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Chapter 927: Huo Ci, Get Over Here!

Huo Ci agreed immediately too.

He was the important trainee of the companys nurturing and future money tree.

What if he got sick from the cold! Anyway, it was not his house either.

The homeowner had already agreed.

Just come on!

Ling Sheng had not expected things to go so smoothly.

She hesitated for a while, clenched her fists, and walked over to clear her throat.

“Si Chengluo, why dont you just come to my house for the night I have empty rooms .”

Before Si Chengluo could speak, Song Yiyan was the first to rejoice.

She agreed on his behalf straight away.

“Luo Luo, go stay with Sheng Sheng.

Her house is very close to this place too.

Its not a new house.”

“Sheng Sheng, Ill leave Luo Luo to you.” Su Guo smiled at her and gave her a meaningful look.

Seize the opportunity!

She had filmed idol dramas for many years and had experienced love before too.

How could she not tell that this child Luo Luo liked Sheng Sheng The way he looked at her was different from when he looked at others.

It was normal for young people to fall in love.

Even if they were popular celebrities, they were still human.

Humans had seven emotions and six desires.

It was still very normal to fall in love.

However, she was a little worried.

Luo Luo had debuted as an idol.

If he really fell in love, it would be a big blow to his popularity.

Now that Si Chengluo had a place to stay, Su Guo was relieved.

She even reminded Ling Sheng and Si Chengluo to be careful and not be tailed by the paparazzi.

Otherwise, even if there was nothing between the two of them, they would write nonsense.

The production team had organized a gathering that night.

They had already booked a place at a restaurant nearby.

They got in the car and headed straight for their destination.

When Xiaoqi found out that Si Chengluo was staying at their house, he was overjoyed.

He took his toys and played in the yard, waiting for them to come back at the same time.

From time to time, he would look at the door.

When Nangong Lun came over, he saw a child playing in the courtyard.

He waved at him and shouted, “Kid! Kid, come here.”

Xiaoqi looked over.

It was the great-grandpa, Grandmas father.

However, he did not seem to like Mommy or him.

After pausing for a while, he heard him shout again.

Then, he ran over and looked at him with big eyes in confusion.

Nangong Lun took out a food box and looked at Xiaoqi.

“Child, wheres your grandpa”

He had come to deliver medicine.

For the sake of his daughters illness, he had visited a famous doctor and had medicine prescribed.

After boiling it, he had put it in a thermos box and brought it over.

There were also her favorite pastries made by Old Li.

Xiaoqi looked at him seriously and corrected him, “Old Grandpa, Im not calledkid.

Im Xiaoqi.”

Upon seeing the childs serious and adorable expression, Nangong Lun could not help but pat his tiny head.

His voice softened as he asked, “Xiaoqi, is your grandpa in”

Although he did not want to find that scumbag Huo Ci, his daughter could not see him in this sort of situation.

That lass was not at home either, and this little fella was useless too.

He was the only one who could be useful.

Xiaoqi shook his head.

“No, Grandpa has to go to work to support Xiaoqi.”

Upon hearing the childs words, Nangong Lun frowned.

Although he was unreliable, he was also telling the truth, but would a normal adult say that to a child

“Old Grandpa, why are you looking for my grandpa” Xiaoqis big bright eyes were distinctly full of vigilance.

The old grandpa in front of him was scary when he was angry.

If the old grandpa did not like Grandpa, would he hit Grandpa

“Its nothing.” Nangong Lun looked at the childs guarded eyes and felt that his heart was suffocated for some reason.

He had wanted to get Old Li to bring it over.

He could watch her drink the medicine as the others werent of any help.

She could listen to Old Lis words.

However, Old Li was like him now.

She regarded both of them as her enemy now.

She did not want to see Old Li either.

He only wanted to see his daughter once; even looking at her from afar.

“Old Grandpa, are you giving this to Grandma” Xiaoqi saw the box in his hand.

Nangong Lun had not expected such a young child to be rather quick-witted.

“You wont be able to carry it.

Ill put it here.

Can you get your grandma to come out and take it”

“Xiaoqi is very strong.

Xiaoqi can carry it.” Xiaoqi even revealed his small arms seriously.

Nangong Lun watched as the child huffed and puffed as he walked home with the food box.

He could really carry it.

However, his small body, which was swaying like a little penguin, frightened others watching, afraid that he would fall the next moment.

However, even though his body was unstable, the food box in his hands still remained quite stable.

When Huo Ci returned, he saw the old man standing at the door, staring nervously at the front.

When he got closer, he realized that he was looking at Xiaoqi.

He greeted him politely.

“Hi, Uncle Nangong.”

Nangong Lun only gave him a look before pointing at Xiaoqi and urging him.

“Hurry up and help him.

Dont spill the food.”

That child was much more likable than his grandpa.

He knew how to talk and handle matters.

Huo Ci was still holding quite a few items that looked quite heavy.

He placed them right down in the courtyard and chased after Xiaoqi before taking the food box from him.

Nangong Lun reminded him somewhat anxiously, “Medicine! The medicine inside, you have to watch her drink it.”

Yuer had not liked to drink medicine since she was young, especially Chinese medicine.

Even though she was already an adult, she had not changed at all.

She would definitely not drink it unless she was forced into a corner.

He did not know if Huo Ci had heard him, but he carried the food box and entered the house.

The child ran behind him.

Then, he heard Nangong Lengyu call out to Xiaoqi.

He stretched his neck in and took two glances again, but he did not see his daughter come out.

He turned around and left in disappointment.

“Uncle Nangong gave it to you.” Huo Ci placed the food box on the table.

Nangong Lengyu was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

She did not even glance once at him or pay him any attention.

She only looked at Xiaoqi and asked, “Are you hungry”

Xiaoqi nodded.

“Grandma, can we eat now”

Huo Ci only took a look at the kitchen and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Whys she looking for trouble “Is the food you cook edible for humans”

Nangong Lengyu only swept him a cold look.

Why was his mouth so nasty She did not say that he could eat.

“Xiaoqi, wait a minute.

Well be able to eat soon.”

Upon seeing that no one was paying attention to him and looking as though he did not care, Huo Ci turned to look at Xiaoqi.

“Xiaoqi, Grandpa will order pizza and lobster.

Do you want to eat it”

Upon hearing the lobster, Xiaoqi nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Xiaoqi wants to eat it!”

Nangong Lengyu said, “The steamed egg custard is ready.

Xiaoqi, do you want some egg custard”

Xiaoqi frowned in difficulty.

Compared to egg custard, he still liked lobster better.

However, it was something his grandma had made.

He had to eat it.

“Xiaoqi wants to eat it!”

Huo Ci looked at the quick-witted little chap in front of him, who was unwilling to offend anyone out of the two of them.

He was fuming.

Look at him! He had not learned anything good, just stuff like this.

He was exactly the same as his mother!

“Okay.” Nangong Lengyu was delighted.

Upon seeing the busy figure in the kitchen, Huo Cis eyes flickered with anger.

He did not want to look at her anymore, so he turned around and left.

The two of them were in this state now.

Although they were living together, they barely spoke a word to each other and treated the other like an invisible person.

When Nangong Lengyu brought out the food she had personally cooked, Huo Cis delivery arrived as well.

There was a dining table with Nangong Lengyus dinner on one side and Huo Cis dinner on the other.

They were divided very clearly.

Xiaoqi sat in the middle and ate whatever he wanted.

However, he only took one bite of the egg custard before he frowned and forced himself to take another bite.

How could Nangong Lengyu know how to cook It was more like dark cuisine.

She looked down on Huo Ci but actually, the two of them were on par.

They cooked a lot, but there was not much that could be eaten.

Upon seeing Xiaoqi frown, Huo Ci instantly scooped a spoonful and put it in his mouth.

Then, he frowned.

“Try it yourself.

Is this human food”

Nangong Lengyu frowned and took a bite.

It was salty, and very salty.

She had tried it before steaming it, but it was not this salty… She reached out and took it away.

“Dont eat this anymore.

Eat the other dishes.”

However, there was nothing else edible about the other dishes.

They were either salty or bland.

Who knew how they had been made, but there was nothing that could be eaten normally.

Huo Ci was very generous.

“Eat some of my takeout!”

How could he not know her In the past, he did not know what was wrong with her either.

She wanted to learn how to cook.

In order to learn culinary skills, she had even gotten Fourth Brother to find her the best chef in China.

In the end, the chef had said that he could not teach her and had asked her to find a better teacher.

The one who had taught her the longest only lasted two days.

He was really powerless.

Nangong Lengyu would not eat it.

Even if she only ate plain cooked rice, she would not eat anything he ordered.

No matter how bad her food was, it could still be eaten.

Huo Ci was full of anger again from the meal.

Was the food he had ordered poisonous Would eating it poison her to death She would rather eat that terrible mess she had cooked than touch the food he had ordered!

After dinner, Huo Ci said that he would take Xiaoqi out for a walk.

In fact, he had brought all the things he had bought home to a corner of the courtyard.

When he took them out, Xiaoqi finally realized that it was a small stove used to boil medicine, a gallipot, and charcoal.

“Grandpa, what are we doing” Upon seeing how mysterious he was acting, Xiaoqis voice also became softer.

“Boiling medicine.” Huo Ci did not know if he had gone crazy.

What did it have to do with him whether she drank the medicine or not Why should he be a busybody!

However, when he saw that she had not drunk the medicine according to the prescription Zhang Zhong had given her, his heart felt like it was on fire.

No matter when, he felt terrible from holding himself back.

“Why are you brewing medicine” Xiaoqis big eyes were full of curiosity.

“Do you want to drink medicine” Huo Ci gave the brat a sideways look.

He was young, yet why was he rambling on and on!

“No, I dont.” Xiaoqi shook his head vigorously.

It was very bitter!

“Then shut your mouth!” Huo Ci said in disdain.

“Okay!” Xiaoqi stopped talking obediently and even covered his mouth with his small hand.

After the medicine was ready, Huo Ci took Xiaoqi home to take a shower.

If he boiled medicine at home, it would smell.

What she hated the most was drinking medicine and the smell of Chinese medicine.

In the past, she would vomit to the high heavens when she smelled it.

Nangong Lengyus nose was very sharp.

When the duo entered, she smelled a whiff of Chinese medicine.

There was also a faint smell in the air.

She frowned in some discomfort as she watched the duo enter the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of running water and Xiaoqis laughter could be heard.

After coming out of the shower, Huo Ci even rubbed Xiaoqis head with a dry towel.

He looked attentive and gentle, as though he was looking after a child properly.

Xiaoqi felt a little itchy from the rubbing.

His legs kicked on the sofa as he giggled too.

“Grandpa, its itchy! Xiaoqi doesnt want to be dried anymore, Grandpa!”

“Dont move.” Huo Ci patted his head to make him behave.

The scene between the grandpa and grandson was warm, harmonious and joyous.

However… Nangong Lengyu stepped into the bathroom and saw the chaotic sight in front of her.

The fire that had been suppressed for days swiftly erupted like a volcano.

“Huo Ci, get over here!”

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