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Chapter 2344 – Longevity Sect!

Tian Xiu glanced coldly at the sky and gazed at Yang Ye, “Lets go!”

Both of them vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Once they left, around an hour passed before a few powerful auras appeared in the sky above the Immortal Estate.

“Investigate her!” A voice resounded.

Meanwhile, a woman in a green dress unfurled the scroll in her hand and wrote, “Void Spirit Energy, Void Spirit Maiden, the large universe.

Strength… True World Realm but possessed the strength of the Limitbreaker Realm!”

Once she finished writing, she closed the scroll, and then she looked in the direction that Yang Ye and Tian Xiu had left toward.

She said softly, “This world is getting more and more interesting.”

Suddenly, Tian Xiu shot a glance in her direction from far away.

The woman was slightly stunned and casually smiled at Tian Xiu.

Tian Xiu withdrew her gaze and vanished into the distance with Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the woman spoke softly, “Amazing!”

At the same time, an old man suddenly appeared before her, and he cupped his fists at her, “Senior Nanli…”

She suddenly waved her hand and interrupted him, “What do you mean by senior Dont make me sound so old! Call me Miss Meng.”

She was the Nanli Clans Nanli Meng!

The old mans face stiffened slightly, but it immediately returned to normal, “Miss Meng, you are very knowledgeable, so do you know that womans origins and identity”

Nanli Meng blinked, “Do you want to know”

The old man nodded while a bad premonition arose in his heart.

Nanli Meng suddenly stretched out her hand, “Five Pseudo Divine Treasures or one Divine Treasure.

But I think that your Freedom Sect isnt willing to give me a Divine Treasure.

So, five Pseudo Divine Treasures, 1,000 Eternal Immortal Crystals, or an Eternal Divine Crystal.

What do you think”

The old man was quite embarrassed as he cupped his hands again and said, “Miss Meng, as expected of the all-knowing maiden of Eternal Border.

I truly admire your ability!”

He hesitated for a moment and continued, “Miss Meng, your price is too high.”

Nanli Meng replied indifferently, “I really dont like hearing that.

You make it sound like Im a scammer.

I, Nanli Meng, always carry out fair trades with clear prices.

As for the price I requested, it should be nothing for your sect, right According to my knowledge, youve found quite a bit of treasures in the Eternal River.

Right, you seem to have gotten a mirror or two lately, and its a Divine Treasure, right”

The old mans face instantly turned cold while a wisp of killing intent flashed within his eyes.

Suddenly, Nanli Meng raised her hand and waved it.


The old man was instantly blasted over 10km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, Nanli Meng appeared before him again.

The old man was shocked and couldnt be bothered to deal with the discomfort in his heart as he quickly retreated 300m away!

However, Nanli Meng was still in front of him!

Nanli Meng glanced coldly at him and said, “Now, I want to make a deal with you.

The deal is Im poor, and I need 1,000 Eternal Immortal Crystals.

So, give it to me.

Of course, I wont take it for free, Im not that kind of person! Its payment to keep me quiet.

If I dont get it within two hours, then Ill spread the information of what your Freedom Sect obtained.

Moreover, Ill spread the information of every other treasure your sect obtains in the future.”

The old man glared angrily at her, “You…”

“What” She suddenly spoke happily, “You think 1,000 is too little Alright, then 2,000.

What Is it still too little Then…”

Suddenly, a spatial ring appeared before her.

Nanli Meng turned around, and a black robed figure had appeared there.

Meanwhile, the black robed figure said, “My subordinate was insensible and offended you.

Please accept these 2,000 Eternal Immortal Crystals as compensation.”

It was a female voice!

Nanli Meng smiled, “What are you talking about, were one big family.

Its no offense at all.

I didnt even take it to heart!” She glanced at the spatial ring and took it.

The black robed figure nodded slightly, “Thank you for being merciful, Miss Nanli! Since you said were family, I wont hold back.

My Freedom Sect wants to know her origins.

Can you tell us about it”

Nanli Meng asked, “That young girl from before”

The black robed woman nodded.

“Oh my!” Nanli Meng suddenly patted her forehead, “Sigh, Im so sorry, Ive been cultivating too much until my mind isnt really working well.

I cant really member anything about her.


Meanwhile, a spatial ring descended before Nanli Meng.

There were 1,000 Eternal Immortal Crystals within it!

Nanli Meng blinked and calmly took the spatial ring, “I think I remember a little now… Right, I do.

I remember now.

If Im not wrong, shes the patriarch of the number one race in the large universe from many years ago, the void spirit races Void Spirit Maiden.

Her most dazzling accomplishment in battle was when she killed over a dozen Limitbreaker Realm experts at the Intent Spirit World.

It was also during that time which she obtained the Void Spirit Energy.

Of course, Void Spirit Energy wasnt its name at the time, but once she absorbed and refined it, it became her exclusive spirit energy.”

She grinned and continued, “Thats about it.”

The black robed woman suddenly asked, “Whats her relationship with Yang Ye”

Nanli Meng rolled her eyes, “Sis, youre just making things difficult for me now.

Im not spending all my time investigating this random nonsense.

Im only interested in strong people, strange people, and strange things!”

The woman nodded slightly, “I understand.”

Meanwhile, Nanli Meng added, “Your Freedom Sect has no need to fear her, but I personally think you should avoid her for now.

After all, the void spirit race is gone, so she has nothing left to worry about.

If she attacks your Freedom Sect, your Sect Master is probably going to get a kick to the balls.

Oh, Im sorry, I shouldnt use such language.

It wont happen again, it definitely wont…”

She turned around and vanished into the sky.

The old man spoke solemnly, “Guardian Xiao, she went too far.

Why should we give her face We…”

“You fool!” The woman spoke coldly, “It could have been done with just 1,000 Eternal Immortal Crystals, but you made it into a few thousands.

Yet you still dare to speak about it”

The old mans face was quite unsightly, but he didnt dare to say anything.

She continued, “Both her strength and background cannot be underestimated.

Since she isnt targeting our Freedom Sect, we naturally should avoid offending her.

If you didnt reveal killing intent toward her, she would have never asked us for those crystals!”

The old man fell silent.

The woman continued, “Dont even think that our sect is unmatched.

There is always someone stronger in this world.

Never underestimate anyone.”

She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking, and the old man left soon after.

Meanwhile, Nanli Meng was stopped by a middle aged man on the way back to her clan.

Nanli Meng sized up the man and asked, “You want to ask about her background”

The middle aged man shook his head slightly, “I want to ask about that Sprite Lord!”

Nanli Mengs eyes narrowed slightly.

The middle aged man closed his eyes slowly, “Name your price!”

Nanli Meng looked him in the eyes, “A Divine Treasure!”


A wave of powerful pressure appeared here, and then a ball of light that emanated rainbow colored light appeared before her.

A Divine Treasure!

A true Divine Treasure!

How precious were they It could be said that there were no more than 20 in the entire Eternal Border.

Moreover, most of them had been brought over from other universes.

Yet now, the middle aged man hadnt hesitated to give her one.

Just to verify something!

Nanli Meng gazed at the ball of light for a very, very long time, and then she said, “Havent you already guessed the answer Why waste this Divine Treasure”

The middle aged man opened his eyes slowly, and his hands were trembling slightly.

A long time passed before he spoke softly, “How inconceivable.

We were only willing to sacrifice a Divine Treasure to be 100% certain.

If we were mistaken, the slightest mistake may cause our downfall.

Now that weve obtained your confirmation, we feel much more at ease.”

She spoke softly, “Obtaining some things may not be a good thing.”

The middle aged man spoke solemnly, “But it may not be a bad thing either.”

She glanced at him, and the middle aged man suddenly became quite excited, “Miss Meng, my Longevity Sect has been passed down from 35,000 years, and weve had 8 Sect Masters throughout this time.

Every single one of them was a shockingly monstrous genius, but all of them perished at the Eternal River.”

The middle aged man closed his eyes slowly at this point, “Hard work Talent At most times, they cant compare to a good background.

Those who live in the Eternal Universe are blessed by nature, and they are born with spirit energy thats much purer than ours and resources more abundant than ours.

If we want to get all of that, we must work hard our entire lives, and we may not necessarily succeed in the end.

Now, she is an opportunity for us, and well risk everything for it!”

Nanli Meng took the ball of light and said, “Thats your choice.”

She turned around and left.

Meanwhile, the calmness on the middle aged mans face gradually turned to excitement, then madness…

After they left the Immortal Estate, Yang Ye and Tian Xiu arrived at a mountain range.

At the peak of a mountain, and inside the Primordial Pagoda, Tian Xiu sat cross-legged with her eyes closed while faint dark light surrounded her.

Meanwhile, Snowy was greedily absorbing the white dragons spirit energy, and the white dragon seemed like life was over for it.

It had made an agreement with Snowy that allowed Snowy to absorb a little every day.

Yang Ye was quite curious about this because Snowys desire for spirit energy was much stronger than before.

But Yang Ye and the others werent aware that even someone seemingly invincible like Tian Xiu had gradually turned solemn when she noticed that the speck of dark purple in Snowys eyes was growing.

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