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Chapter 942: Anytime

But since it was his own decision, as his brother, he would stand on his side without any hesitation.

“Fourth Brother, I heard that you have a girlfriend too” Wen Ruoshui looked at Jiang Zhe and asked.

“Master Jingxin, youve already become a Buddhist.

Why are you still so gossipy” Jiang Zhe spoke freely in front of his own people.

It was rare for Nangong Lengyu to hear him joke around, and with Shui Shui too.

She couldnt help laughing out loud.

“Why cant Buddhists gossip Dont you people all pray to Buddhism while seeking a good marriage”

Jiang Zhe nodded in agreement and took a sip of the tea she had brewed.

The tea was fragrant and refreshing.

He said, “I dont have a girlfriend.

Dont listen to Old Sixs nonsense.

When did I get a girlfriend”

“Its time for you to get a girlfriend too.

Are you going to be single forever like this!” Nangong Lengyu looked at him earnestly.

“Look at me.

My grandson is already so big.

And Sheng Sheng is about to have a second child.”

“Mhm,” Jiang Zhe replied.

He thought, Sheng Sheng was also an unexpected surprise to you.

Did you ever think that you would suddenly have such a big daughter and grandson in the past

“Thats right.

Of the few brothers, youre the only one who doesnt even have a girlfriend now,” Wen Ruoshui chimed in.

She was only in secluded cultivation all year round.

It wasnt as if she had become a true nun who ignored the mortal world.

“I heard that a young lady called Tang Yu likes you.

Im serious.

Youre not young anymore either.

Since theres a young lady who likes you so much, dont be so picky anymore.” Nangong Lengyu had heard that the young lady had been wooing him for more than ten years.

For a little girl who was so young, chasing after a man who could be her uncle required bracing against a lot of pressure and gathering plenty of courage.

She had to like him a lot,

“Why are you starting to spout nonsense too Who told you that Little Fish is so young! I treat her as my niece.” Jiang Zhe didnt know where they had heard the gossip from.

After thinking for a moment, he remembered.

“Did Sheng Sheng tell you this”

Nangong Lengyu said, “Dont you bother about who said it.

Just tell us whether she is wooing you.”

Sheng Sheng really hadnt talked about this matter.

It was the eldest daughter of the Jiang family, Jiang Rong, who had said that her younger brother was finally enlightened like a blooming iron tree[1].

Perhaps he would succeed this time.

She was quite happy when he called her to chat.

“I treat her as my niece.

Im not a brute either.

How could I lay my hands on her” When Jiang Zhe thought of Tang Yu, he couldnt help but miss her.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the day Sheng Sheng and Old Six went over, she had returned to the country.

She had not contacted him since then.

While chatting, Nangong Lengyu saw Jiang Zhe make an excuse to go to the bathroom twice.

On the third time, she got up and followed him.

She saw that he wasnt going to the bathroom but to the study.

When Jiang Zhe was closing the door, she happened to see the man in the wheelchair through the gap.

Her brows furrowed slightly, and her beautiful eyes grew slightly cold.

She clenched her fists.

They are truly impressive, huh!

She had said long ago that since he had made such a decision, he should never appear in front of Shui Shui again.

What was he trying to do He actually came over openly and was only a wall away from her!

Wen Ruoshui sensitively sensed that her mood was unstable.

She looked at her strangely and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” Nangong Lengyu tried her best to calm herself down.

But when she thought about how he was in the study opposite, as expected, there must be surveillance cameras in the living room.

Didnt he say that he wouldnt disturb her Then, what does he mean now Is this his last goodbye A one-sided goodbye

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she felt.

She really wanted to rush in and ask him what he wanted to do! Did he think that because she didnt know, he wasnt disturbing her

Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan went to pick Huo Ci up.

Actually, the house wasnt far, and the car ride was only about fifteen minutes.

But it was Valentines Day today, so there were traffic jams everywhere.

When they passed by the mall, Ling Sheng glanced outside.

Her eyes were like radar, and her vision was excellent.

She saw a very familiar figure at a glance and asked Jun Shiyan, “Third Master, look over there.

Is that Tang Yu!”

Jun Shiyan frowned and looked in the direction the young lady was pointing.

“Whos Tang Yu”

Ling Sheng asked, “You dont know her”

Jun Shiyan shook his head and smiled at her.

“Other than you, Im not interested in any other woman.”

Ling Sheng looked at her son, who was leaning against the window and looking out.

She covered his ears in panic and even glared at the man beside her.

Their son is here1 What nonsense is he spouting

Jun Shiyan smiled even more amusedly.

When their son wasnt paying attention, he took the opportunity to kiss her on the cheek before quickly pulling away.

He leaned lazily against the car seat, looking extremely ascetic and proper.

Ling Sheng glared at him.

Hes a big-tailed wolf pretending to be serious.

Xiaoqi didnt know why his mommy covered his ears.

When he recognized the person, he turned his head around excitedly.

“Its that Big Sister Little Fish.”

Ling Sheng was certain that it was Tang Yu.

While together with a handsome man, the two of them looked quite intimate too.

She hurriedly took a photo with her phone and muttered to herself, “I have to send this to Fourth Uncle! His Little Fish has been kidnapped by another man!”

On Valentines Day, when a man and woman got together, and were even being that intimate, they should be boyfriend and girlfriend.

But hadnt Tang Yu liked Fourth Uncle for more than ten years How could she have a change of heart just like that She turned around and got together with another man.

“Your Fourth Uncles girlfriend” When Jun Shiyan heard her mention Jiang Zhe, he became a little interested too.

The Fourth Master of the Jiang family had always been a very clean person[2].

No matter what occasion he attended, he was the only one without a female companion.

“Not really.

She likes my Fourth Uncle and has been wooing him for more than ten years.” Ling Sheng sent the photo over and said seriously, “I personally think very highly of the two of them.

My Fourth Uncle has been single for a long time and has no experience.

He hasnt been enlightened yet.

He needs some stimulation.”

When Jun Shiyan heard her say the wordstimulation—she even emphasized it, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes were blazing.

“I need stimulation too.”

Ling Sheng almost choked.

Yes, you need stimulation.

You need stimulation the most.

Jun Shiyan watched as the young ladys face instantly flushed red.

He continued unhurriedly, “I think the stimulation you gave me today was very good.”

Ling Sheng felt that she was quite thick-skinned.

Upon hearing him talk about this topic without blushing or panting, she met his eyes challengingly and bit out, “Just you wait.

Ill make you very excited[3]! Im just afraid that your body wont be able to take it!”

Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh.

The expression in his eyes became increasingly pleased with a hint of teasing.

His thin lips moved slightly.


Xiaoqi looked at them in confusion.

What were they talking about

An Yan was already feeling embarrassed.

Hey, why have the two of you even started flirting while talking Youre moving a little fast.

Dont forget that Xiaoqi is still here!

[1] Likening someone to a blooming iron tree is saying that this is very rare.

[2] This cleanliness refers to a persons love/sex life so he most likely stays away from women.

[3] The Chinese term 刺激 either refers to stimulation or excitement, so its being used as a pun here.

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