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Chapter 850: Treated Like Treasure

Because of Yi Jingweis personal behavior, he was also being criticized and condemned verbally and in writing by netizens all over the country.

This frightened the wives of the other family branches.

When they introduced someone to Ling Sheng, they did not dare to play dirty tricks anymore.

Huo Xiao had initially agreed for his daughters-in-law to introduce someone to Ling Sheng, only because he wanted her to interact more with outstanding men.

That way, she would know that that scumbag Third Master Jun wasnt the only choice.

There were many men in the world.

Perhaps she would meet someone she liked more!

After the incident with Yi Jingwei, he was already fuming.

After scolding his third son and wife, he did not intend to continue with the blind dates.

Was it supposed to be a blind date or to give his dear granddaughter a hard time

However, Xiao Hui and Cao Yunxian were each more eloquent than the other.

They were able to bluff and exaggerate, promising the Old Master that the people they introduced were all dragons and phoenixes among men[1].

They were talented and good-looking, so he could rest assured.

Ling Sheng sorted out her emotions.

In the afternoon, she met two more people.

One was introduced by Cao Yunxian, and the other by Xiao Hui.

However, nothing like the situation with Yi Jingwei happened, where he had pointed at her nose and lashed out at her for having no self-respect, and being an arrogant and conceited fool.

According to the standards of ordinary people, they did not have evil intentions.

They had sincerely introduced a good partner to her.

After the incident with Yi Jingwei, no one dared to fool around with this kind of thing again.

“Sheng Sheng, what do you think Is there anyone you like” Huo Xiao did not see them.

In the afternoon, he went out and asked Huo Xuanzhou to keep an eye on the meetings.

Xiao Hui and Cao Yunxian sat nervously at the side, waiting for her reply.

There was pent-up fire burning in their hearts, but they looked amiable on the surface.

In the afternoon, they introduced one person from each of them.

Learning from Ye Rus lesson, they did not dare fool around anymore.

This session was meant to humiliate Ling Sheng and teach her a lesson so that she would recognize her own status and stop using the Old Masters authority to lord over others.

Xiao Hui had found a greasy old man with a deceased wife and was raising a child.

Cao Yunxian had found a playboy who did not have a wife but had raised countless young lovers.

After Yi Jingweis incident, the duo had hurriedly used their connections to find friends and forcefully changed the two of them at the last minute.

Both of them were top-notch young men, regardless of whether it was their looks, family background, and academic qualifications.

Both men had already replied that they had taken a liking to her and asked them to ask Ling Sheng if she wanted to continue dating him.

The duo was extremely angry.

She was just an illegitimate daughter, and she was even raising a little b*stard son.

They were rising stars in the business world with a bright future.

What kind of woman could they not find What was wrong with their eyes and brains Why had they taken a liking to this little b*stard Ling Sheng

Ling Sheng had a good chat with the two men on her blind dates.

However, when she went out, she saw that her two aunties did not seem very happy.

Huo Xuanzhou was her spokesperson.

Before she could speak, he directly flashed the photo and started speaking, “Grandpa, I know about this Gu Yang.

Weve worked together in the past and hes in charge of a few subsidiary companies under the Gu Corporation which earns a mere several hundred millions a day.

Besides, he has had two girlfriends before.

This kind of person is not pure at all.

Do you think hes worthy of my sister”

Huo Xiao took a look at the photo and thought for a moment before saying, “This young man looks quite energetic, but he has had two girlfriends.

Hes too fickle!”

“Father!” Xiao Hui called out.

She thought, Whats wrong with having had two girlfriends “Gu Yang has taken a liking to our Sheng Sheng.

You dont know this, but Gu Yang is only 25 years old this year.

Hes working under Third Master Jun now, and is valued by him.

Hell be his right-hand man in the future.

His future is limitless.”

Young people these days all had had a few girlfriends.

He was handsome, rich, and capable.

Two exes was already considered a small number.

He was not married, nor did he have many women on the sides.

He was also the hottest upstart businessman in the capital.

Many women wanted to date him!

“What” When Huo Xiao heard Jun Shiyans name, he immediately became unhappy.

He let out an angry snort.

“I dont even like Third Master Jun that scumbag! Why would I still want his henchmen No, this person wont do!”

Xiao Hui could not help but laugh coldly in her heart.

Dont like the Third Master of the Jun Family He made it sound as though the Third Master of the Jun Family had taken a liking to his little b*stard.

She did not say anything else.

If this little b*stard Ling Sheng really benefited from choosing Gu Yang, she would definitely vomit to death.

“Father, Im sorry.

Ive disappointed you.”

What kind of person was the Third Master of the Jun Family He was the richest man in the world, and the Gu Family was also the head of the rich and powerful families in China.

Besides, his legs and his face had now recovered too.

He was a magnificent, peerless talent! Why would Third Master Jun take a liking to his precious little b*stard!

Besides, he already had a wife and child.

Before the new year, it had caused a lot of commotion.

Sixth Brother seemed to have been implicated because of that too.

However, no one knew who his wife and child were.

Even the few major families who were on good terms with the Gu Family had not seen them before.

One could imagine how precious they were to him.

Huo Xiao did not say anything else.

Although he was not very satisfied with the person she had introduced, the latter was still more satisfactory than the scumbag from the Yi Family this morning.

Ling Sheng had heard from Gu Yang that he was a member of the Gu Familys side branch and had to call the Third Master ThirdUncle.

He was only 25 years old, so he could also be considered a very young and promising young man.

Huo Xuanzhou continued to tell Huo Xiao, “Grandpa, this Song Yiqing is in the army.

You know too that every time he executes a special mission, his chances of survival are very slim.

Before he goes, he even has to sign a military pledge and write a will.

What do you think will happen to our Sheng Sheng if he leaves one day and doesnt come back”

Upon hearing Huo Xuanzhous words, Cao Yunxian hurriedly added, “Father, actually, its not such a dangerous job.

Its just that Ah Qing this child insists on being on the forefront and leading by example.”

Please dont take a liking to him! Reject him! He was a young man with a bright future.

How could an illegitimate daughter with a child like her be worthy!

She had a very good relationship with Ah Qings mother and also knew how many strings she had pulled and how much effort she had spent to arrange blind dates for that child.

Ever since he went on blind dates from the age of 20 till now, he had been in the army all year round and had limited time to go home.

Every time he went home, his schedule was packed to the brim.

What young, pretty ladies from humble families or unmarried ladies from well-off families… There were more than ten of them, but he had not taken a liking to any of them.

Before this, he had even said that he wanted to dedicate his life and passion to the country.

She had not expected him to take a liking to this little b*stard Ling Sheng.

She did not know what he was thinking either.

Just now, his mother even called to ask her.

She was overjoyed.

She wanted to ask what the girl thought of him and decide quickly.

“I know about this child, Ah Qing.” Huo Xiao was very satisfied with this child.

Needless to say, he had good looks—thick eyebrows and big eyes.

He was full of masculinity.

What was rare was that he still maintained the cheerfulness and sunny disposition of a youth.

He was pretty good.

[1] This is an idiom meaning that the men they introduced were outstanding talents among everyone.

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