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Feng Fa snapped awake immediately upon sensing it.

He looked at the source and saw greed appeared in the eyes of his Fox King.


Coughing hard, Feng Fa suppressed his pounding heart and broke the silence.

He said in a deep voice, “By the way, my King, I forgot to tell you something.

Overlord Kong is now in the Space Crushing realm, and hes a two-tribulation Overlord!”

“Overlord, is it I know… what Hes an Overlord”

Feng Xian suddenly came to his senses.

His pupils constricted as he shifted his gaze to Su Jingxing and said in shock, “Feng Fa, you….you said that Brother Kong is now in the Space Crushing realm, hes a… two-tribulation Overlord”


Feng Fa relaxed slightly and replied calmly, “Overlord Kong had an opportunity in the Kuntian World and successfully transcended the void lightning tribulation to advance to the Space Crushing realm! Moreover, he stepped into two-tribulation in one go!”

“That… thats great.”

Feng Xian smiled stiffly and said, “Good, thats great.

O-Overlord Kong, no wonder you addressed Brother Kong as Overlord.

I was out of my mind just now and didnt hear you clearly.”

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Im really sorry.”

As Feng Xian spoke, he stood up and apologized to Su Jingxing.

“Please forgive me, Overlord Kong.

I didnt hear him clearly previously and didnt congratulate you immediately.

I feel really embarrassed.”

“Its fine.” Su Jingxing smiled and raised his hand.

He put away the Azure Dragon Treasure Box and said calmly, “Theres no need for that, Fox King.

Nothing else is important.

I just want to know, are you willing to cooperate with me After entering the Azure Dragon World, together with the First Chief”

“Yes, of course!”

Feng Xians expression turned serious as he said in a clear voice, “Dont worry, Overlord Kong.

Putting aside the fact that we are allies to begin with, just based on our previous friendship, we should be on the same side.”

“Why didnt you just make things clear from the start” Feng Xian looked at Feng Fa and complained.

“Im sorry, I was careless.” Feng Fa smiled apologetically.

In fact, Su Jingxing had never told him before what this was about.

Earlier, Feng Xian had wanted to seize the box.

Everyone present knew that but no one mentioned it.

Feng Fa didnt dare, and the same went for Feng Xian, on top of feeling wary.

A two-tribulation Overlord!

Feng Xian did not doubt Feng Fas words.

He was indeed a little dizzy just now and almost fell for it.

It was indeed shocking to learn that the Azure Dragon Treasure Box was in Su Jingxings hands.

His greed was completely instinctive.

However, if they became enemies with Su Jingxing over the Azure Dragon Treasure Box, then the Heart Moon Foxes would be in for a disaster.

Even First Chief Nian Geer might not be a match for a two-tribulation Overlord.

Only those who had experienced the might of the Space Crushing realm would know what kind of power it was.

Although Feng Xian had never seen it before, he had heard of it.

The Heart Moon Fox King of the two generations before was even fortunate enough to have seen it.

It also passed down the rules that the Heart Moon Foxes were not to provoke any spiritual martial artist.

For this reason, the Heart Moon Foxes were very friendly to spiritual martial artists.

Previously, Feng Xian even wanted to recruit Su Jingxing as a son-in-law of the Heart Moon Foxes.

Fortunately, Feng Fa provided a timely reminder.

Otherwise, he would be a sinner of the Heart Moon Foxes.

At this thought, Feng Xian felt a chill run down his spine.

Deep down, Feng Xian was filled with regret.

Although no one had exposed him, the juncture when Feng Xian had almost acted had still left a crack in their relationship.

It would be very, very difficult to repair this crack.

Feng Xian regretted it inwardly and sighed helplessly, but there was nothing he could do.

He could only wait for Su Jingxing to follow Feng Fa to get some rest before he went to Nian Geer to ask for her forgiveness.

“Are you sure hes holding the Azure Dragon Treasure Box” Nian Geers cold voice sounded in the secret chamber.

“Yes, definitely,” said Feng Xian in a low voice.

“Theres no mistaking the Azure Dragon Treasure Box.

Theres no point for him to make a counterfeit either.

How will he find the entrance to the Azure Dragon World with a fake Azure Dragon Treasure Box”

“Got it,” Nian Geer replied coolly.

“I know what to do about the collaboration.”

“…Um, if you enter the Azure Dragon World and see any treasure, youd better help him once, no, thrice!” Feng Xian pondered and instructed.

“Sure,” Nian Geer said calmly.

“If theres nothing else, go out and contact the Tuohai Family.

They can contact the Spirit race now.”

“…Alright.” Feng Xian opened his mouth but said nothing else.

He turned around and left the secret chamber.

There were a total of four Azure Dragon Treasure Boxes.

Originally, the Tuohai Family had hidden two of them.

However, due to Tuohai Tayuns ignorance, they lost one and this one was taken by the Heart Moon Foxes.

Of the remaining two, one was in the hands of the Spirit race and the one, Su Jingxing.

Only with all four treasure boxes gathered, could one find the entrance to the Azure Dragon World.

The person with the highest realm in the Tuohai Family was the Tuohai Kuanfu, a Venerable of Meditation.

For the Heart Moon Foxes, it was Nian Geer, a sixth-realm Devil King.

Su Jingxing, a two-tribulation Overlord, could suppress them.

However, the Azure Dragon Treasure Boxes with the Spirit race were in the hands of the Spirit Emperor.

The Spirit Emperor was an expert at the level of a seventh-realm Devil Emperor, or the Seeking realm of divine martial arts.

If Su Jingxing was a three-tribulation Overlord, he wouldnt have to fear him.

However, he was only a two-tribulation Overlord, so a negotiation had to be done.

Entering the Azure Dragon World would be different from the last time he challenged the Glazed Illusory Sea.

The latter mainly required them to guard against the Tuohai Family.

The former not only included the Tuohai Family, but also the Spirit race!

Although the Spirit race and the human race had always been friendly and had a good relationship,

in front of a treasure, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldnt have other thoughts.

Feng Xian, the Heart Moon Fox King, had become greedy and wanted to seize the Azure Dragon Treasure Box.

Not to mention the Spirit race that Su Jingxing didnt know.

The leader of the Spirit race of the Kuntian World, Lei Zhen, could only represent the Spirit race of the Kuntian World and not other worlds.

Not to mention that the leader of the Spirit race who held the Azure Dragon Treasure Boxes was a Spirit Emperor!

It was because of the Spirit Emperor that Su Jingxing had traveled through the various star fields and followed Feng Fa back to the Seven Luminaries Planet to form an alliance with the Heart Moon Foxes.

Though, if the Spirit Emperor really were to make a move, they might not be able to resist him even if they joined forces.

However, there must be a reason why the Tuohai Family was not afraid.

The Spirit Emperor might not personally head to the Azure Dragon World too.

It could only be said that he had to consider all kinds of factors so that he would not be helpless and have no choice but to escape when problems arise.

In short, Su Jingxing was fully prepared.

The Heart Moon Foxes contacted the Tuohai Family, and the Tuohai Family contacted the Spirit race.

After all three parties gave confirmation, Su Jingxing boarded another spaceship with Nian Geer and set off for the three parties…

No, Su Jingxing was one party alone.

He headed to the meeting point for the four parties.

A planet whose surface was covered in yellow sand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Grains of sand danced in the air.

The Heart Moon Foxes spaceship broke through the astral winds of the nine heavens and slowly descended.

While still in midair, they received a message.

The spaceship turned around and headed for an area of sand dunes with a stretch of hills.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After the spaceship stopped, Su Jingxing and Nian Geer soared into the air and stood still.

They looked at the two hills on the right.

There was a starship parked on one of them.

There was a person sitting cross-legged in the air above.

It was the strongest expert of the Tuohai Family, Tuohai Kuanfu, who was in the Meditation realm.

On the other hill, there was also a strange-looking spaceship.

On the deck stood a few men and women of the Spirit race.

One of the females had the most outstanding aura.

A sixth-realm Spirit King

Su Jingxing was surprised.

The leader of the team from the Spirit race is not a seventh-realm Spirit Emperor, but a sixth-realm Spirit King

Ive guessed correctly

Is there really something wrong with the Spirit Emperor

“You guys are late.”

As Su Jingxing pondered, Tuohai Kuanfus voice sounded in the air.

“Weve been waiting here for three days.”

“Its fine.”

Before Nian Geer could speak, the female from the Spirit race smiled and said, “It must have been because they were delayed by something on the way.

Anyway, since theyre here, its fine.

Nian Geer, long time no see.”

She waved at Nian Geer.

Nian Geer was expressionless as she said coldly, “Cut the crap.”


With a wave of her palm, an Azure Dragon Treasure Box appeared out of thin air.

It spun and emitted light.

Nian Geer raised her hand and the Azure Dragon Treasure Box flew into the air, lingering in the center of the four parties.

Seeing this, Su Jingxing took out his Azure Dragon Treasure Box and put it together with Nian Geers.

“Aiya, dont be in such a hurry.”

The female from the Spirit race laughed coquettishly and clapped her hands.

Then, she suddenly opened them and released the Azure Dragon Treasure Boxes that she had stored.

They flew into the air.


Tuohai Kuanfu saw this and sneered coldly.

Without waiting, he also released an Azure Dragon Treasure Box.

Immediately, the four treasure boxes were finally gathered in midair again after countless years…


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