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Chapter 887: A Vicious Character

Ling Sheng shot him a disdainful look.

Tsk, bootlicker! Yes-man!

However, this Edward was also a talent.

He did not have any evidence, yet he had dared to call her father out to threaten him.

If he was an ordinary person, he would definitely have been deceived by this old hand.

Actually, deception made use of the human heart.

If one was deceived by him, it could only mean that one had a guilty conscience and was mentally unstable.

However, her father was someone who attacked without hesitation instead of wasting time talking to him.

For example, a fool like Huo Feifei had been deceived.

She had been greedy for riches and the enjoyment and sense of superiority that his fake identity had brought her.

Huo Xiao and the others were all waiting in the living room, but they didnt see Huo Ci return.

“Father, Father, you have to support me!” At this moment, Huo Pei could only place his hopes on the Old Master.

He knelt beside him while crying and said in a hoarse voice, “Im his elder brother.

If I kneel to him, will there be any justice in the world Is there any order in the world”

He did not believe that Sixth Brother hadnt tampered with it.

He only hated himself for being careless.

He hated himself for not having expected him to do it so cleanly.

However, he refused to give the assets he had to Sixth Brother no matter what.

The only valuable assets he had were the jewelry business.

If he gave them to Sixth Brother, what kind of life would their family look forward to in the future

The onlookers glanced at one another.

What was this called A greedy man is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant.

He suffered a double loss after trying to trick his enemy!

No one could blame Sixth Brother for wiping his tracks cleanly.

However, Fifth Brother could only blame himself for being too greedy.

If he had not been eyeing the items in Sixth Brothers hands, this situation would not have happened.

Now, it seemed like he was planning to deny everything and plead the Old Master for leniency.

“Father, Fifth Brother is right.

Hes the elder brother, and Sixth Brother is the younger brother.

Its not reasonable for an elder brother to kneel before a younger brother in this world.” Huo Ji was the first to speak.

After all, Fifth Brother was his own brother.

As the saying goes, biological brothers fight a tiger while fathers and sons go to battle together[1].

Who did Huo Ci think he was If he didnt help his own brother, was he supposed to help an outsider

“Thats right, Father.

Fifth Brother only said that because he was compelled by anxiety too.

What bet Were all brothers.

How can it be so serious, right” Huo Li knew very well that Sixth Brother was already tempted to deal with them.

If they still took part in internal strife, how could they fight Sixth Brother

“Theres no overnight feud between brothers.

Father, please let Fifth Brother off this time,” Huo Ting also spoke up.

However, he was tugged by his wife, Jiang Meiyun, and she even glared at him, not allowing him to speak.

Huo Zhen was present, but his face remained dark and expressionless.

Even when the other brothers were speaking, he did not show any emotion.

However, the veins on his hand, which was holding the walking stick, were bulging.

His veins could be seen clearly, and his lowered eyes were full of hatred.

This was obviously a trap set by Sixth Brother to make Fifth Brother jump inside.

Early on, he had already reminded them that Sixth Brother was not a fool.

He was just a tiger that had temporarily retracted his sharp claws and teeth.

They had to be careful of him!

However, what did they do They still treated him like a paper tiger.

They always felt that he was protected by his sworn brothers who had gone through life-and-death situations with him.

That was why he could be arrogant and domineering.

That was why he could be so condescending yet remain safe.

Otherwise, he would have been killed countless times.

However, why couldnt they use their brains to think about it What right did a paper tiger have to be protected by the guardian of the Rong Family, protected by the guardian of the Yan Family at the risk of his life, for the Jiang Family to be totally devoted to him and that person of the Lu Family to call him Sixth Brother

After Huo Pei begged the Old Master in tears, the rest of the family started to try to persuade him.

While Huo Ci was not around, they should quickly make the Old Master change his mind.

When Ling Sheng walked in crying, everyone was shocked.

Huo Xiao was the first to stand up.

He was so nervous that he did not even take his walking stick as he went up to her.

He shouted anxiously, “Whats wrong”

Ling Shengs hair was disheveled.

After looking at Huo Xiao with tears in her eyes, she ran headlong into his embrace.

She did not speak either and just cried.

She cried pitifully, miserably, helplessly, and fearfully, her small body trembling uncontrollably.

Huo Xiaos temper made him anxious and his heart ache.

Upon seeing his dear granddaughter weep so sadly, he said, “Dont cry.

Tell Grandpa whats wrong.

What happened”

Su Xiyin was also anxious as she carried Xiaoqi over.

She did not know what had happened or why she was crying so hard.

Before she could ask, she saw Huo Xuanzhou and Huo Ci enter.

Huo Xuanzhou was even dragging someone on the ground as though he was dragging a lousy rag.

He bellowed angrily, “Grandpa, you have to stand up for Ling Sheng! This scumbag bullied my little sister!”

The others still did not know what had happened, but Huo Feifeis face suddenly turned pale as she had recognized him.

The person Huo Xuanzhou was dragging was not anyone else, but her fiancé, Edward.

She dashed over straight away and shouted mournfully, “Edward, what happened to you Who beat you up like this”

Huo Xuanzhou raised an eyebrow with a mocking expression.

Idiot, you still cant you see whats going on Why are you crying Hes just a swindler.

You still have true feelings for someone like him now

Huo Xiao looked at Huo Xuanzhou in panic.

“You! Tell me what happened!”

Huo Xuanzhou started talking according to what they had discussed.

His words were full of passion and righteous indignation.

Edward had asked Ling Sheng out and said that he had something to tell her.

Then, he had wanted to grab the opportunity to bully her in the warehouse.

Then, he and Huo Ci arrived in time to save Ling Sheng from Edwards dishonorable intentions.

So they taught him a small lesson.

Jiang Meiyun had never understood why her son was on such good terms with his Sixth Uncle.

Then, she looked at Edward, who had been beaten so badly that he was probably only hanging on by a breath.

Was this asmall lesson

If the two of them taught him a real lesson, would he be gone

When Xiao Hui and her husband saw the situation in front of them, their vision started turning black from anger.

When they hit Edward, it was the same as them slapping both of their faces!

Huo Feifei squatted by the side and wiped her tears, her voice hoarse from crying.

“Edward! Edward, tell Grandpa quickly exactly what happened.

How could you have done something like that You didnt do it! You were wronged, right”

Only Edwards mind was still spinning.

As a professional swindler, he had to keep his mind clear no matter when or where.

However, his body was in so much pain right now that it was falling apart, and his organs were twisting together in pain.

He did not have the energy to speak.

He had wandered from place to place for many years, had been to many countries, and had deceived countless people.

However, this was the first time he had met a ruthless character like Huo Ci.

He did not care about anything and just pummeled him directly! He was even.

How could he be sure that he did not have any evidence in his hands at all Shouldnt an ordinary person feel afraid immediately Was he even human

[1] This proverb means that during dangerous times, the most reliable people are ones own blood relatives.

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