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Chapter 913: Did a Disappearing Act

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Huo Ci bent down and carried Xiaoqi into his arms, his smile full of satisfaction and gratitude.

“Xiaoqi truly knows how to dote on me! Lets go back to sleep!”

Ling Sheng gnashed her teeth secretly.

Upon seeing her fathers expression, she knew that it had to be his idea that Xiaoqi wanted to stay behind.

However, she was a coward.

She was afraid of offending her father, so she did not dare talk rubbish either.

However, Nangong Lengyu asked seriously, “Xiaoqi, do you really want to stay here Youre not going to stay with Mommy and Grandma Its only a week.

Youre starting school on the 16th so youll be coming home soon.

Youll be with Grandpa every day then but you cant be with Grandma every day.”

“Im going to shoot a movie from the 16th onwards.

How could he be with me every day” Huo Ci frowned slightly and interrupted her.

He smiled lovingly and pinched Xiaoqis tiny face.

“Xiaoqi is just afraid that he wont be able to see me and will miss me.

Thats why he wants to keep me company, right”

Xiaoqi hesitated for a moment, his face scrunched up.

When he thought of how pitiful Grandpa had been just now, he nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Xiaoqi has decided to stay together with Grandpa.

Bye bye, Grandma and Mommy.”

He wanted to be with Grandma and Mommy, but Grandpa was the only one left at home.

Grandpa would be really pitiful.

When Xiaoqi had said that he wanted to stay, Nangong Lengyu knew that it was this scumbag Huo Cis idea, but she could not do anything to him anyway.

However, she did not want him to get his way out of her own selfishness.

She smiled and negotiated, “In that case, Xiaoqi can just come over for two days.

Grandma will send you back afterward, all right”

Xiaoqi took a look at Grandpa but still shook his head.

“Grandma, Xiaoqi will stay here.”

Nangong Lengyu really wanted to know exactly what Huo Ci had done to make the child so determined to stay with him.

His expression clearly told her that he wanted to be with them, but in the end, he had still chosen his grandpa!

“Slow down on the road!” Huo Ci hugged Xiaoqi, his handsome face full of joy.

He even walked the mother and daughter to the door and watched them enter the elevator.

“Sheng Sheng, if you miss Xiaoqi, come back and take a look.”

Upon seeing her fathers smile, Ling Sheng felt that he was very proud of himself.

She nodded and looked at her son.

“Father, take good care of Xiaoqi!”

Since her grandparents were not around, she was really worried about leaving Xiaoqi in the care of her father.

However, when she thought about it, he had also taken care of Xiaoqi alone before.

There should be no problem.

Upon seeing Huo Cis smug face, Nangong Lengyu was infuriated.

After giving him a cold look, she smiled lovingly and waved at Xiaoqi.

“Xiaoqi, say goodbye to Grandma.”

Xiaoqis crisp voice said, “Bye, Grandma.

Be careful on the way.

Remember to call Xiaoqi and tell me youre safe when you get home.”

Upon hearing the childs voice, Nangong Lengyus heart melted.

While watching the elevator close bit by bit, she sighed reluctantly.

When they reached the lobby, she finally said, “Sheng Sheng, dont come back here in the future.

Stay with Mommy.

He cant keep his eyes on Xiaoqi all the time.

When the time comes, Mommy will bring Xiaoqi over too.”

Ling Sheng knew what was going on inwardly, but she could not badmouth her father behind his back.

“Mom, dont be angry.

Xiaoqi is just on good terms with my father.

Hes even closer to him than me.

He listens to my father about everything.

When my father goes to do filming, we can fetch Xiaoqi back on Saturday and Sunday.”

This was obviously her fathers doing to prevent Xiaoqi from leaving with them.

However, what in the world had he told Xiaoqi to make him stand so firmly on his side

As soon as Ling Sheng and Nangong Lengyu left, Huo Ci let out a pleased laugh and patted the little fellas head.

“Lets pack up and well go find your Uncle Nao Nao to play with!”

Xiaoqi jumped up excitedly, his big eyes sparkling.

“Grandpa, I want to wear my handsome leather coat and leather shoes today! I want to wear the sunglasses Uncle Nao Nao gave me!”

“Okay!” After saying that, Huo Ci could not help but laugh again.

Lets wait and see.

As long as Xiaoqi was in his hands, what could he not get He did not believe that Ling Sheng would not come back!

Since Xiaoqi was not around, Ling Sheng and Nangong Lengyu felt that something was missing when they were eating.

Although the mother and daughter were very happy together as well, it felt like they were missing a happy pill.

Nangong Lengyu sighed.

She had no appetite for anything she saw.

Ling Sheng scooped a bowl of porridge and passed it to her.

“Mom, eat something.

Dont worry.

My father has taken care of Xiaoqi before.

He brought him up quite well.”

Yes, he had taught him how to fight, how to drink, and even how to play games.

In the beginning, she had been quite angry.

However, it was later proven that there was nothing really bad about it either.

At the very least, when it came to fighting, few people his age—and even others who were older than him—could beat him.

Anyway, he would not get bullied.

As for drinking, he did not dare do so again after that incident.

As for the games, they were old-fashioned stuff her father had played when he was young, such as Tetris and Gluttonous Snake Game.

He would not get addicted to it.

“Him Dont put in a good word for him in front of me.

I know better than you what kind of person he is.” Nangong Lengyu was so angry that she laughed.

“How does he know how to take care of a child Do you know that at your fansign event last time, he…”

After saying this, she did not continue.

When he went out, he tied up the child.

Did he think he was his dog She did not believe Sheng Shengs words at all.

Ling Sheng still wanted to hear what had happened at the fansign event, but she did not continue.

“Mom, Sister Su Yi and my fansign event When Xiaoqi had a fever What did my father do”

Nangong Lengyu shook her head.

It was better not to speak ill of him in front of her daughter again.

She would be deemed petty by her daughter.

“Its nothing.

Eat more.”

“Sister Sheng Sheng!” Cheng Ye had just entered the restaurant when he caught sight of Ling Sheng.

He shouted excitedly and ran over.

When he saw Nangong Lengyu, he waved his hand and greeted her.

“Hello, Senior Nangong.”

“What Senior Nangong Sheng Sheng treats you as a younger brother.

Just call me Auntie.” Nangong Lengyu looked at the handsome young man in front of her and saw the middle-aged couple behind him.

“You came with your parents”

Cheng Ye nodded.

He still wanted to ask Ling Sheng what was going on.

How had Movie King Huo become her father and Movie Queen Nangong become her mother However, there were many people, so he held back.

Cheng Yes parents were both around 40 years old.

His mother had taken good care of herself and looked very young.

His father was also very handsome.

His appearance had definitely inherited all the benefits of his parents and had also grown in the most outstanding direction.

After greeting each other, Nangong Lengyu chatted with Father Cheng and Mother Cheng.

Cheng Ye also pulled Ling Sheng away to exchange private words with her as he had many questions to ask her.

“Sister Sheng Sheng, whats going on” Cheng Ye had quarreled with Ji Fanchen again before the Lunar New Year.

He did not want to see any news about him, so he had blocked the group chat.

Out of sight, out of mind.

He did not know what had happened in their group chat during this period of time either.

Ever since Weibo had exploded that day, their family of three had disappeared..

Not only had they done a disappearing act, but there had not even been a leak.

The onlookers had all gone crazy!

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