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Chapter 30: Where Is the Song You Were Going to Give Me

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Old Master Shi did not ask when Shi Jin wanted to apply eye drops for him. Instead, he raised his head and let her do it.

Shi Jin could not help feeling sad when she saw his lifeless eyes. However, everything would work out soon… very soon.

She handed the eye drops to the nurse and instructed her to apply them for Old Master Shi regularly and told her not to use any other eye drops except hers.

The nurse acknowledged right away. In any case, no eye drops were prescribed to Old Master Shi, so it would not hurt for him to apply them.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin were still around when Shi Jin walked out of the room.

Shi Xuexin asked with concern, “Jin, I heard you are on the same show as Ling. Are you going to wrap things up soon”

She had already heard that the competition had high standards, so Shi Jin would probably get kicked out soon.

Shi Jin glanced at her calmly.

Yu Xiuhua was displeased with the way she was looking at her daughter. She interrupted, “Its fine if you want to keep living with us. In any case, the Shi family can afford to feed another mouth. However, its an embarrassment that you havent even graduated from middle school. Since you are still a Shi, you cant disgrace us. The moment the program is over, you are going back to school!”


Shi Jin thought about the Li family after she left the hospital.

She had already investigated them. Her biological parents were overseas and unable to return for the time being. Her father was sick, so they were trying to get him treated.

If she had more time to concoct her fathers medicine, there would be a greater chance of success, so she was in no hurry to reunite with them.

Since she had lived at Shi residence for so long, she was not opposed to staying a little longer for the sake of Old Master Shi.

After she left the hospital, Deng Yufei finally managed to find her. She grabbed Shi Jin. “Where have you gone Why havent you replied to any of my messages”

“You know I dont have that much freedom at Repulse Bay Villa.”

Deng Yufei could not suppress her anger. “You should have at least told me that you couldnt meet Chu Ling. Also, why did the paparazzi turn up during the meeting You were the one who picked the meeting place!”

“What paparazzi I dont know anything about them! I had such a hard time coming out today!” Shi Jins eyes seemed particularly innocent. In any case, she could push all the blame on Fu Xiuyuan.

Considering Fu Xiuyuans distant personality, she did not have to worry about him giving Deng Yufei any explanation.

Deng Yufei ended up believing it was pure coincidence. Fu Xiuyuan was an uncontrollable factor and Shi Jin truly did not have complete freedom.

“Did the paparazzi take pictures of you and Chu Ling Will this affect you” Shi Jin sounded particularly concerned and her eyes looked genuinely worried.

Since Deng Yufei wanted to bait Shi Jin, she had to offer some half-truths, so she told her about her Lucky Lot getting revoked.

Shi Jin comforted her a little.

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“Where is the song you were going to give me”

Now that she had lost the chance to perform with Chu Ling, an amazing song was even more important to her.

“Here you go.” Shi Jin handed the song to her. Its all set.”

As for Shi Jins score with Deng Yufei, she would settle it one by one when the time was ripe.

Deng Yufeis mood finally lifted as she said, “Come on. You have to go to a meeting with me. I have found you a good company with great talent agents! They are very keen on seeing you too!”


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