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1135 Shocking Change (2)

In just a few seconds, pairs of eyes that were emitting light slowly appeared around the dark forest.

More and more pairs of eyes appeared.

Rong Xin was a bit shocked when he saw them.

When exactly did they get close Why didnt he feel anything at all

Yun Feng stood up and glanced at the creatures around with her black eyes.

“It seems that were surrounded by a group of grade-6 King Level Magic Beasts.”

Rong Xin immediately became serious.

A group of grade-6 King Level Magic Beasts! It seemed that there should be no less than ten of them… If ten grade-6 King Level Magic Beasts attacked at the same time… Rong Xin couldnt help but frown.

He only heard Yun Feng chuckle.

“Very good.

It seems that were going to have a great harvest this time.”

Rong Xin couldnt help but smile wryly.

His little sister thought it was a great harvest.

Why did he think it would be trouble

“Let me out! Theyre just some grade-6 King Level beasts.

They should be scared to death by my roar!” Er Lei roared in the Dragon Palace.

Qu Lanyi, who had his eyes closed, couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

Little Fire and Lan Yi both burst into laughter.

“Master, if he wants to come out so badly, just let him come out.”

Er Lei was an Emperor Level Magic Beast.

If it could suppress these Magic Beasts without doing anything, it would certainly save her trouble.

It was good to let Er Lei out.

Yun Feng released Er Lei from the Dragon Palace and a pressure of the Emperor Level immediately spread.

However, to Yun Fengs shock, she only heard sounds of running next to her.

Instantly, the dozen or so Magic Beasts that surrounded her just then were all gone!

Yun Feng immediately stuffed Er Lei, who had just appeared, back into the Dragon Palace again.

Er Lei roared in dissatisfaction, “What are you doing I only need one moment…”

“Stay right there!” Yun Feng whispered fiercely.

Looking around at the silence, she found no sign of Magic Beasts and couldnt help but feel a headache.

The points, dozens of points, had all been scared away! Little Fire and Lan Yi couldnt help but feel stunned.

What was going on They were all scared away!

“Junior Sister, why did they all run away” Rong Xin couldnt help but feel stunned when he saw the dozen pairs of glittering eyes disappear in an instant.

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and didnt know what to say.

Er Lei was confused in the Dragon Palace.

“Whats going on Theyve all run away before I show my strength…”

Qu Lanyi suddenly opened his eyes, and blood red color flashed through them.

“Shut up!”

Er Lei suddenly raised his head.

When he saw those blood-red eyes, he immediately fell silent.

His body retreated far away with a whoosh.

He turned around angrily and cursed in his mind.

“Damn it, how did I meet such a guy Damn it, why should I be afraid of him Damn it…”

boxn ovel.


They were supposed to get dozens of points in one night, but the Magic Beasts were all frightened by Er Lei and ran away.

The night passed just like that.

Yun Feng and Rong Xin, who didnt get anything, were ready to set off again.

Little Fire and Lan Yi moved deeper quickly.

Yun Feng glanced around keenly with her black eyes.

Where exactly did these Magic Beasts hide during the day

It wasnt that there werent any Magic Beasts in the Innocent Forest, but that it wasnt time for the Magic Beasts to move during the day.

Yun Feng quickly thought of a countermeasure.

This was good.

She could use the day to find herbs and the night to hunt Magic Beasts.

After the experience on the first night, she believed that all the young people from the three school should know something.

Naturally, the formation of each team had been adjusted.

Everyones goal during the day was to find herbs, while at night, it was time to hunt the Magic Beasts.

“Junior Sister, theres sound ahead.” Rong Xin was hanging in midair and seemed to have heard movement ahead.

Yun Feng immediately asked Little Fire and Lan Yi to stop and put the two contracted Magic Beasts into her ring.

Yun Feng and Rong Xin started moving on their feet, approaching forward carefully and quickly.

“Star Cloud, do you have any shame We discovered this Shadowless Flower first! Do you know the principle of first come, first served” Two disciples of Huafeng stood there, while three disciples of Star Cloud stood opposite them.

They were unfamiliar to Yun Feng.

“I dont care who discovered it first.

Whoever sees it gets a share!”

“Theres only one Shadowless Flower.

How dare you say that everyone who sees it gets a share”

“Then we cant reach an agreement.

Lets see whos capable enough to get it!”

The three of them immediately attacked.

Huafeng certainly didnt want to be outdone either.

The few of them immediately started fighting.

Even though Huafeng didnt have an advantage in a two-on-three battle, they certainly werent easy to bully.

Yun Feng and Rong Xin hid in the bushes nearby.

After watching for a while, Rong Xin said in a low voice, “Junior Sister, arent you going to help”

“Which side should we help”

“Of course, Huafeng.

I certainly dont like Star Cloud.

Even though Huafeng is also despicable, its better than Star Cloud.

If Star Cloud gets the Shadowless Flower, wouldnt it be a huge profit for them”

Yun Feng chuckled.

“Rong Xin, if we were fighting with Star Cloud and the people hiding here were from Huafeng, do you think they would help us”

“Well…” Rong Xin couldnt help but scratch his hair.

“Of course not…”

“Thats right.

Once you have a conflicting interest with someone else and youre pursuing the same thing, there will certainly be contradictions.

Its very normal for them to fight for it.

Since its a battle between them, why should we get involved Besides, were in a contest.”

“Then what should we do” asked Rong Xin dumbfoundedly.

Yun Fengs red lips curled up slightly.

“Naturally, the third party will benefit from the conflict.

What we need to do is to be the fisherman.”

The battle didnt last long.

Both parties planned to finish off the other party in a short time.

Star Cloud was certainly confident because they had one more person on their side.

However, Huafengs side certainly wasnt easy to bully.

After fighting for a long time, Star Cloud couldnt help but feel anxious.

The three of them attacked quickly.

The two people on Huafengs side didnt want to continue fighting.

Both parties planned to end it with one strike.

It was obvious that both parties suffered a lot of damage.

After enduring the attack from the other party, the three members of Star Cloud and the two members of Huafeng all knelt on the ground in a sorry state and looked at the other party while panting.

They had consumed a lot of strength, but they were still on par.

They were indeed a bit angry.

“Alright, Rong Xin, its your turn.” Seeing that it was almost time to end the battle, Yun Feng immediately said.

She stood up and didnt hide anymore.

Rong Xin immediately nodded and flipped his wrist quickly.

“Earth Wall!” The furious shout immediately shocked the people on both sides of Star Cloud and Huafeng.

“What Theres someone else!”


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