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For him, sparring with Gon will help him gain experience.

But the point of all of this is to make Gon admit defeat or else the challenges wont end.

Gon quickly rushed forward and raised his fist toward Allans face.

Allan didnt underestimate that punch.

After all, Gon learned Nen, and that seemingly normal punch can kill an ordinary man easily.

Gon was already able to destroy rocks with his bare hands, which is more than enough for Allan to not underestimate him.

Allan wrapped his hand in Nen and stretched it out to catch Gons fist.

As soon as Gons fist touched Allans hand, he immediately changed his tactics and lashed out with a high kick.

Allan quickly moved his head back as he felt the kick almost touch his chin.

Gons high kick failed, but he didnt give up.

Instead, he launched himself up and dropped his leg with an axe kick toward Allans chest.

Allan quickly grabbed Gons right ankle with one hand, then stepped back and grabbed Gons left ankle with his other hand.

With most of his strength, Allan pulled Gons legs and directly tossed him far away.

Gon flew away with great speed, and landing on his feet was difficult.

Fortunately, Gons instinct kicked in as he pushed his hands on the ground and backflipped, and finally, he landed on his feet far away.

Gon left behind two small hand imprints on the ground from the power of his last push showing how strong Allans toss was.


Allan was a little surprised by Gons reaction speed and thinking.

Gon gasped for breath before calming down and once again rushed toward Allan.

Once again, Allan blocked each of Gons attacks before kicking him away.

Gon supported himself as he slowly rose from the ground after being kicked, and despite knowing he didnt stand a chance, his expression showed reluctance.

Allan knew that if he continues like this, Gon would just keep on standing with great perseverance.

He rolled his eyes and deliberately said: “Should I let you rest”

Gon shook his head and said seriously: “Dont look down on me.”

Allan explained: “Im not looking down on you.

You should understand your own power better than I do.

You dont stand a chance against me as you are now.”

“Im getting stronger.”

“What!” Gons words startled Allan greatly.

Gon explained: “If Im beaten by you once, I will become stronger, and if you beat me ten times, I will get even stronger.

As long as I keep fighting, one day, I will surpass you.”

Allan was stunned.

Can that really happen

Allan saw Gons serious expression and knew that he wasnt joking.

This guy thinks that he can beat him if he keeps fighting.

He thinks that he was the only one improving.

‘Well, it seems like I need to be the one wake him up to reality. Allan thought.

Besides, its enough training for today.

Allan looked at Gon and gestured for him to come at him: “Then, you can try again.”

Gon rushed immediately, the same move, without anything added other than power.

But there is another difference this time, Gons fist connected with Allans face without any resistance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gon comes to his senses after punching Allan ten times quickly.

The dull sound of his fist hitting Allan made him startled.

Seeing that Allan didnt avoid or attack him, Gon got slightly angry as he yelled: “Why arent you fighting back”

Allan sneered and said confidently: “Even if I stand still, you wont be able to beat me.”

“Thats not possible.”

Gon couldnt accept that.

“Then you can try again,” Allan said, full of confidence.

Gon consumed a lot of his power with the last punches, and only one third remained.

The reason why Allan didnt fight back was simple.

It was to make Gon frustrated and beat the over-confidence out of him.

Its clear that he wanted to beat Allan, but he still had a long way to go.

Gon hesitated for a while before once again threw a punch after another at Allan.

The Punches hit Allans chest with a dull sound, but it was clear that he cant damage him at all.

Gon felt Allans Aura block every attack without any difficulty, and after the tenth punch, Gon grew tired.

He finally sighed, scratched his head, and said: “I give up.”

Allan was waiting for this sentence and smiled: “Its not easy to make you give up Gon.”

Gon then asked: “Allan, did you do something when I was punching you”

Gon wondered as he knew that if Allan allowed each punch to land, he should have confidence that he wont be harmed.

He also knew that Allan did so to make him give up.

Allan said: “Of course.”

“Really” Gon was curious about what made his punches ineffective.

Allan directly explained: “Because I was using Ken, and you attacked me with Hatsu, which isnt enough to penetrate my defense.”

“Ken” Gon was taken aback: “What is Ken”

“That is one of the advanced Nen applications.

Its a combination between Ren and Ten.” Allan explained.

Ken is a primarily defensive technique where a Nen user maintains a state of Ren for a prolonged amount of time.

The amount of aura surrounding the users body during Ken is about 10 times higher than during Ten.

Ken allows a Nen user to guard against attacks from any direction, but the large amount of aura produced makes it tiring to maintain.

Gon heard this, and although he didnt understand it completely, he knew it was strong: “Sensei (teacher), I want to learn it.”

Gon asked without hesitation, and with Allans relationship with Gon, he couldnt refuse.

“Okay, if you can knock me down in half a years time, I will teach you the advanced application of Nen.

Its not just Ken, as there are other techniques as well.”

Gon happily agreed: “No problem, I will defeat you in half a year.”

Allan smiled and said: “Im doing this for your own benefits.

Its not suitable for you to learn the advanced techniques yet.

You should fully master the Nen of the flame completely.

Only when you do that can you start learning the advanced techniques.”

Gon nodded obediently.

Although he was young, he understood that Allan was doing this for his own good.

You dont learn to run before you can walk.

Its a step by step process.

Allan looked at Gon and wished that he can have the same persistence the latter had.

Allan didnt take as much as Gon to master the Nen of the flame mainly because he had the System, which transferred the knowledge directly into his mind.

It was equivalent to mastering everything theoretically, leaving him only to learn how to apply that theory afterward.

At this moment, the Systems voice invaded Allans thought process.

[Ding! You have defeated Gon.

Reward: Double your current Mental Power.]

In an instant, Allan squeezed his fist as he felt all the power he used before return to his body and then doubled.


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