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Chapter 940: Do I Look Good

Ling Sheng could clearly see that the mans ears were all red.

She knew that her plan had succeeded, so she was pleased.

She pulled on her down jacket and refused to let go.

Her eyes curved as she smiled, and her voice was sweet and seductive.

“Then, tell me if I look good.”

How innocent!

Why did the Third Masters ears redden every time he got shy

Perhaps Ji Xing, whose head was full of pornographic trash, was right.

He might really need some stimulation.

Jun Shiyan let out a low cough and only felt like his blood was boiling for a moment.

All of it gathered above his head with an explosion.

When he saw the young lady clutching the down jacket stubbornly, his voice softened as he coaxed her.

“Sheng Sheng, be good.

Put on your clothes.”

Ling Sheng vowed not to stop until she got an answer.

Besides, she had discovered the joy of flirting.

She held back her laughter and tilted her head to look at him, her eyes full of innocence.

Then, she asked, “Third Master, am I pretty”

“Yes.” Jun Shiyan felt that every single cell in his body was restless.

The young ladys every move tugged at his heartstrings.

Upon seeing his red ears, Ling Sheng stood on her tiptoes and poked his chest lightly with her small hand.

Her breath was fragrant like orchids and extremely enticing.

“Tell me, where do I look pretty”

“You look pretty everywhere.” Jun Shiyan could not grab her down jacket, so he took his own coat off directly.

Just as he draped it around her, he heard a voice ring out nearby.

“Third Brother, Second Brother asked me to ask you where the truffles are.” When Jiang Zhe walked out of the kitchen and saw the scene in front of him, he nearly choked.

He coughed forcefully, not knowing what to say about the duo.

When Ling Sheng heard the voice, her face changed in fright.

She did not allow Jun Shiyan to pull her back at all.

Suddenly, she was faster than a rabbit.

She hid right behind him and wrapped her clothes around her with all her might, for fear that someone would see the clothes inside.

Her small hand pinched his waist forcefully, as she felt extremely embarrassed and indignant!

Oh my god!

She was so embarrassed!

Why was Fourth Uncle here

Fourth Uncle had just said Second Brother too, so Second Uncle was also here

When Ling Shengs small figure flashed past, Jiang Zhe saw her innocent sailor uniform.

The hem of the dress was so incredibly short.

It was obvious what this costume was used for.

His eyes darkened gradually as he glared at Jun Shiyan reproachfully.

What is with her outfit!

Jun Shiyan had not expected Jiang Zhe to appear all of a sudden either.

He replied very calmly, “The truffles and pine mushrooms are in the fridge on the left.

I remember getting someone to put them in there.”

Jiang Zhe ignored him and only looked at Ling Sheng, his eyes questioning.

“Sheng Sheng, why are you hiding”

Look, look, look.

No wonder Sixth Brother was keeping watch over her like he was guarding against thieves every day.

If he really let them be, the duo might even do something ridiculous! They started playing cosplay seduction the moment they entered the house!

Ling Sheng wrapped her clothes tightly around herself and forced out an awkward smile.

Then, she walked out from behind Jun Shiyan and waved at Jiang Zhe.

“Hi, Fourth Uncle.”

Jiang Zhe frowned and looked at her.

It wasnt good for him to punish her though.

He only sighed and looked at Jun Shiyan warningly.

“Shes still pregnant.

Be careful!”

No wonder Old Six had angrily called Third Master Jun a beast in front of them.

He didnt believe it at first.

After witnessing the scene himself just now, he could confirm that he was a beast indeed!

Sheng Sheng is already pregnant, yet he still wants to play! Exactly how bad is he with enduring the loneliness! Now, Im starting to doubt if he can make Sheng Sheng happy.

Ling Sheng clearly saw her Fourth Uncle looking at Third Master as though he was a beast.

She knew that she was in the wrong, so she was both embarrassed and angry.

When Jiang Zhe entered the kitchen, she let out a snort and lowered her voice while gnashing her teeth.

“Why didnt you tell me!”

Jun Shiyan looked at the angry young lady in front of him and explained gently, “Second Brother and the others only came after An Yan went to pick you up.”

He had not expected the young lady to come in a sailor uniform!

Not only was she wearing it, but she even took off her clothes as soon as she entered the house.

His blood was boiling from the sight of it.

After his head, even his reaction became slower by half a beat.

“Why are they here” Ling Sheng had thought it was just the two of them having some alone time.

Why were there two grown men here as lightbulbs

“Mother-in-law called me before they came.

Shell bring Nun Jingxin over.” Jun Shiyan looked at the young ladys flushed face.

Like a little rabbit, she looked so adorable to the point of making ones heart melt.

His heart sank as he sighed softly.

“Second Brother wants to see her.”

Today was Valentines Day.

Perhaps he would not get a second chance to see her again after this occasion.

Second Brother was very happy.

He ignored their obstruction and dragged his seriously ill body to cook for her personally.

When Ling Sheng heard this, her heart felt depressed and uncomfortable.

Her chest felt a little stuffy, and her voice was hoarse.

“Third Master, do you think its really impossible for my Second Uncle and Nun Jingxin to be together”

The two of them were clearly in love with each other.

Even though Second Uncles body wasnt healthy, he could not treat Nun Jingxin that way.

She didnt dare agree with Second Uncles actions.

“Everyone has different opinions.

What we have to do is respect their decisions.” Jun Shiyan sighed lightly again and opened the closet.

Inside were clothes bought for her.

They were the latest haute couture clothes from various luxury brands.

“Choose a set of clothes.”

Ling Sheng picked a random piece of clothing and tilted her head to look at the man who was about to leave.

“Third Master, do you think my Fourth Uncle will think youre a pervert after how we looked just now”

Upon seeing the worried expression on the young ladys face, Jun Shiyans heart skipped a beat.

The moment he approached her, he pulled her into his embrace.

In a low, pleasant voice that was obviously hoarse and exercising restraint, he asked, “So… Do you think I should make this accusation a reality”

Ling Sheng looked at the mans handsome face in front of her, her heart racing.

She could not help but swallow.

“Erm, Third Master, actually, I…”

Someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Jiang Zhes handsome face was cold as he shouted, “Sheng Sheng, come to the kitchen to help.”

He was initially helping out in the kitchen.

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became.

He was afraid that Jun Shiyan would behave worse than a beast.

He could not let the two of them be alone.

Ling Sheng pushed Jun Shiyan away nervously and was about to escape when he grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace again.

Jun Shiyan said, “Fourth Uncle, wait a minute.

Shell go out after changing.”

Huo Ci had gone to the kindergarten on time to fetch Xiaoqi from school.

However, the form teacher told him that Xiaoqi had been picked up by his grandma, so he had left after lunch.

He had taken half a day off.

After asking around, he finally found out that they were going to the Gu residence.

Jiang Zhe also sent a message in the group chat, saying that he had gone to the Gu residence too.

After thinking about it, the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became.

Why were they all going over while he wasnt!

No, he had to go too!

However, if he went over just like that, he would be giving that scumbag Old Jun face.

How embarrassing would that be After thinking for a while, he sent Ling Sheng a message: Come and fetch me.

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