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Chapter 926: My Father Will Break Your Legs

“You know how girls think, its like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean.

Dont bother guessing.

Theyll really get angry because the weather is bad or the sun is too bright,” Ling Sheng explained with a smile.

She looked at Little Brother and comforted him.

“Dont think too much.

Aiai isnt actually angry at you.

Shes also angry at herself.”

Look, look.

Not everyone was as simple as Little White Bunny.

She had also explained that she was testing this younger brothers ability in understanding the script.

She had grabbed him to practice their lines when he was unprepared.

If it had been Little White Bunny, she would have believed it.

However, Little Brother would not believe her.

He had been thinking about this matter the whole time.

The group reading only lasted until five in the afternoon.

In the remaining hour, they only filmed a few scenes to see the effect of the group reading.

As expected, the result was very good.

Basically, they completed each scene within three tries.

When it ended, the second male lead, Shen Zhuo, ran over.

“Are the three of you staying in the hotel Am I the only one staying in the hotel”

“Why dont…” Ling Sheng smiled at him.

“You can just stay on the film set.”

“Im not staying on the film set nor in the hotel.

Ill stay with you,” Shen Zhuo smiled smugly at her.

Actually, he was a person who warmed up slowly toward others.

In the entertainment circle, everyone had to be careful when it came to making friends.

However, he felt like the few of them hit it off well at first sight.

It was quite good.

“You dare come back with me” Ling Sheng smiled like a Cheshire cat at him.

Her gaze landed on his legs and she drawled, “Arent you afraid that my father will break your legs”

Shen Zhuo let out a laugh as though he had heard a joke.

“Who are you trying to trick Your father, Movie King Huo, is famous for taking good care of his juniors! If I go over, your father will welcome me!”

Ling Sheng smiled on the surface, but she was laughing internally.

You guys really believe that Thats because you people havent seen Movie King Huos true colors before.

I can only say that youre still too young.

Even if Shen Zhuo was joking, it was impossible for him to really stay there.

However, he really found it unbelievable.

The more he looked at Ling Sheng, the more he felt that many things in life were really mysterious.

Best Actor Huo was an evergreen tree in the entertainment circle.

Yet, he suddenly had a child just like that.

Moreover, this child belonged to him and Movie Queen Nangong.

The news had blown up because the two of them were the cream of the crop—legendary figures.

The spectators were more concerned about the two of them, who had never interacted with each other before.

What kind of earth-shakingly incredible love story had they had in the past

If he suddenly had an illegitimate daughter appear out of nowhere, the entertainment circle would definitely explode into chaos.

His career would definitely be affected like the Battle of the Waterloo and become a stain in his life.

Even if she was not an illegitimate daughter and he had her with another woman—and the childs birth mother was around—he would still suffer a certain degree of backlash and impact.

At the very least, hiswife fans would definitely leave him and bash them.

A few years ago, when the secret marriage of the Prince Charming of China—with the popularity of a heavenly king—Jiang Chen, had been exposed, he had already been in his forties.

Scores of fans had left and bashed him.

There had also been extreme fans who had threatened to committed suicide because he had gotten married and had a child.

However, for Movie King Huo, because the woman was Movie Queen Nangong, his career was not affected at all.

Instead, he would welcome a second spring in his career.

Now, this involved the importance of choosing a childs birth mother.

Reality had proven that choosing a strong partner and having a child was very important.

Speaking of the problem of lodging during the filming period, Song Yiyan tugged at Ling Sheng and whispered to her that she was staying nearby.

Her family had a house, but because she would be living alone, she was a little scared at night.

Ling Sheng thought for a while and felt that it was not safe for a girl to stay alone.

When they got busy with the filming, she would often have to return to the house in the middle of the night.

“In that case, after this week, you can stay at my house with me!”

Her father and Xiaoqi would at least be staying for a week no matter what.

They would only go home on the 16th of the first lunar month when Xiaoqis kindergarten started school.

With her father around, it would be inconvenient for Little White Bunny to stay there.

When her father left, only her mother and her would be left.

It would be perfect for Bunny to move in then.

“I dont have a place to stay either,” Si Chengluo looked at her and suddenly said.

Ling Sheng was shocked.

She turned to look at him.

“Why dont you have a place to stay Didnt the production team book a hotel”

Shen Zhuo walked over.

The gossipy man knew everything.

He even gave her a strange look.

“Dont you know that Ah Luo has a phobia about staying in brand new houses The nearby hotels are all new hotels that have been built in the last few years.

He cant stay there.”

This was truly the first time Ling Sheng had heard of this illness.

There were indeed all kinds of strange things in the world.

He couldnt stay in very new hotels and houses.

It was so severe that he would suffer from insomnia throughout the night.

He could only stay in those old hotels and houses.

Therefore, he had to find a house near the school for him to live in alone.

However, this was a school district, and it was also the hottest school district in the capital.

There was a lack of available houses, and the property prices were expensive.

The conditions werent great either.

As they were talking about it, Director Su Guo ran over.

“Luo Luo, I have something to tell you.

Its the apartment we found for you.

The landlord just called and said that theres a leak upstairs.

You cant stay there anymore.

By the time hes done, itll be half a month later too.

At the earliest, we can only find a new house tomorrow.

What will you do today”

Si Chengluo did not hesitate.

“If I go back, itll take too much time.

Why dont I stay with the film crew”

Su Guo was quite embarrassed.

She knew that he could not stay in a hotel, so she had found an apartment in advance and paid the rent.

No one had expected such an accident to happen suddenly either.

“Director Su, you cant find a place at the last minute” Ling Sheng took a look at Si Chengluo.

There was no heater on the film set in this weather.

How could anyone live there!

There were still many empty rooms at her house, but before the little brother moved in, she would still have to ask her father and mother for their opinions.

“This are all school district houses.

Its a key school, and the parents are here to accompany them while studying.

It happens to be the end term for the third year of high school, so its not easy to find a house.” After saying that, Su Guo looked at Si Chengluo.

“Dont worry, Luo Luo.

I can definitely find one tomorrow.

The filming site is too cold.

Dont end up falling sick from the cold weather.

It wont be worth it.

Its fine if you come slightly later.

Ill give you the special privilege.”

Si Chengluo smiled.

“Its all right.

Im a man.

It doesnt matter where I stay.

I can spend the night in the car too.”

“Luo Luo.” Song Yiyan was Little Brotherselder sister fan.

How could she bear to let him stay at the filming site or in the car In a small voice, she said, “Why dont you stay at my house instead”

How could Si Chengluo go to her house She had just said that she was staying alone.

If the media snapped pictures of them, they might add fuel to the fire while reporting.

He could not cause her any trouble.

“You guys, wait for me.” Ling Sheng frowned and sighed before turning around to make a call.

Nangong Lengyu was Si Chengluos fan.

She liked him so she agreed without hesitation.

Come over.

How could a filming site be a place for people to stay in

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