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Chapter 108: Netero’s Invitation Part 1

Allan just smiled at Menshi and didn’t take her words seriously.

Entering the Twelve Zodiacs isn’t an easy thing, and even though Allan is a super newcomer and has the qualification to be a member, he knew that his achievement wasn’t enough for that.

And defeating a one-star bounty hunter wasn’t something to be proud of.

Even if Netero is optimistic about his future, he can’t just become a Twelve Zodiacs member.

After all, each member had a certain qualification that he should meet.

Furthermore, Allan never thought of becoming a member of the Twelve Zodiacs.

Becoming a Professional Hunter was enough.

“Allan, the Chairman is looking for you.” At this time, Cheadle came over and said.

“Looking for me” Allan scratched the back of his head and asked: “Why is he looking for me Is it because I injured Adolf-Senpai”

“You’re overthinking it.” Cheadle assured: “Even if someone wanted to settle the score with you, it wouldn’t be the Chairman.”

Allan knew this, as the one who would deal with him is Pariston.

When it comes to scheming, Pariston was a master.

As for his power, it should be alright since he could become the Vice-chairman.

Allan then asked: “Why is the Chairman looking for me then”

“I don’t know.

However, based on what I know, it seems like he is itching for a fight.” Cheadle guessed.

“Itching for a fight”

“Yeah, simply put, the Chairman wants to fight you,” Cheadle explained.

Allan froze: “Fight”

“Probably because he saw your battle and decided to spar with you.”

As a member of the Twelve Zodiacs, Cheadle knew Netero very well.

‘is this a joke!’ Allan exclaimed in his mind.

‘So Chairman Netero wants to fight me!’ Allan murmured.

But thinking carefully about it, Allan knew that Cheadle’s guess was spot on.

After all, he knew Netero was a battle maniac.

He liked the challenge, and even though he seems like an idiot at times, he spends his entire life pursuing martial arts and always welcomed a challenge.

However, because he was too strong, he didn’t have anyone to challenge him anymore.

Although his strength declined due to his age, he was still the strongest known figure in the world.

And now, such a monster wants to fight him.

Allan first thought about slipping away as he didn’t want to fight against a monster like Netero, but his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva is the strongest known Nen ability in the world so far.

His attacks were so fast the Meruem could only get slapped by it.

Such a speed would render his Observation Haki useless.

And the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva power wasn’t something the current him could defend against.

He didn’t even know if the Elementalization of his Devil Fruit would work or not.

All in all, Allan didn’t want to fight Netero.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Promise Cheadle to meet Netero in the Association.

Reward: Senzu Bean.]

[2: Slip away and ditch Netero.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points]

‘Senzu Bean!’

Allan’s eyes lit up.

The last time he got a Senzu bean, he had to give it to Gon.

Allan decisively chose the first option and decided to go see Netero.

[Ding! You have obtained a Senzu Bean.

The reward has been stored in the Inventory.]

Allan directly took a look at it.

He bid farewell to Gon and Hanzo before he took Hancock along and then followed Cheadle to the Association.

Cheadle was a little envious of the seemingly close relationship between Allan and Hancock.

Suddenly, Allan stopped ahead of him, and someone blocked the road.

He was a tall person with a cigar in his mouth.

It was Adolf who came looking for Allan for revenge against the previous humiliation.

“Adolf, we need to go,” Cheadle said in displeasure.

She was a member of Netero’s Faction, while Adolf was someone under Pariston, so she wasn’t polite at all when talking to him.

Allan smiled disdainfully and said: “Is there something you need”

“You…” Adolf looking at Allan gloomily and gritted his teeth: “The duel at the Banquet was my carelessness.

Let’s fight again, and this time, you won’t be able to sneak attack me again.”

“Sneak attack”

Allan’s smile receded as he said: “Do you really think that you lost because I sneak attacked you”

“Yes.” Adolf nodded.

“So you want to fight me again now”

“Yes.” Adolf grinned coldly: “If you don’t want to fight, then you won’t leave this place.”

“Excuse me, I’m going to see Chairman Netero, and I don’t have time to fight with you.” Allan waved his hand and didn’t pay attention to Adolf.

However, as soon as he finished his words, the System intervened.

[Ding! Make a choice.]

[1: Beat Adolf down.

Reward: Increase Nen by 1,000 Points]

[2: Mock Adolf and crush him completely with your strength.

Reward: Marine’s Six Powers-Soru.]

A thousand points were too little, which made Allan take the second option.

Looking at Adolf, Allan shrugged and said: “Since you want to be beaten so much, then I will reluctantly fight you.

This time, I will fight head-on.

We will use our fists to determine the winner.”

Adolf sneered at Allan’s proposal.

“Do you want to you directly attacks Don’t regret it later.

Don’t you know my Title”

Allan shook his head, and Adolf directly announced proudly: “It’s Adolf the Iron Fist.”

Allan puckered his ear and said: “Well, let’s see whose fist is stronger.”

Suddenly, Adolf unleashed his Nen before strengthening his fists.

“Come on!” Adolf punched with all his power, while Allan didn’t release his Nen from the start.

He raised his fist and greeted him with Armament Haki covering them.

As soon as the fists collided, a small shockwave spread.

Since Adolf was an Enhancer, his fist was indeed hard after he used Nen to strengthen them.

“See, My Iron Fist isn’t weaker than your black fist.”

“Black fist”

Allan was speechless as his Armament Haki was described as a black fist.

(T/L: In Chinese, Black hand means someone who is unlucky.)

Ignorance was terrifying.

“I didn’t use my full power yet,” Allan said.

“Really Then come on, I, Adolf of the Iron Fist, won’t lose to a newcomer.”

As soon as Adolf’s voice fell, Allan has already raised his hand clenched his fist hard.

Busoshoku: Koka (Armament Type: Hardening!)

Adolf’s face was full of disbelief as his face was smashed.

He flew away and hit the ground.


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