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Chapter 851: Too Violent

Cao Yunxian did not want the Old Master to feel satisfied.

If the union really happened, she would be so angry that she would vomit blood.

She hurriedly exaggerated the situation to persuade him to give up.

“Father, hes entering the special armed forces after the new year.

There might be more missions.

I heard that he has to go overseas to carry out secret missions.”

“Sigh, what a pity.

This child is bent on doing such a dangerous job.” Huo Xiao also knew that every mission of this military level was fraught with danger, where he would have to fight for his life.

“Its too dangerous.

When they get married in the future, not only will the wife have to be on tenterhooks every day, but the couple wont get to see each other for a year and a half.

Wont Sheng Sheng have to become a grass widow”

“Father, look at what youre saying.

Someone has to step forward for this kind of work, right Even if Ah Qing doesnt do it, other younger people will have to do it.” Cao Yunxian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like her father was satisfied with Ah Qing, but he was not satisfied with his job and identity.

Ling Sheng admired soldiers a lot.

They were the ones who protected the country and the citizens relied on them.

However, while she admired and honored them, ting was another matter.

She had chatted quite a bit with Song Yiqing, mainly because of Song Yiyan.

He was Song Yiyans elder cousin and doted on his sister a lot.

He also knew that his work was exhausting and dangerous.

Actually, there was no such thing as a peaceful period in this world.

It was just that someone else was carrying the burden for you.

Huo Xiao felt that these two people who had been introduced were quite all right.

They were both good children and had good looks.

However, they were still a little lacking when it came to matching his granddaughter.

He wanted his daughters-in-law to be more attentive and search for more people.

He would continue assessing them tomorrow.

Cao Yunxian and Xiao Hui had already taken out the best resources they had on hand in the afternoon, afraid that the Old Master would not be satisfied.

Now that they had won the Old Masters favor and the marriage had not succeeded, they felt quite happy too.

They were simply afraid that they would suffer a double loss after trying to trick Ling Sheng.

When Huo Xiao heard the duo say that the men were very satisfied on their end, and they had even urged them to ask for Ling Shengs opinion a few times, his face was full of pride.

“My dear granddaughter is so adorable, pretty, and sensible.

As long as hes a man with a normal brain, who wouldnt like him”

That b*stard from this morning was blind in his eyes and heart.

He had no eye for beauty at all.

He was even a scumbag.

He was still angry when mentioning him!

The duo agreed and complimented Ling Sheng once more against their conscience.

They felt disdainful and disgusted inwardly.

She was even adorable, pretty, and sensible Whatever the Old Master liked, even if it was a pile of sh*t, it was good.

Although Ling Sheng had no intention of dating, when Huo Xiao asked her, she told him honestly that she had a good impression of them.

They were all people with good characters and looks, but they were not suitable to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

“My dear granddaughter, take your time choosing.

There are plenty of good men!” Huo Xiao chuckled.

“Okay.” Ling Sheng was very obedient.

Initially, she had planned that after dealing with Yi Jingwei, her grandpa would not allow her to go on blind dates anymore!

However, who knew that her two evil aunties would really introduce good men to her, especially the later Song Yiqing.

If it had not been for his occupation, Grandpa would have truly nodded in agreement.

Huo Xuanzhou shot her a look.

She was so honest and obedient Did she really intend to continue with the blind dates and not reconcile with that scumbag Third Master Jun

On the first day of the blind date, other than Yi Jingwei in the morning, the other two men in the afternoon were the best resources that Xiao Hui and Cao Yunxian had carefully searched for.

There would not be such a good man next.

Their quality dropped visibly.

Men, especially rich and powerful men, had their flaws.

Although they were not as disgusting and conceited as Yi Jingwei, there were not many who did not have the tiniest bit of flaw or was unaware of their shortcomings.

She had met a total of four people, so she was very busy.

The first three people were still fine—they had rejected her tactfully.

Some despised her for having a child and not being a virgin.

Others disliked her occupation, her educational background, and her status.

When Ling Sheng went on blind dates, Huo Xuanzhou found a place to set up a pair of binoculars to observe them and monitor their conversation.

The last blind date partner was called Yun Song.

Cao Yunxian was the one who introduced him to her.

He came an hour late and had even drunk too much.

He reeked of alcohol.

Upon hearing his incoherent rambling and nonsensical boasting, Ling Sheng already felt a little impatient.

However, she had always been particular about ending things well.

There had already been seven people whom she had met for the blind dates.

Only Gu Yang and Song Yiqing from yesterday were great.

What kind of monsters and freaks were the other men

Anyway, she was obedient.

Grandpa also knew what kind of people her blind date partners were.

He probably would not force her to go on blind dates anymore after this.

She had completed her mission.

“Its a little stuffy in here.” Yun Song looked at Ling Sheng, his eyes unable to hide the burning desire in them.

He said lecherously, “Sheng Sheng, dont you feel stuffy”

Ling Sheng felt disgusted, especially when the stench of alcohol hit her.

She felt a little nauseated, but she maintained her polite indifference.

“Im not stuffy.

Young Master Yun must have drunk too much! Do you want to go out and sober up”

“Not much.

I came out to meet a beauty.

How can I drink too much” Yun Song looked at the beauty in front of him.

Beautiful! She was really beautiful, and looked pure enough to make ones heart itch!

If he had not known that she had a son, who would have thought that such a beauty would be a young married woman It would not be a bad idea to marry her and have fun for a few days.

If he got sick of her, he would just throw her away.

She was just an illegitimate daughter of the Huo Family after all.

“Sheng Sheng, follow me out for a breather For a spin” Yun Song could not bear the itch within and did not want to hold back anymore.

He reached out to touch her hand.

Ling Sheng could not pull back in time and was grabbed by the man.

His salty pig hooves were still touching her, and she instantly felt so disgusted that she nearly vomited her overnight food.

“Young Master Yun, please have some self-respect.”

“Self-respect What self-respect Im very respectful,” Yun Song laughed vulgarly.

“Youve already given birth before, so why are you pretending to be innocent in front of me Arent you in the entertainment circle I have a few good scripts under me.

Come with me and you can choose any script.

How about that”

Before Ling Sheng could reply, she saw Huo Xuanzhou rush over aggressively.

He grabbed Yun Songs hair and slammed his head against the table.

Yun Song let out a blood-curdling scream like a pig being slaughtered.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the ground was covered in blood droplets.

If Ling Sheng had not escaped quickly, she would have been splattered with blood.

Then, she saw Huo Xuanzhou repeat his attack.

He smashed his head against the table ferociously.

He was a bit too violent.

“F*ck, who are you trying to touch with your salty pig hooves” Huo Xuanzhou was infuriated, resembling a god of death.

He looked toward Ling Sheng, “Get me a knife.

Ill chop off his paws!”

“Huo Xuanzhou!” Yun Songs face contorted in pain.

After letting out an angry roar, he wanted to lift his head up, but he was pinned down securely on the table.

“Ah Zhou, what are you doing” Cao Yunxian had only run in after hearing the terrible scream.

Upon seeing the miserable scene in front of her, her vision darkened in fright.

“Hurry up and let go! Is this a place where you can behave atrociously”

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