not dare speak up anymore.

She only shot Yi Jingwei a look to get him to follow along and not argue.

The Old Masters temper was notoriously terrible.

This scumbag Ah Zhou was not a good person either.

His title of the devil incarnate in the capital was not for nothing.

Even though Yi Jingwei was extremely unwilling, he still knelt down according to Huo Xuanzhous instructions.

He looked at Ling Sheng and said, “Ms.

Huo, its all my fault.

My mouth is cheap.

I take back everything I just said.

Im sorry! Please forgive me!”

A man had to be able to tolerate what ordinary people could not.

The famous general Han Xin had even undergone the humiliation of crawling between someones legs before.

If he could preserve his reputation, what did it matter if he knelt down and apologized

When the wind blows over, he would definitely make it known to everyone that the woman in front of him was just a little b*tch that anyone could ride.

Lets see who would still dare marry a woman with a rotten reputation like her!

“My dear granddaughter, dont cry anymore.

Dont cry.” Huo Xiao had not expected this to happen.

His heart ached immensely as he coaxed her gently.

“What can I do for you to stop crying Grandpa will make him crawl on the ground like a dog and bark like a dog, all right”

Ling Sheng did not speak.

She was still crying.

Huo Xuanzhou kicked Yi Jingwei and gave him an arrogant look.

“Didnt you hear that Crawl.”

When had Yi Jingwei ever suffered such humiliation before Hatred surged in his heart, but he did not dare disobey.

He crawled on the ground like a dog.

Soon, Huo Xuanzhou reached for a feather duster that a servant brought and whipped it on his body.

“Bark! Do you want me to teach you”

Yi Jingwei barked a few times consecutively.

Ling Sheng let out a laugh, with her eyes still full of tears.

She sniffled while looking at Huo Xiao, then she called out to him looking aggrieved, “Grandpa.”

When he saw his dear granddaughter finally smile, Huo Xiao was overjoyed.

He pointed at Yi Jingwei and said, “Keep barking.

Be more realistic.”

Ye Rus expression was very ugly.

The person she had found for the blind date had now become a dog and was being teased for amusement.

How could she not be furious or indignant

Cao Yunxian and Xiao Hui also covered their mouths and laughed secretly.

After all, it was her fault for finding a person with a cheap mouth.

She obviously knew that the Old Master doted on this little b*stard Ling Sheng like a gem, yet she still dared to offend her.

Ling Sheng covered her mouth and smiled as she looked at the man, who was mimicking a dog crawling.

Look, a man was just a dog.

Wasnt he still being arrogant with her just now

He was a condescending *ss who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Why was he not being unreasonable now Why wasnt he pointing at her nose and calling her a slut now

Seeing that his dear granddaughter was finally smiling, Huo Xiao was delighted.

“My dear granddaughter, what else do you want to see”sl

Ling Sheng sniffled, her eyes still red and swollen.

She pointed at the man angrily.

“I dont want to see him.

Hes disgusting.”

Huo Xiao looked at the man, who was still crawling and barking like a dog.

He frowned.

“Didnt you hear her Scram!”

Yi Jingwei nodded repeatedly and ran away frantically with his tail between his legs.

Ye Ru chased after him hurriedly.

She was the one who had gotten him to come.

Now that things had come to this, the Old Master had not given her any face at all.

She had also fallen out with the Yi Family.

Yi Jingwei was also a problem.

She had thought that he was a professor who was a role model.

She had not expected him to say such words.

It wasnt a big deal to offend Ling Sheng, but it would be troublesome to offend the Old Master.

After Huo Xiao made Ling Sheng happy, he called the husband and wife of the third branch together to lecture them.

If such a thing happened again in the future, they should not blame him for exercising domestic discipline for punishment.

They better not bring any dastardly person into the house without understanding them well.

Before Yi Jingwei reached home, he received a call from the principal, asking him to make a trip to school and explain what had been exposed online.

What exactly was going on

As soon as he hung up, he received a call from his family.

They said that the Yi Familys share price had fallen to its maximum and asked him what was going on.

His face was ghastly pale as he collapsed in the car.

It was over.

It was all over.

His reputation, his career, and the Yi Familys assets.

Ling Sheng only saw the news after Huo Xuanzhous reminder.

She had not expected her grandpa to be so domineering.

In order to seek revenge for her, he had exposed Yi Jingweis beastly behavior and destroyed the Yi Family.

“Look, Grandpa dotes on you a lot,” Huo Xuanzhou knocked her head.

“Be filial to Grandpa in the future!”

“Actually, its not that serious.” Ling Sheng thought for a while.

She was a person who let bygones be bygones after taking revenge on the spot.

She would not harp on the matter.

“Do you think Grandpas doing this to destroy the Yi Family Grandpas doing this for you, this ungrateful little girl.

He punished him as an example to others, showing those who are thinking of belittling you, looking down on you, and humiliating you about what will happen if they bully you.

Its just a small Yi Family.” Huo Xuanzhou smiled and raised his eyebrows, “If I tell you that its not actually Grandpa, but me who avenged you, how will you thank me”

After all, Grandpa had already promised Yi Jingwei that he would not do anything.

And Grandpa did not do it either.

He had only gotten Huo Xuanzhou to make the move.

“Young Master, this little woman has no way of repaying your kindness.

Let me bow to you,” Ling Sheng grinned as she bowed with cupped hands.

Huo Xuanzhou said, “Youre not sincere at all.

No can do.

You know what I want.”

Ling Sheng said, “Why dont I offer you three incense sticks a day”

Huo Xuanzhou pulled out his hands, wanting to spank her.

“You brat, youre cursing me! You heartless little thing! Look who helped you!”

Ling Sheng ran toward the study, loudly shouting for help as she ran.

“Grandpa, look! My older brother is bullying me! Help!”

The expression in Huo Xuanzhous eyes grew slightly solemn, but they melted into gentleness in an instant.

Watching the brat run into the study, the corners of his lips curled up from joy and pride.


That simple word brewed in his heart for a long time, making his heart swell and feel warm.

It was an indescribable feeling.


Very good!

Thats right.

Very good!

He liked it a lot.

Everyone in the different family branches, including Ye Ru, had not expected the Old Master to behave so ruthlessly because of an illegitimate daughter.

He had destroyed the Yi Family directly.

A clan that was neither large nor small had gone bankrupt overnight.

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