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Chapter 941: Go Pick My Dad Up

Ling Sheng secretly showed the message to Jun Shiyan and lowered her voice.

“My dad told me to pick him up.”

Jun Shiyan took a look at the news.

It was indeed something only he could do.

He nodded and said softly, “Okay, Ill send you over.”

When Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan were on their way out…

Nangong Lengyu thought that the two of them had agreed to go out for Valentines Day.

She frowned and called out to them.

“Its already so late.

Where are the two of you going”

Did they think of them as unwanted guests and dislike them coming over She had heard Fourth Brother say that the two of them… the two of them… She was too embarrassed to say anything about them.

After all, they were about to get engaged.

“Mom, Im worried about Dad being alone at home.

He doesnt know how to cook either.

Third Master and I will go fetch Dad.

Well be back soon.” When Ling Sheng saw her mothers vigilant gaze, she coughed softly and pinched Jun Shiyans palm secretly.

Ever since their engagement date was confirmed, her mother had been watching her like she was guarding against a thief, afraid that they would mess around behind her back.

Nangong Lengyu thought to herself, Why would they have to pick him up He must have kicked up a fuss again to get Sheng Sheng and Ah Yan to pick him up.

“If he wants to come over, cant he just drive here himself Hes putting on such airs, yet he still insists on getting someone to pick him up!”

Seeing that she was about to lose her temper—anyway, she would get angry as long as Huo Ci was mentioned, Wen Ruoshui tugged at her and persuaded, “Since Sheng Sheng and Ah Yan are going over, just let them go!”

She also knew Huo Cis temper well, especially since Nangong Lengyu kept mentioning him when she was talking to her today.

She really wanted to ask her since she got angry whenever he was mentioned, why would she still speak of him and make her unhappy

Nangong Lengyu watched as Ling Sheng thanked Wen Ruoshui before pulling Jun Shiyan away and leaving with Xiaoqi.

Her frown deepened as she complained angrily, “Its so cold at night, and Sheng Sheng is still pregnant.

Cant he come over by himself Must he insist that the child pick him up”

At the mention of him, she got angry.

How old was he Yet he still insisted on having someone pick him up! Dont think that she didnt know what he was thinking.

Isnt he just trying to save face If the children went to pick him up, he would be proud.

It would be embarrassing for him to come over on his own.

“Got it.

Dont be angry anymore.

Its not like you dont know.

He has always had that character!” Wen Ruoshui smiled and nodded in agreement.

She poured her a cup of tea and passed it to her, her eyes full of reminiscence.

“I remember that on my birthday that year, I forgot to send him an invitation.

He was desperate to save face and wouldnt come no matter what.

In the end, it was his second brother who personally went to fetch him.”

When Nangong Lengyu heardSecond Brother, her eyes felt inexplicably sore.

She looked at the woman sitting beside her with a smile on her lips.

She was gentle and refined, and her heart ached even more.

She replied softly, “Yes.”

Look at the mess Second Brother had cooked up.

She had told him before that she could understand him, but she would never forgive him.

“Its Valentines Day today.

Every year, at this time, I miss him quite a lot.” Wen Ruoshui poured another cup of tea and tightened her grip on the teapot.

Her lips curled up slightly as she said, “The day he confessed to me was Valentines Day.

Do you still remember”

When Nangong Lengyu saw her mention Second Brother very naturally, she felt relieved too.

All these years, she had never dared to mention him in front of her.

She nodded and smiled.

“Of course I remember.

He even begged me to trick you and bring you over!”

In a study, the people on the sofa appeared on a computer screen.

The gaze of a man sitting in a wheelchair was gentle as he looked at the beautiful woman in plain clothes with a smile on her lips and glistening tears in her eyes.

Wen Ruoshui laughed out loud.

“Do you still remember when he falsely accused Sixth Brother of providing the plan And that the scenario was overall executed by Fifth Brother.”

At the mention of Huo Ci, Nangong Lengyu frowned slightly.

How could she not remember She nodded and changed the topic.

“Fifth Brothers aesthetics wont be like that.”

“Call Old Fifth over too.

I heard from Sheng Sheng that hes dating now, so I asked him to bring his girlfriend over too,” Wen Ruoshui said with a smile.

In the past, every time she recalled the memories, it would hurt so much that she wished she was dead.

But now, those good and bad memories were such a beautiful existence to her.

At least at that time, he was alive.

He existed.

She felt that it was good.

At least she still had memories.

Even if she could only rely on these memories to live out the rest of her life, it was also good.

After tasting the bitter past time and time again, she actually felt a sweet aftertaste.

“Do you think its really a good idea” Nangong Lengyu had come here to prevent Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan from secretly doing something behind her back, to keep watch.

After this incident, she had completely lost her trust in Jun Shiyan.

But Fifth Brother… It was Valentines Day today.

Ever since that incident, he had finally made up his mind to open up his heart to accept another girl.

Let him fall in love properly!

“Fifth Brothers girlfriend is Sheng Shengs good friend.

Does she know about Fifth Brothers matter” Wen Ruoshui asked worriedly.

“Let Fifth Brother worry about his own problems.

Lets not worry about him.” Nangong Lengyu didnt have the energy to worry about others.

She was already worried sick about Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan.

“I think the girl has the right to know.” Wen Ruoshui was still worried because she considered a lot of factors.

“Sheng Sheng sent me her album.

That girl looks very similar!”

Nangong Lengyu said, “Fifth Brother has been single for so long, but I havent seen him look for anyone else.

If he isnt really in love, he wouldnt have dated her!”

“I hope so!” Wen Ruoshui sighed softly and turned her head to look.

“Wheres Fourth Brother Why isnt he here”

In the study, Jiang Zhe hurriedly stood up.

He looked at the man staring unblinkingly at the plain-colored figure on the screen and said in a deep voice, “Second Brother, Im going out.

Ill be back soon.”

Yan Yuanfei didnt hear.

His long and narrow eyes stared at the woman in front of him gently and affectionately.

His lips curled up slightly, and the expression in his eyes looked distant.

Jiang Zhe felt terrible.

He walked over and gently patted his shoulder.

Seeing him turn his head, he said, “Second Brother, Im going out.”

Yan Yuanfei nodded and said gently, “You dont have to come to check on me all the time.

I know my physical condition.

Im not that weak.

My illness wont act up.”

When Jiang Zhe heard this, how could he be at ease He was in the room by himself.

If his illness acted up and there was no one beside him… He was afraid.

“Ill be back very soon.

Sixth Brother lives nearby.

Sheng Sheng will bring him over soon.”

Since he was already back, whatever he did wouldnt attract so much attention.

When he closed the study door, he couldnt help taking another look.

He let out a long sigh, and his eyes were deep.

He didnt know if Second Brothers decision was right or not.

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