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Chapter 935: Dont Be Afraid of Him

Jun Shiyan was extremely obedient.

“Youre right, Mr.


The more you argued with someone like Huo Ci, the angrier he would get.

When he got angry, he was inhumane.

However, when you admitted defeat, he would not know how to punish you either.

He was full of anger, but he could not vent it.

“What do you intend to do!”

He comforted himself in his heart.

No matter what, he was the childs father.

If he was beaten to death, the child would be too pitiful to have lost his father before he was even born.

“Ill let Father-in-law punish me.” Jun Shiyan lowered his eyes slightly.

Sheng Shengs excuse was really great.

It was perfect!

Ling Sheng was worried to death at home.

She was really afraid that her father would beat him in a fit of anger.

Oh my, if he hit him with that iron hammer, even if he didnt die, he would definitely be crippled!

Not only was she worried about her father and the Third Master, but she was also regretting it so much that her intestines had turned green.

One lie had to be covered up with countless lies.

At that time, she wasnt able to think clearly and had only cared about how to deal with her father.

She had not thought too much about how to explain this to her family then too.

Grandpa, Grandma, her mother, and even her obedient son!

When Nangong Lengyu and Xiaoqi returned, they saw her squatting in the yard, holding her phone in a daze.

Her body was still covered by a blanket.

From afar, she looked like a fool.

“Mommy!” Xiaoqi ran over excitedly.

Why hadnt Mommy gone to the film site

Nangong Lengyu looked at her.

“Why didnt you go to the film site”

Ling Sheng forced a smile.

“Mom, Im not shooting this drama anymore.”

Nangong Lengyu knew how much homework she had done for this drama.

The filming had already commenced, and she had even participated in the table read yesterday.

Why had she stopped filming just like that Upon seeing her troubled look, she thought that she had suffered some grievance.

She frowned.

“Did your father forbid you to film it”

How old was he How could he still go back on his word just like that He was the one who had allowed her to film,yet he was also the one who had forbidden it.


Upon seeing her mothers reaction, Ling Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Exactly how terrible was her father How could all the bad stuff be pushed onto him She shook her head.

“Its not my father.

I didnt want to film it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard an irritable roar at the door.

“You stinky brat, get over here!”

Upon seeing him flare up and yell at Ling Sheng the moment he entered the house like a fire-breathing dragon, Nangong Lengyu became angry too.

She stood right in front of her daughter and looked at him coldly.

“What do you want We wont film since you dont allow us to.

Do you still want to hit her”

Look at his behavior.

Hes even holding a hammer while hes all fired up! Is he a hooligan

“What did you say” Upon hearing this, Huo Ci, who was already angry, exploded on the spot.

He pointed at Ling Sheng and said, “Did she tell you that I wont let her film”


Did he have to shoulder all the blame

This d*mn brat! She had done something wrong herself, yet she dared to push the blame onto him! He would kill her today!

“I didnt!” Upon seeing that the situation wasnt good, Ling Sheng argued.

She felt extremely wronged.

Upon seeing her father walk over, she hid behind her mother straight away.

“Mom, I didnt say it was my father.

Its not that he didnt allow me to film.

I didnt want to film it myself!”

“Look at how youre acting!” Upon hearing this, Nangong Lengyu looked at her daughters trembling, scared face and was even more certain that Huo Ci was behind this.

“Dont be afraid of him! Mom will make the decision for you!”

“I wont let her film it.

Ling Sheng, get out here.

Tell me clearly, who isnt letting you film it” Huo Ci laughed out of anger and threw the hammer on the ground.

Ling Sheng watched as he threw the hammer, causing the stone slab beside his feet to crack.

As could be seen, her father was at the peak of his rage and wanted to kill someone.

She even had thoughts of dying.

She explained hurriedly, “Mom, its really not my father.

Hes not the one who doesnt want me to shoot the drama.

Its my own problem.”

She had already explained.

But who told him to do so many ridiculous things in ordinary times He did not have any credibility in her mothers heart.

Her mother did not believe him!

“Did you hear that” Huo Ci mocked.

He looked at Nangong Lengyu furiously and pointed at Ling Sheng.

“Its not that I didnt let her shoot it, but she doesnt want to shoot it herself.

Shes pregnant and needs to wait for the fetus to grow!”

Nangong Lengyus eyes suddenly turned cold as she looked at Huo Ci in disbelief.

“What did you say What pregnancy”

Huo Cis lips curled up into a cold smile.

“Look at the good daughter you gave birth to.

Shes pregnant!”

Nangong Lengyu was completely dumbfounded as she looked at Ling Sheng somewhat sluggishly.

When she regained her senses, she also growled.

“What happened”

Ling Sheng had not expected things to develop into this mess.

She sat on the sofa and sneaked a peek at her parents, who were standing opposite each other.

She swallowed with difficulty and let out a low cough.

“What I think is that, my career is currently…”

“Shut up!”

Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu glared at her in unison.

Ling Sheng only felt her scalp tingle as she pursed her lips obediently.

Thankfully, her son was beside her to comfort her.

Otherwise, she felt that this grave atmosphere could suffocate her.

Nangong Lengyu looked at Huo Ci and said, “Since shes already pregnant, sje should get married!”

Upon hearing the wordmarried, Ling Sheng panicked immediately.

“Mom, I dont…”

Nangong Lengyu swept her gaze over coldly.

She had never been so severe.

“Did I let you speak”

Ling Sheng tried her best to argue to get her opinion across.

Even if she was really pregnant, she had never thought of getting married.

This question was too profound and not suitable for her.

“I cant get married! I dont intend to get married yet! You guys cant decide my life!”

“Then, do you have the right to decide the childs life Do you want him to be an illegitimate child when hes born” Nangong Lengyu had tried before and knew how difficult it was for a woman in her pregnancy.

She definitely wouldnt let her be like her.

Besides, Sheng Sheng was different.

Huo Ci was an *sshole but Ah Yan was different from him.

Ah Yan loved and doted on her so much, so he would definitely take good care of her.

However, she still could not bear to part with her daughter.

She had only found her daughter less than a month ago, but she was about to marry someone else in the blink of an eye and become someone elses woman.

Shell wait! Lets settle this first.

She definitely wouldnt let that scumbag Ah Yan off easily.

He had promised her that he would cherish Sheng Sheng and that he definitely wouldnt do anything inappropriate before the marriage.

In the end She got pregnant!

“In my Huo Family, even if she gives birth to a hundred or a thousand babies, I can still raise them.” Huo Ci looked at Ling Sheng and supported her.

“If you dont want to get married, our Huo Family can afford it! Dont be afraid!”

Nangong Lengyu really wanted to give him a tight slap.

Was he looking for a solution like this He was obviously adding fuel to the fire! He was causing trouble.

She tried her best to suppress her anger.

“Call Uncle and Auntie.

They have the right to know and participate in the discussion too!”

She could not talk to him now.

Her mind was already in a mess, and talking to him would only make her angrier.

He was a scumbag, but the two elders of the Huo Family were not.

There had to be an explanation and a conclusion to this!

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