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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 107: Armament Haki Part 1

Adolf rushed toward Allan, who stood still, which confused many onlookers.

‘Is this guy so afraid that he couldn’t move’

Many had the same thought, and only a few people who witnessed Allan’s power were calm.

Adolf threw a fast punch toward Allan, who didn’t move until the last second and avoided it in the end.

Adolf’s confident face changed to surprise, not because Allan avoided his punch, but because he did it effortlessly.

He continued attacking relentlessly, and Allan avoided each punch the same way, leaving an afterimage behind due to his speed.

Allan’s observation Haki read all of Adolf’s movements easily, which made avoiding his punches simple.

Adolf was getting frustrated as he couldn’t even land a hit on Allan.

The more he fought, the angrier he got.

Suddenly, Nen erupted from Adolf’s body.

“An Enhancer”

Allan squinted as he remembered the last Enhancer he faced, Uvogin.

From the Nen he released, he wasn’t weaker than Uvogin.

Allan knew that a Professional Hunter is just a general term, and each hunter has a specialty, like Bounty hunter, relic hunter, food hunter, and so on.

Among them, the bounty hunters and crime hunters were prominent, and that’s because there were many criminals in the world that needs strength to deal with.

When Adolf released his Nen, Allan could tell that his speed and strength increased greatly.

Enhancers can increase their power and speed with Nen, so their fighting style is crude and simple, and their strongest weapon is their fist.

They can easily smash rocks and lift tons.

That’s why Enhancers were most suited for close combat.

Adolf took advantage of this and attacked Allan with all his might.

The Hunters moved to one side as they watched the fight with interest.

Among them is Netero, who watched the fight with interest instead of stopping them.

The other hunters were also looking at the fight with interest.

Because of the doubts raised by Adolf, many of the onlookers were doubting Allan’s power.

At this moment, Allan’s performance is directly related to whether Netero’s claims are right about the 287th exam passers or not.

While Adolf was attacking Allan, the latter’s performance already proven them wrong.

As a new Hunter, Allan can face Adolf, who was going all out, and this certainly can prove that Allan was as strong as an experienced Hunter.

Adolf was amongst the top fifty in the hunter association, and now, a new comer was able to hold his ground against him.

There is no need for doubt anymore.

Now, even if Allan admits defeat, the others won’t question him.

But Allan had no intention of admitting defeat.

Only a few people could tell who was stronger currently.

At this moment, Adolf seemed to push Allan back, but Adolf couldn’t even land a hit.

His fierce attack missed the target, no, it’s not that it failed, but Allan avoided all of it.

‘Why can’t I hit him!!’

Adolf was confused, while the onlookers were surprised.

They could tell that Adolf’s speed was enough to hit Allan, but Allan could avoid his attacks.

Even members of the twelve Zodiacs were surprised.

They have seen Allan’s match against Hanzo, and the former was currently using the same strategy.

No matter how much Adolf attacked, he never managed to touch Allan.

“Did that Allan see through all of Adolf’s attacks” Pyon the Rabbit Zodiac exclaimed.

Ginta, also one of the twelve Zodiacs, replied: “Yes, Allan has seen through all of Adolf’s attacks.

No, Adolf fell into Allan’s rhythm from the start, which allowed Allan to play with him.

As a result, his attacks became more and more urgent as he wanted to end the fight quickly.”

“In other words, Allan’s true power is much higher than Adolf’s” Pyon was a little surprised as she asked Ginta, who replied: “I think so.”

“Unbelievable.” Pyon looked at Allan in surprise: “So, isn’t he strong enough to challenge us

Ginta, can you defeat him”

Ginta shook his head: “I don’t know if I can beat him.”

“But, you’re strong,” Pyon said with a hand on her chin.

Ginta scratched his head and said: “Allan didn’t just see through Adolf’s attacks.

He also perfectly dodged each one, which means he is faster.

If I were fighting Adolf, I wouldn’t be able to do the same feat.

Therefore, Allan is faster than I’m.”

Pyon looked at Ginta before sighing: “Yes, your body is too big and heavy.

You can’t move that fast.

Well, I think you would have the advantage when it comes to strength.”

Mizaistom interjected: “If you can’t land a hit, no matter how strong you are, it will be useless.”

Hearing this, Ginta smiled awkwardly as what Mizaistom said was true.

Even if your strength is superior, you won’t win if you can’t land a hit.

The current situation with Adolf was the best example.

Even though Adolf was an enhancer who should be stronger than Allan, he couldn’t land a single hit on Allan.

Adolf was frustrated as he shouted in anger: “Damn it! Don’t hide like a mouse, you coward.”

“Okay.” Allan also thought it was almost time to end this.


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