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Allan took Gon and Hanzo along to attend the Banquet that was hosted by Netero.

Hancock naturally followed along as she was Allans fiancée and could go wherever she wanted.

However, apart from Allan, Hanzo, and Gon, no other new hunter was present.

Chrollo, Hisoka, and Illumi left early.

Kurapuka went looking for a way to call Leorio and Illumi took Killua with him when he left.

So only three out of eight new hunters are participating in this Banquet.

However, they were the center of attention because they looked young, especially Gon.

Hanzo and Allan were adults, but Gon looked like a kid.

For three youngsters to pass the harsh Hunter exam showed their potential.

However, they were arrogant and didnt bother even getting closer to Allan and the others, while Allan took Gon and ignored them.

He only attended this Banquet to give face to Netero.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come.

Many people were present, even the twelve Zodiacs that were present in the Exam, along with the examiners.

However, Pariston wasnt amongst them this time.

Many hunters wondered about the reason Netero held this Banquet.

Only a few of the people present knew the real reason for this Banquet and the real situation inside the Association.

After the Banquet started, Netero came out and arranged for Allan and the others to sit beside him with the examiners from the last Exam.

Satotz, Menshi, Buhara, and the others, along with Mizaistom, Kanzai, Cheadle, and the others.

Halfway through the Banquet, the reason for this Banquet was revealed.

This Banquet was held because there was no fresh blood in the Association in the last few years.

Various Hunters were disappearing in strange accidents every year, and no new recruits took their place.

Although the Test was there to recruit new people, it was a harsh exam that only a few could pass.

There are even a few years where no one could pass the Test with a 100% failure rate.

This led people to question the Hunter association.

Netero was criticized many times by many high ranked people because the Test was getting harder each year, and due to this, he was being pressured into stepping down as the Chairman.

But this years Exam was different.

Finally, eight new hunters passed the Exam.

This allowed Netero to secure his position as the Chairman of the Hunter Association.

Many hoped that the new recruits could bring prosperity to the Hunter Association, and this was the main reason Netero held this Banquet.

Because he saw the future of the Association in the new recruits.

After all, Netero seemed to exaggerate when he said that the future of the Association is with those new recruits.

Seeing that Allan, Hanzo, and Gon were so young made them frown.

Since they were young, it wasnt wrong to doubt their strength.

Therefore, everyone here raised their doubt without hesitation.

Suddenly, a man smoking a cigar stood up and said: “What bull** is this about the 287th Exam having the future of the Association.

I question the Examiners who made the Exam so easy that eight passed it, even a kid did.”

As soon this was said, an uproar broke into the hall because this guy didnt just almost insult the Examiners, but Netero himself.

Because, in the last Exam, Netero was the one who checked the integrity and difficulty of the tests.

In other words, Netero made the Exam easy.

Thats why so many people passed.

Many were discussing amongst each other now.

“Damn, why is that guy talking nonsense” Hanzo gritted his teeth angrily: “How dare he question us Who is he to question us”

“Allan, what do you think” Gon asked calmly.

Allan didnt say anything and just gazed at the man who spoke.

This man had a big beard and was crossing his leg smugly.

Obviously, he was proud of his questions.

By his side, many hunters were already raising the same questions.

After a while, Allan looked at Cheadle and asked: “Cheadle-san, who is that”

Cheadle answered: “His name is Adolf.

He is a one-star bounty hunter and often questions other.

He belongs to the Vice-Chairmans faction and very close to him.”

“So, does Cheadle-san suspects that Pariston is behind this”

Cheadle nodded: “Well! Yes, I think Adolf is doing this to question Chairmans power, which Pariston would benefit from.”

“What is his purpose”

Cheadle made a guess: “Although the president is the highest person in charge of the Association, Pariston has many supporters.

Therefore, with Chairmans decline in power and reputation throughout the Association, Pariston can compete and get the position of Chairman.”

Allan frowned.

If what she said is true, then it means that this Pariston is smarter than he was originally.

While Allan and Cheadle were still talking, Menshi suddenly slapped the table and angrily: “Adolf, you are saying that we made the Test easy Do you have any evidence If not, then close your mouth and obediently sit down.”

As soon as she said this, the audience was silenced.

Many people looked at Menshi with fear.

Although she was young, she was strong and temperamental, so most people didnt want to offend her.

Menchi was one of the Examiners.

She was a food hunter, so her Test naturally tested them on food, but it wasnt an easy test, and she didnt allow people to pass if they werent the ones who made the dish.

Thats why she was angry and shouted at Adolf.

Adolf glanced at Menshi and sneered: “Hehehe, “so it turns out you are amongst the examiners.

No wonder so many people passed.

I really dont understand why Chairman Netero would appoint someone like you as an Examiner.”

“Did you just say someone like you Did you say that”


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