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Chapter 601: Be Sincere

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Even if it is the Green Jade Immortal Island, they were still bitter about the loss of a master in the Dacheng stage, let alone an elder who was a core elder.

If it was ignored like this, then the Green Jade Immortal Island was not one of the five major sects.

“Yang Chen, honestly, what did you do to Elder Bei” Elder Min had the most contact with Yang Chen, and when Shi Shanshan was away, she became the best person to communicate with Yang Chen “How could Elder Bei become that way”

“Elder Bei” Yang Chen asked in confusion, “Isnt she already disqualified as an elder Why do you still call her Elder Bei”

“Im used to it, I cant change it for a while.” Min Huafeng couldnt help but get angry, Yang Chen had the attitude of holding you back, and he was still holding on to this little title.

She could only explain in one sentence, and then waited for Yang Chens answer.

Of course, Yang Chen couldnt keep putting on the show.

If he made a core sect master like this angry, he would be rude to her, the Green Jade Immortal Island has not held Yang Chen accountable until now. 

“Im just shocked, its a trivial matter.” Yang Chen quickly explained Bei Shuangyus current situation, and gave a solution “If it is handled normally, it will take about two hundred years to recover.

However, since she was punished, the recovery time can be greatly shortened.”

“Oh Just why” Elder Min didnt think of the key here, and couldnt help but ask curiously.

“When she usually cultivates, she will keep thinking about the things she has been frightened by, so she will be restless, and it will take longer.” Yang Chen was not afraid to tell Min Huafeng, and explained in great detail “If you are punished, your mind will be focused on the fight against the ocean current, there is no time for her to take care of herself, and naturally she will be able to recover quickly.”

Although Min Huafeng was dissatisfied with Bei Shuangyus targeting of Shi Shanshan for a long time, she could not help but gasp when she heard Yang Chens explanation.

If the sect did not punish Bei Shuangyu, then she doesnt need to think about any normal practice for two hundred years.

And looking at the courage she is showing now, it is estimated that even in the face of an ordinary foundation cultivator, she may not dare to take the initiative to attack.

Strictly speaking, what is the difference between this and abolishing Bei Shuangyus cultivation base for two hundred years Yang Chen really was devious.

Even the sects response was taken into consideration.

Fortunately, the Island master made a decisive decision, otherwise not only would the sect betray Yang Chen.

If they cant get the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Pill, even the genius disciples of their sect will be disgruntled.

“How long will it take to recover like this” She always felt that Bei Shuangyu deserved it, but Elder Min still needs to know the exact time.

Otherwise, it would not be easy to explain to the Island master.

“Not much, only a few decades.” Yang Chen replied without concealment, and he understated it, as if it was a trivial matter.

Who would have thought that this was a major event that would determine the fate of a Dacheng stage master.

Hearing this answer, Min Huafeng also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, it didnt matter for decades.

Bei Shuangyu would not have left seclusion at that time, which is a good thing for her and the Green Jade Immortal Island for the time being.

The Island Master indirectly knew Yang Chens attitude from Elder Min.

After discussing with a few core elders, the group of people who managed the warehouse were punished.

Everyone was beaten with a stick and whipped, making everyone feel a little anger from the top.

And the matter of Yang Chens dealing with Bei Shuangyu was also carefully suppressed by the core elders, and basically no one knew the specific truth.

However, the charges of Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang were all announced, and they were all related to Shi Shanshan, which really shocked all the disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Although a few elders were not very happy, under the urging of the Island Master and the need for the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Pill, they did not do anything to Yang Chen, and Yang Chen was able to quietly wait for Shi Shanshan to return.

This time Shi Shanshan came back very quickly, Yang Chen only waited less than four months for Shi Shanshans return.

Shi Shanshan returned to her courtyard after delivering the sect mission this time.

To Shi Shanshans surprise, when she delivered the mission, the disciple in charge of reception was with a smiling face almost all the way, and she was eager to help Shi Shanshan.

Everything that can be done has been done, and it was completely different from the indifference of the past.

Upon returning, Shi Shanshan noticed Yang Chens existence before entering the courtyard, and felt a burst of warmth from a distance.

“Husband!” Shi Shanshan accelerated her pace and almost ran into the courtyard.

As soon as she entered the courtyard, she saw Yang Chen who was waiting for her with a smile.

There were no outsiders around, and her several servants were not in sight.

Shi Shanshan almost threw herself into Yang Chens arms, hugging Yang Chen to death and not letting go.

“Let your husband take a good look at you!” After the two held each other for a while, Yang Chen began to seriously look at Shi Shanshan.

The dangerous sect mission has kept Shi Shanshan in a dangerous situation during the period of time she came back, but it has to be said that these are indeed very significant effects for tempering Shi Shanshan.

Compared with the last time they parted, the aggressive aura on Shi Shanshan has disappeared, replaced by a calm like a ladys aura.

All the sharpness seemed to be wrapped under this calm appearance, and there was no trace of leakage.

“Very good, then well go get that thing.” Yang Chen was very satisfied, Shi Shanshan has become more and more restrained, and the preparations have been fully completed, it was just waiting for him.

Of course, Shi Shanshan also had to know from Yang Chen what happened in the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Hearing that Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang had paid a heavy price for this, Shi Shanshan just let out a faint sigh, as if it was a matter of course.

When a husband and wife meet, Yang Chen will not favor one another over another.

After cultivating the Mysterious Yin-Yang Heart Sutra with Shi Shanshan, Shi Shanshan immediately realized that she has a second-grade human immortal realm spiritual awareness.

Even with Shi Shanshans calmness, she couldnt help but ask in a shocked voice, “Husband, how much have you surpassed us”

Shi Shanshan couldnt help but sigh, it seemed that her husband was getting stronger and stronger.

Although his cultivation base has returned to the early Yuanying stage, his spiritual awareness has been greatly improved.

His spiritual awareness has actually reached the peak human immortal realm, even Shi Shanshan was shocked beyond belief.

“Okay, lets go and collect what I mentioned!” After all the preparations were done, and after saying goodbye to the Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen took Shi Shanshan and set foot on the road.

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