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Chapter 898: Promising Young Man Worth Teaching

“I understand.” Ling Sheng thought that made sense too.

She turned around to chase after Jun Shiyan and Xiaoqi to the car behind them.

Huo Ci gave her a sideways look, his eyebrows raised slightly as he opened the car door.

With a look as though he had seen through her, he stopped her.

“Where are you going Sit here!”

“Sit beside me!” Huo Xuanzhou popped his head out, grinned and threw a flying wink as he waved at Ling Sheng.

He smiled gloatingly.

She wanted to be alone with Third Master Jun In her dreams!

When Ling Sheng got into the car, she pinched him viciously.

What an ingrate! If it wasnt for her contribution, he wouldnt have been able to go to the Su Family with them.

Su Xiyin was very worried, and it was written all over her face.

Hence, she was not in the mood to talk to them.

Huo Xiao held her hand and comforted her gently.

“Itll be fine.

Father-in-law is in good health.

He just has an ordinary cold.

Didnt Big Brother say so Dont worry.”

It was impossible for Su Xiyin not to worry.

Upon hearing his words, her eyes reddened.

It was normal for young people to catch a fever or cold.

When the elderly got old, it was inevitable that they would get sick too.

She knew that.

However, she had always hoped that the two elders would remain healthy.

Wasnt this every sons and daughters wish

She had called Big Brother just now and told him what time she could reach home tomorrow.

Upon hearing that Big Brothers voice was not right, she had pressed him for an answer before finding out that their father was sick.

When she had asked about the illness, Big Brother kept stuttering and had not explained clearly.

In the end, he had said that it was just a minor cold and had not allowed her to go back at night.

She kept feeling that things were not that simple.

If it had really been an ordinary cold, why would Big Brother cry His voice had even changed.

She was scared!

“Grandma, Grandpa is right.

Its inevitable for him to catch a common cold.

Hell definitely be fine.

Youre overthinking.” Ling Sheng had just sent a message to ask Aunt Su Yan, but she had yet to receive a reply.

To be honest, even though she was comforting her verbally, she was not sure either.

The elderly man was old.

He was already in his nineties.

To put it bluntly, there was only a fixed number of times left they could meet him at his age.

They could only pray that they stayed healthy in their hearts.

“Sheng Shengs right.

Dont worry, Grandma,” Huo Xuanzhou echoed her words.

When the elderly grew older, their children were always worried.

Su Xiyin nodded, knowing that they were comforting her.

She sighed inwardly.

How could any son or daughter not worry about their own parents

Ling Sheng was a little worried along the way.

She did not know if it would be very awkward for the Third Master to be in the same car as her father, but with Xiaoqi around, it should be much better.

When they reached the Su Familys residence, it was already midnight.

Su Chi was still waiting for them.

Boys his age liked to act cool, so he wore a long trench coat and jumped around in the snow to keep warm.

When Ling Sheng saw him, she saw that the young man was wearing clothes that looked elegant but did not provide any warmth.

She even tugged at his trench coat.

“Its so late at night, yet youre not sleeping or bothered with the cold.

Are you standing in the cold wind to freeze into a popsicle”

“Isnt it because I have to be here to welcome you” Su Chi huffed out air and rubbed his hands from the chill, his eyes darting around as though he was looking for someone.

Ling Sheng tugged at him again.

“What are you looking at Who are you looking for”

Su Chi chuckled and shook his head.

“No, Im looking for anyone.”

Of course, he was looking for her boyfriend, Jun Shiyan.

Third Master Jun, the richest man in the world.

He had heard from his grandpa that he was coming over and had been waiting in the cold wind specifically to see if the famous Third Master Jun had three heads and six arms.

Su Nuo and the others had said that they had seen him in person and that he was very handsome.

He was even more handsome than him and his uncle, Huo Ci.

He really doubted the vision of those few brats.

He had asked his grandpa, who said that he looked normal with two eyes and a nose.

He was just a human.

He had asked his aunt, who said that he would know when he saw the real person.

Su Xiyin walked over worriedly.

Upon seeing him, she asked nervously, “Ah Chi, hows the Old Master”

Su Chi greeted her before saying, “Great Aunt, dont worry.

The Old Master is fine.

Hes already awake and even taught Eldest Granduncle a lesson.”

Upon hearing this, Su Xiyin finally felt relieved.

Among all the brothers, her eldest brother was the most fragile one mentally.

He was the easiest to be influenced by his surroundings.

It was normal for him to cry if their parents became a little sick.

Su Chi was still watching when he finally saw a man get out of the car at the back.

He was Uncle Huo Ci.

He even walked elegantly, looking handsome and dashing.

His idol had always been his uncle.

If he could be like him and have such charisma even at 40 years old, he felt that his life would be worth it.

Ling Sheng finally knew what he was looking for.

He was likely waiting to see the Third Master.

She followed his gaze and saw her father get out of the car first before the Third Master carried Xiaoqi down.

The man was wearing a long black down coat.

The surroundings were a little dark, and with the help of the car lights, he exuded an irresistible charm from head to toe.

Especially when he looked at her, his lips curled up slightly in an indulgent and gentle smile.

When Ling Sheng met his gaze, her heart raced.

She let out a low cough to hide her loss of composure.

This was not the first time she had seen him anyway.

Why was she seduced by him every time

Indeed, a man who was too good-looking was also a sweet kind of burden to her!

Su Chis eyes widened in shock as well, his eyes full of complicated emotions.

Was this what his grandpa had said A human with two eyes and one mouth

In the eyes of Grandpa and the others, he was only worthy of being a person What kind of man did they want Sister Sheng Sheng to find Were they aiming for the heavens!

Be it in terms of appearance or bearing, the man in front of him was not inferior to his uncle in any way, all right He could even feel that he was deliberately suppressing his aura so as not to hide the strength of his aura, and to avoid causing others to appear too mediocre.

“Sister Sheng Sheng,” Su Chis small voice carried a bit of disappointment and a bit of admiration.

“I agree to your marriage!”

Ling Sheng was amused. Little Brother, what are you talking about Why did you say that for no reason What do you mean

“You and Third Master Jun, I approve.” Upon seeing that she did not understand, Su Chi whispered into her ear.

Although he did not want to admit it, the man in front of him was really pretty outstanding, especially when he was carrying Xiaoqi.

He could clearly feel that he doted on Xiaoqi a lot.

When he looked at Sister Sheng Sheng, the greasy affection in his eyes was about to flow out.

Ling Sheng shot him a look. Do I need you to approve of my own man! Why does it seem like the Third Master has to get the unanimous consent of the whole family

When Jun Shiyan came over, he happened to hear this line.

His lips curled up in delight.

He found Su Chi pleasing to the eye and greeted him with a smile.

This was a promising young man worth teaching! This brat wasnt bad! He had very good taste.

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