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Chapter 944: Never Got Tired of It

The lights by the roadside were a little dim, and the young lady happened to be standing under the street lights.

Her black eyes were shining like stars, and her face was flushed red.

She was so cute that it was against the rules.

For a moment, Jun Shiyan only felt his heart beating very fast.

He looked at her and said hoarsely, “Come here.”

Ling Sheng ran over in small steps and held the mans arm while swaying and acting cute.

Her voice was sweet and charming.

“Okay It didnt count just now, okay ”

The young lady rarely behaved like a spoiled child toward him.

When she acted coquettishly, it only made his heart melt into a mess.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he shook his head.

“Not okay.”

Ling Sheng puffed up her cheeks, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly, making her eyes look even darker and more dazzling.

She ran to the front to stop the man in his tracks.

“Then what do I have to do to make you agree Why dont I put on a talent show for you”

Jun Shiyan smiled slightly, sincerely wanting to tease her.

“In that case, let me see what talent you have.”

Ling Sheng thought for a moment.

She did not know where the words came from in her head.

But before she realized, she blurted out a tune, “Little rabbit.

Open your legs…”

After saying this, she realized that it was wrong.

Her face instantly flushed red, and she turned around to run to the car.

Oh no, has she gone crazy Did her brain spasm

Just as An Yan was about to open the car door, he saw Ling Sheng dash toward him.

She pushed him away and got into the car like a gust of wind.

Then she ran to the innermost seat window and buried her head.

Jun Shiyans eyes suddenly narrowed.

The image of the young lady wearing a little bunnys clothes actually appeared in his mind.

The image was so clear that it was like a movie playing on film.

His blood surged in an instant, and he felt his mouth go dry momentarily.

D*mn it!

Has he gone crazy

Why would he think of such a dirty thing!

He even thought about it so… so explicitly!

Xiaoqi had opened the window and was looking out at that moment.

He looked at Ling Sheng seriously and corrected her.

“Mommy, itsLittle Bunny, be Good.

Open the door, not your legs…”

“You, shut it!” Ling Sheng was already so embarrassed she was going to die.

Yet her son had suddenly come to teach her how to sing the song too! How could she not know!

But just now, those lyrics leaped out of her mouth on their own.

It wasnt what she wanted to say.

She just wanted to sing a very proper little bunny, be good!

Xiaoqi frowned strangely.

He was stunned by his mothers roar.

When he saw Jun Shiyan get into the car, he asked softly, “Dad, is Mommy angry”

Jun Shiyan also lowered his voice and whispered to him, “Mommy isnt angry at Xiaoqi.

Shes angry at Dad.”

Xiaoqi asked, “Then why is Mommy angry with Dad”

Jun Shiyan smiled and instructed Xiaoqi, “Go and help Dad pass on a message.

Tell her that the bet just now doesnt count anymore.”

His young lady was like this every time.

After flirting with him, before he had even done anything, she became extremely shy on her own.

She still wanted to flirt with him every time and never got tired of it.

Ling Sheng buried her head in the car seat.

She was too ashamed to face anyone.

She had also heard the conversation on the other side.

When her son crawled to her side to pass the message, she pulled him back and whispered, “Youre not allowed to tell others about it.

Do you hear me”

Xiaoqi nodded obediently.

“Mommy, I know.

I definitely wont tell anyone.”

Mommy sang the wrong lyrics and must have felt embarrassed.

Actually, he wont laugh at Mommy.

Hearing the mans soft, low voice beside her, Ling Sheng glared at him fiercely and gritted her teeth.

“Youre not allowed to say it either!”

An Yan was on the phone just now and didnt hear what they had said.

But just as he turned around, he was glared at by Jun Shiyan and warned, “Did you hear that Youre not allowed to say anything either!”

An Yan agreed, but his mind was full of question marks.

What did they say If its a childrens song, so be it.

Why cant they say it aloud Strange.

Ling Sheng calmed down, and she felt that it was actually nothing much either.

Their engagement date had already been set, so what was wrong with cracking dirty jokes and singing dirty songs

She suddenly recalled Ji Xings words.

Bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, the wilderness… Her face suddenly started burning again.

She suddenly smacked her head hard, but realized that it didnt hurt at all.

She tilted her head and realized that the man had sat beside her without her noticing some time ago.

His large hand was protecting her head, blocking her attack.

“Sit over there.”

Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh and lowered his eyes slightly to look at the young lady.

He whispered, “Sing to me when its just the two of us.”

“Didnt you say that the wager is off” Ling Sheng frowned and said angrily.

Jun Shiyan said, “You havent finished performing in exchange for the bet, right Continue next time.”

Ling Sheng hesitated for a moment.

When she turned her head slightly, she could see the man beside her.

The temperature in the car was high, and he had already taken off his jacket, leaving only a white shirt.

The collar of his shirt was slightly open, revealing his faintly discernible, exquisite collarbone.

Further up was his slender neck and sexy Adams apple.

It made her mouth feel a little dry, so she hurriedly looked away.

She was sure that those lyrics had definitely come out of nowhere.

Could it be that Ji Xing was right The two of them had often fooled around in the past

Seeing the young lady staring at him, Jun Shiyan moved his slender fingers up and casually unbuttoned another button.

His lips curled into a delighted smile.

Ling Sheng could not help but swallow and lick her lips.

Thats enough! Thats enough, ah! Youre seducing me, I tell you! Youre breaking the rules!

Xiaoqi frowned slightly.

He felt that his dad and mommy were being very strange.

He looked at Jun Shiyan.

“Dad, are you feeling hot”

“Mhm, is Xiaoqi hot” Jun Shiyans voice was low and pleasant as he looked at Xiaoqi.

“Take off your coat, then!”

Xiaoqi asked, “Is it hot Xiaoqi isnt hot at all.”

Because of Tang Yu, it was already an hour later when Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan arrived home to pick him up.

Huo Ci didnt have a good expression when they met.

When he saw them coming, he sneered coldly.

“If you dont want to come and pick me up, just say no.

Ive already eaten! Im not going anymore!”

With that, he slammed the door shut.

While in Jun Shiyans arms, Xiaoqi looked at him in a daze.

“Dad, Grandpa is angry.”

Ling Sheng hurriedly knocked on the door and explained, “Dad, we didnt mean to be late.

There was a traffic jam on the way, and we even bumped into Tang Yu getting into trouble.so we had to help search for her until now.”

She just knew her father would be angry.

As expected.

Huo Ci was standing right at the door.

When he heard her explanation through the door, he frowned and didnt say anything.

He looked at the dishes that had long gone cold on the table, his eyes burning.

F*ck, looking for someone

Didnt she know how to tell him in advance when she was looking for someone

If he had to say it, it was definitely an excuse! That stinky brat and scumbag Third Old Jun didnt want to come at all!

The more he thought about it, the more upset he felt.

God knows how he had gotten through the past hour! He had wanted to call them to ask where they were and if they were still coming, but he just couldnt bring himself to do so either.

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