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Chapter 971: Fight You One-on-One

Ling Sheng got up and walked into the house.

She sighed.

“Why did you leave the trophy with me Great, now something has happened!”

Upon seeing his expression, Huo Ci asked, “Didnt you see the hottest search topics”

Si Chengluo was still very respectful of Big Boss Huo.

When he was in front of him, he was inexplicably reserved.

“My phone ran out of battery.”

Huo Ci said, “Keep your trophy yourself.

Why did you give it to her Shes so careless! Who is going to compensate you if she loses it!”

After Si Chengluo looked at the hottest search topics, he finally realized that his single trophy had caused so much trouble.

“Senior Huo, Ill post on Weibo to clarify immediately.”

“It has already been posted.” When Huo Ci scrolled through the comments again, the studio had already released a statement and posted it according to the d*mned brats Weibo post.

The trophy was the first trophy Si Chengluo had received in China.

In order to thank his boss for his faith and encouragement, he handed it to him for safekeeping.

What the hell was the use of giving it to him Did he think he was so easy-going as to want all kinds of trophies Fifth Brother had insisted on leaving all those trophies with him.

He wanted to throw them away instead.

Regarding Sheng Xichens trophy, he had won the award in a movie with him.

As both of them were Best Actors, he had placed his trophy with him.

Bai Hengs trophy was from the first time he had won the Best Male Singer Award for Mandarin singers.

In order to thank him, he had given him his most important trophy.

Huo Ci saw that it looked quite unique as well so he took it.

At the end of the day, Si Chengluo was a male idol promoted to stardom by his fans wallets.

His value could not be compared to others.

Thankfully, this d*mned brat was also thick-skinned enough to find such an excuse.

However, it was thanks to her wit that they threw the netizens off and this incident came to an end too.

When Ling Sheng entered the house, Si Chengluo shouted and chased after her.

He had been carrying that cello on his back the whole time, never putting it down.

Ling Sheng turned around.

“Dont you think its too heavy Put the thing youre carrying in the living room first!”

“I have something to tell you.” Si Chengluo was behaving mysteriously.

When he approached her, his voice was very low.

“Just the two of us.”

Huo Ci frowned as he watched the duo enter the house one after another, looking mysterious as though they were about to share a huge secret.

After they entered, Si Chengluo even closed the door, which caused Huo Cis brows to furrow even tighter.

Si Chengluo took out the cello in front of Ling Sheng.

His handsome face was unusually grave as he pointed at the words on it and asked, “Ling Sheng, whos Ji Xing”

Ling Sheng looked in the direction of his finger, and the expression in her eyes changed again and again.

On the cello were a few clearly-written words: Tell Ling Sheng not to believe Ji Xing!

Upon seeing the subtle and instant change in her expression, Si Chengluo was certain that she knew.

His voice tightened as he asked, “Whos Ji Xing”

Ling Sheng was a little vexed.

She had been sitting cross-legged on the ground in a daze for half an hour.

She had not turned a single page of the script in front of her and kept sighing.

The words Si Chengluo had said to her before he left kept ringing in her ears.

He looked at her and said firmly, “If youre not willing to tell me, Ill definitely find the answer myself.”

He would look for the answer himself What the hell As the situation got messier, she truly became more annoyed.

She had initially thought that as long as the three of them did not come into contact with one another, there would not be any reaction.

She had not expected that even though they had separated and didnt meet up, it still didnt work!

Could it be that Ji Xing had been lying to her about everything She really did not know what to do now.

Who should she trust now

When Nangong Lengyu entered, she saw her groaning miserably and scratching her head.

She hurriedly walked over and patted her hand away.

“Youve pulled out all of your hair! What did Luo Luo say to you Why are you in such a frustrated state”

“Nothing.” Ling Sheng returned to her senses.

Her hair had already been clawed until it was as messy as a chickens nest.

When she looked up, she saw that her mother was holding two candles.

The design was quite unique.

“Mom, whats this”

“Aromatherapy candles.

I think they smell pretty good too, so I took two.” Nangong Lengyu placed the candles on the table and lit them.

She turned around and looked at her.

“Dont think about it anymore.

Go to bed quickly.

You have an audition tomorrow!”

She had just gone to the warehouse with Xiaoqi to find something.

She had not expected to find candles from more than 20 years ago.

They had been preserved quite well, so she had taken two of them in passing.

Ling Sheng did want to sleep to clear her mind when Jun Shiyans phone call came in.

She stole a look at her mother before taking her phone to the balcony.

“Do you like trophies that much” Jun Shiyans voice carried a hint of jealousy.

Ling Sheng let out a low cough and sat on the hanging chair on the balcony.

She curled up into a small ball and hugged a bolster.

She rested her chin on the bolster before saying softly, “Yes.”

Jun Shiyan lowered his voice.

“Little imp, do you think I cant go over and punish you right now”

Ling Shengs smile deepened as she nodded vigorously.

“Then, tell me, how do you intend to punish me”

Upon hearing the young ladys soft voice, Jun Shiyans breathing quickened suddenly.

If he were really beside her now, he would definitely pin her down and kiss her fiercely.

He would kiss her until she could not speak and begged him for mercy.

His Adams apple moved up and down, and his voice was a little hoarse.

Then, he drawled the end of his words out charmingly and teasingly, “Ill kiss you.”

When Ling Sheng heard the mans voice travel to her ears on the phone, which made her feel limp and numb to her bones, her heart suddenly accelerated and she could not help but swallow.

She could even imagine what would happen if the man was right beside her.

When he said this line with that ascetic face of his, she couldnt take it anymore! Ahhhhh!

“Why arent you saying anything” Jun Shiyans voice was like a hook that latched onto her so that she could not control her imagination.

“You pervert!” Ling Sheng had not expected that shed get to hear him flirt with her on the phone one day.

Her ears burned as she reached out to pinch her earlobes and let out a snort.

“Im going to bed now! I dont want to talk to you.”

“If you dont talk to me, who do you want to talk to” Upon hearing the young ladys flustered and hurried breathing, a delighted smile hung on the sides of Jun Shiyans lips.

His voice became even more provocative.


“Im going to sleep!” Ling Sheng felt that she could not continue listening to him.

This mans voice was so suggestive that ones imagination would run wild, making her feel a little flustered.

“I have an audition tomorrow.

I really need to sleep now.”

Jun Shiyan nodded.

“Ill pick you up tomorrow morning.”

After Ling Sheng hung up the phone, she felt a little sleepy, especially after the aromatherapy candle had been lit in the room.

It made her feel weak all over.

When she climbed into bed, she looked at Nangong Lengyu, who was still leaning against the bedhead, reading.

“Mom, Ill sleep first.

This candle is surely for hypnosis, right…”

Her voice grew softer and softer.

In a daze, she heard someone shouting beside her ear.

“Huo Ci! Brother Ci, wait for me! That brat Bai Heng declared that he wants to fight you one-on-one!”

Ling Shengs breathing stopped for a moment before she abruptly opened her eyes.

She turned her head and looked in the direction of the voice.

When her gaze landed, she immediately saw the handsome youth in the lead, who bore a sharp and unruly air about him.

Her eyes widened in disbelief and she was dumbfounded.

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