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Chapter 154: Afterimage Strike

Seeing the strong stats of the Dragon Scale Leg Armour, my mouth couldn’t close from smiling.  Not long ago I got the Gold Glory Bracers to replace my Bronze Equipment and now I’ve killed Fated Madman and stole his Dark Gold Leg Armour.  If he knew about this matter, Fated Madman might not be able to coexist with me.

But it already seemed like Fated Madman already hated me to his bones.

With another piece of Dark Gold Equipment, I was even more confident in the King’s Return competition.  It’s like Ling Yue said, this would be a gathering of all the experts in China, but we had to win because Xue Yue needed this championship to dominate the new main city!

After looking through these two pieces of equipment, I found that there was still a purple skill book.  Normally speaking, skill books of this colour were rarely seen, so it was definitely a precious item!

With a heart filled with expectation, I opened the skill book and saw its stats.

[Afterimage Strike]: Creates an energy afterimage to deal damage to all enemies in front causing 180%-300% damage.  Has a cooldown of 60 minutes.

Requirement: Level 50 Swordsman, Berserker, Dragon Whisperer, Gale Warrior.


Seeing the words “Dragon Whisperer”, I was simply filled with joy.  This Afterimage Strike increased my damage by 180% at beginner level and it would increase it by three times at max level.  This terrifying attack power could instantly kill a knight at the same level!

I pressed the learn button and with a flash of light, there was a blue glow that appeared around me.  Then there was an extra Afterimage Strike that appeared in my skill list.  As expected, it had a cooldown of 60 minutes, but it seemed like it was one of those ultimate skills!

Looking around, I saw that there were Iron Armour Raptors that were wandering around in the distance.

Alright, I’ll take this raptor as a sacrifice!

Raising the Roaring Flame Spear, I headed towards that Iron Armour Raptor.  When I was around 40 yards away, I saw that the Afterimage Strike was already in range to test!

So I immediately used the skill.  My body trembled before I drew out all my strength and my MP drained by half.  Then raising the Roaring Flame Spear, a golden afterimage suddenly went through the air!


Wherever the afterimage went, countless tree branches were knocked away.  The raptor didn’t even see what was going on before it was pierced by this afterimage!


The super high damage filled me with joy.  This Afterimage Strike really was a broken skill!

I went forward with a Shield Break Slash and a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers and with several spear attacks, I finished off the sliver of health.  After picking up the gold coins, I found that I really had harvested quite a bit today.  Just in terms of gold coins, I had over twenty thousand of them!  Also I had quite a few pieces of equipment.  Other than the Gold Axe, there were the five Silver Ripper Swords.  All of these broken weapons could be sold for quite a bit of money!

So I happily took out a City Return Scroll and crushed it!


With a flash of light, I appeared on the streets of Sunset City and charged to the appraisers!

First without saying a thing, I handed over the Dragon Scale Leg Armour.  This Dark Gold Equipment would definitely give me a pleasant surprise.

The appraiser was surprised to see the Dragon Scale Leg Armour and spent a long time before realizing to appraise it.  So after taking two thousand gold coins, with a red flash of light on the Dragon Scale Leg Armour, the powerful stats appeared.

[Dragon Scale Leg Armour]  (Dark Gold - Armour)

Defense: 200

Magic Defense: 120

Strength: 35

Vitality: 30

Agility: 25

Additional: Increases the user’s physical attack by 20%.

Required Level: 55


God, it actually increased physical attack by 20%!  Moreover, the defense reached 200 and the magic defense reached 120!  As expected of a piece of level 55 Dark Gold Equipment!

I quickly changed out my Bronze Leg Armour for the Dragon Scale Leg Armour and my stats soared!  The attack reached 1395, but my defense was even more broken as it reached 1370.  It could be said that facing physical attacking Jobs, other than Jobs that could ignore defense like assassins and berserkers, it would be very hard to break my defense!  Moreover, with my high 560 magic defense, I could also be more resistant against magicians in the future!

Seeing my stats, I secretly thought: Un, my equipment now could be considered unbeatable.  There wouldn’t be anyone in China with equipment that could compare to mine!

Opening the equipment ranking, I was surprised to find that the number one weapon wasn’t the Roaring Flame Spear and it was pushed down to third.  The number one weapon was a Dark Gold Two Handed Sword called the “Flying Wind Sword” and the owner was the Gale Warrior Hell Flames who was ranked fourth on the level rankings!

The number two weapon was a Dark Gold Spear named “Heaven Piercing Halberd” used by someone called Lone Grave who I heard of before.  Fourth was Ling Xue’s Thunderclap Sword and ninth was Ling Yue’s Ice Goddess Staff.

Looking at the equipment ranking again, I found that my armour still wasn’t first, but rather it was Hell Flames’ top grade level 50 Dark Gold Armour that was first.  It even surpassed my Thunderclap Rampart and my Dragon Scale Leg Armour!

Second and third were my Thunderclap Rampart and my Dragon Scale Leg Armour.  It seemed like all of the best equipment in all of China were gathered on me and Hell Flames.

Closing the rankings, I couldn’t help giving a deep sigh.  This Hell Flames really wasn’t simple!  But the main city that our Sunset City went to wasn’t the same main city as Hell Flames, otherwise Hell Flames’ team would be our greatest opponent!

Looking at the time, it was already ten at night.  I continued appraising the equipment as there was still a Gold Axe and five Silver Swords that needed to be appraised.

When I put the Gold Axe on the counter, there was a system announcement that rang out through Sunset City!


System announcement: Player Lone Grave has established the guild [Fleeting Years].  This is the second guild established on the server.  The creating player Long Grave has received one level!


I was surprised as the second guild in China had finally appeared!

I immediately searched for it.  It was a good thing that Lone Grave wasn’t in Sunset City and was in another second grade city, so he wouldn’t be a threat to our Xue Yue for now.  But this Lone Grave had the second strongest weapon, so if we ran into their team, it would be a fierce fight!

Forget it, let’s not think too much!  Let’s appraise the equipment first and talk after getting rich!

With a flash of gold light, the Gold Axe’s stats jumped out in front of my eyes.

[Frost Axe]  (Gold Equipment)

Attack: 280-440

Strength: 25

Vitality: 15

Additional: There’s a chance to shoot out ice arrows to deal 200 points of ice damage and greatly decrease the target’s move speed.

Required Level: 55


Un, it reached 440 attack, so it should be considered top grade among Gold Equipment!

I happily put the Frost Axe away and then put the same five Ripper Swords on the counter.  Each one cost 200 to appraise and after they were appraised, they had the same stats.

[Ripper Sword]  (Silver Equipment)

Attack: 240-320

Strength: 18

Vitality: 12

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 4%.

Required Level: 45


It was considered a good Silver Sword, it could be considered the best that a level 45 swordsman could equip!

After receiving the swords and heading out, Ling Yue suddenly called me.  After accepting, Ling Yue’s voice rang out, “Bookworm, did you see it just now  Uncle Lone Grave finally established his guild!”

I said with a smile, “Yes!  Ling Yue, you know Long Grave”

Ling Yue said, “Un, I had people investigate this Lone Grave person.  He is a listed company’s president in Shanghai and has a lot of financial resources!  He wanted to achieve something in Spirit of Grief this time, but I never thought that he would name his guild Fleeting Years.  It’s such a young person’s name~”

I revealed a smile before Ling Yue said seriously, “Bookworm, I want to tell you something not good!”

“Un, what is it”

“In the level ranking, the level 54 Gale Warrior Hell Flames is one of Lone Grave’s top generals.  So their Fleeting Years might be the only one that can match our Xue Yue in all of China right now!”

“Ah!  Hell Flames……is under Lone Grave”

“Un!”  Ling Yue gave a chuckle before saying, “This is the news that I obtained not long ago.  Lone Grave has heavily invested into making this Hidden Job Warrior Hell Flames.  Hell Flames’ equipment might have surpassed yours and his job is Gale Warrior, something that we don’t know about……”

I couldn’t help letting out a breath before saying with a smile, “It seems like it’s really getting lively, but Ling Yue, don’t worry.  We don’t know yet if Fleeting Years will be our friend or enemy, but my intuitions tell me that this Lone Grave person isn’t like Fated Madman.”

I still remembered that I sold several sets of armour to this Lone Grave person.  Un, that’s right, it had to be him!  He actually came here to buy equipment, this person really was abnormal……

Ling Yue said while laughing, “With you, I’m not worried!  Also, Ling Xue is already level 55!  She equipped the Thunderclap Sword and it’s very beautiful!”

“Oh, is that so”

“Yes, do you want to see”

“I do…….

“Then just turn around!”

I couldn’t help being surprised.  I quickly turned around and saw that the beautiful twin sisters were standing not far behind me!

Ling Yuehad a high grade magician set and had the Ice Goddess Staff in hand.  Ling Xue was wearing the Silver Strong Gale Set with the Thunderclap Sword on her back.  The Thunderclap Sword was covered in lightning and it was dazzling from afar.  The players all around looked over, not only for the beautiful beauties, but also for this unparalleled sword!

The two beautiful eyes looked at me and I felt a bit awkward.  So I went forward and said with a smile, “You’re both here!”

Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile and took the Thunderclap Sword from her back.  She brandished it and said with a smile, “Little fool, how do I look  Does it look good”

A little silver armoured beautiful swordswoman holding this thunder covered sword with a flying green pet at her shoulder.  This scene was more than just beautiful, it was simply melting the eyes!

I couldn’t help praising, “Too beautiful!”

Ling Xue revealed a satisfied smile and came to my side.  She looked at me a few times before saying, “You’re not that bad yourself.  It seems like you got a few new pieces of equipment”

I nodded.  That’s right, I was wearing a top grade set and whether it was stats or appearance, none of it was trash.

Ling Yue was a bit speechless.  She asked with a smile, “Bookworm, what good deed did you do just now  Fated Madman just ran out of the city in shame and he called his subordinates rice buckets”

I said with a smile, “It’s nothing.  Fated Madman started a Hidden Job Quest for a Frost Warrior and I ruined it, as well as losing an entire team of a thousand people……”

Ling Yue’s little mouth opened wide in surprise as she said, “Good fellow!  You destroyed their entire team and it’s not considered anything.  It’s no wonder that idiot Fated Madman was so angry.  Yi  Could it be that you did it all alone”

I nodded before telling them what happened in the forest.  The two beauties felt their anger being vented when they heard this and said with smiles, “Fated Madman can only blame himself.  His actions have finally caught up to him.  Bookworm, you’ve done well!”

I asked with a smile, “Is there a reward”

Ling Yue snappily said, “You’re this rich and you still want a reward”

Ling Xue was currently teasing the Wind Spirit Beast Xi Xi with a sweet smile.  I was a bit stunned as I watched her.  Ling Yue was a bit angry as she came forward to hit my arm with her staff and said in a dissatisfied voice, “Hey!  I’m talking to you and you only know to look at Xue’er!”

I was stunned before quickly turning to say, “Forget it, there’s no need for any reward.  I just got some equipment and I was about to go sell it.  What about you and Ling Xue”

Ling Yue thought for a bit before saying with a smile, “Dragon Soul and Ghost Fire are managing the guild matters, so Ling Xue and I have nothing to do.  There’s not enough time to level up now, so how about we sell the equipment with you”

I nodded with a smile.  So the three core members of Xue Yue set up three stalls by the north of the square.  My main item was the Frost Axe, at a price of a hundred thousand gold coins.  Such a good Gold Weapon, it would be letting down the brothers of the Fated Guild that died if I didn’t sell it for a high price.  But the Ripper Sword was only a Silver Weapon, so it was a bit cheaper at twenty thousand gold coins.

Ling Xue and Ling Yue were on my left and right.  Ling Yue was selling some Bronze and Silver Armour, as well as some Bronze Leather Armour which increased agility quite a bit, so it was loved by assassins and archers.  Ling Xue sold even less, only selling four pieces of Bronze Armour which seemed quite poor.

My stall had the best goods, going from a Bronze Axe to a Dark Iron Armour that were all being publicly sold.  It would be best if they could sell, but I could also give them to the people in the guild if I couldn’t sell them!

There was a crowd of players that gathered that looked over at us.  The two beautiful twins were the same, so their beauty attracted many people and I was ignored.  The only thing that attracted people were my items.

A level 47 berserker with a giant axe came forward and asked, “Brother, how are you selling this axe”

The Frost Axe had a clear price of a hundred thousand so I said, “A hundred thousand, no bargaining!”

“Yi  This axe only has 440 attack, is it worth a hundred thousand”

I glared at him and said, “Why isn’t it worth it”

Ling Xue on the side gave a chuckle and said, “Such a good weapon and you want to bargain  Leave if you don’t want to buy.  There are many people who want this, so don’t regret this when someone else buys it~~”


The berserker suddenly trembled, “Damn!  I’ll buy it……”


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