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Chapter 925: Are You Guys Toying with Me

Ling Sheng, who was watching from the side, frowned strangely.

She even thought about it seriously.

It did not seem to be a line from the script.

What was he saying

“Tell me! Tell me quickly! Tell me!” Si Chengluo seemed to have gone crazy.

He exerted more force in his grip, and his narrow eyes were bloodshot as he glared at her like a cornered beast.

“What does he want Tell me, what does he want!”

Song Yiyan was timid to begin with, and she did not know what had happened either.

Upon seeing the little brother suddenly become so frightening, she was so scared that she was about to cry.

She struggled but could not break free.

Her eyes reddened as she cried, “What are you doing Luo Luo, let go! Have you gone crazy”

Ling Sheng had also realized that something was amiss.

After she had received the script, other than reading her own lines, she had also looked through everyone elses lines.

She, who had an excellent memory, was completely sure that there was no such scene.

Upon seeing Song Yiyan crying in fright, she hurried over.

“Si Chengluo, whats wrong”

“Tell me! Tell me!” Si Chengluo growled lowly.

He was immersed in his own world and it seemed like everything around him did not exist to him.

He only stared at Song Yiyan, the strength of his grip becoming increasingly ruthless.

Song Yiyans tears streamed down from the pain.

What was he talking about Was he crazy His grip hurt so much!

Ling Sheng latched onto Si Chengluos arm and pulled him away.

Her eyes were cold, and her actions could not help being a little brutal too.

She threw him on the chair forcefully and turned to pin his shoulder down.

Her eyes were also red as she asked in a low voice, “What are you talking about Si Chengluo, can you hear me What are you talking about Whats going on in this world”

Thats right.

This was that exact state!

It was exactly the same as the first time Song Yiyan had met her.

When she had pinned her against the wall, she had seemed like a different person with her demented state.

Her mind was in a mess, and she did not know what was going on.

Why was it that one person after another was displaying such a phenomenon, as though they were seeing brief fragments of something

Si Chengluo fell onto the chair.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked at her strangely and frowned.

“Ling Sheng, what are you doing”

Upon seeing his eyes regain clarity, Ling Shengs anger rose.

Suddenly, she let out a bitter laugh.

“Are you guys toying with me Are you people toying with me!”

Why was this happening

Could someone explain this to her!

Was there a problem with the people in the book Was there a problem with the world in the book

Had she changed something Had a problem appeared in the book world as a result

Si Chengluo did not know what was wrong with her.

Upon seeing her pale face and the disappointment, doubt, and self-deprecation in her eyes, his heart suddenly ached.

His voice softened as he looked at her worriedly.

“Whats happened to you”

“Im practicing my lines! Were you scared by me” Ling Sheng pretended to be relaxed.

She knew that she had lost her composure, so she let go hurriedly.

When she got up, she could not help but clench her fists.

Her mind was packed full of questions, and her chest felt so stuffy that it was about to explode.

Who was messing with her Did they think she was a fool What did this d*mn world want to do

Upon seeing the duos state, Song Yiyan was a little scared, so she did not dare go over either.

She stood beside them helplessly and watched quietly.

Luo Luo did not seem to remember what he had just done.

Si Chengluo looked at Song Yiyan and asked her what had happened and why Ling Sheng had suddenly become like this.

Song Yiyan was certain by now that he really did not remember.

Could he have split personality He was so young and had a bright future ahead.

Why was he suffering from schizophrenia

Ling Sheng dragged Song Yiyan out before whispering an instruction to her, “Dont tell him what just happened.”

“Ling Sheng, is he suffering from schizophrenia” Song Yiyans voice was also very low.

She was worried and scared, and her eyes were red.

How could Little Brother get such an illness He was so pitiful.

Ling Sheng did not expect Little White Bunny to remember anything.

She had behaved like this the last time too.

Could she have suffered from schizophrenia as well Had she just encountered a schizophrenic group of people “Perhaps he simply lost her memory temporarily.”

Song Yiyan pondered over it for a while and suddenly thought of something.

“Thats right! Did I behave like this the first time I met you too Ling Sheng, tell me, is this related to that matter you wanted to investigate”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, You really arent foolish.

“Yes, dont tell him now.

Hes young and overthinks issues.

He may really think that he has developed schizophrenia.”

She did not know what was going on with Little White Bunny, so she did not tell her anything either.

Firstly, she was afraid that she would be treated as a nutjob.

Secondly, she did not want to cause trouble in others normal lives.

She thought that she would wait to tell her after she made progress with her investigation.

However, this investigation was also progressing too slowly.

Every now and then, there would be a tiny bit of clue.

It was as though someone had hit her in the head.

The key was that they were all scattered and did not seem to have any connection.

Si Chengluo did not know what had happened, but he was a little distracted during the subsequent script reading.

He kept sneaking peeks at Ling Sheng quietly.

He was wondering if he had done something to make her unhappy.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not think of anything.

Could it really be as the netizens had said There was no reason to speak of when a woman got angry

When he thought about it carefully again, things were a little strange.

He had looked for Teacher Song to rehearse his lines with, but in the middle, his memory seemed to have blacked out.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw her clutching his shoulder and questioning him, but he simply could not remember when she had come to stand by his side.

Ling Sheng was someone who could immerse herself in her emotions no matter what happened.

She would not bring her personal emotions into her work.

However, she was sensitive and could feel that Little Brother was not in the right state.

He had probably been affected by her.

Director Su Guo also realized that Si Chengluos emotions were amiss.

“Luo Luo, is there something you dont understand You can ask openly and get everyone to analyze it.”

Si Chengluo asked honestly, “Director Su, why is Aiai angry with me because I didnt look at her at the 28th scene”

“She wore a very pretty dress and even put on makeup today for you to see her in her beautiful form.

You actually didnt notice her when she walked in front of you.

Of course shes going to be angry with you,” Director Su Guo said.

“Ah Luo, let me tell you this as someone who has been around the block.

Sometimes, theres no reason for a girl to be angry.

As long as she wants to be angry, does she need a reason For example, if the weather is not good today, she can get angry too,” the second male lead, Shen Zhuo, patted his shoulder and said earnestly.

Song Yiyan nodded vigorously.


“Ill be like that sometimes too.

Anyway, when Im in a bad mood, I just want to be angry.”

The others looked at her in unison.

Does a good-tempered, obedient girl get angry too When they heard the word “angry” from her mouth, they still found it slightly unbelievable.

Si Chengluo looked at Ling Sheng.

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