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Chapter 108: Netero’s Invitation Part 2

Allan didn’t forget to taunt him now: “Is that all”

At this time, the System’s notification Echoed in Allan’s head.

[Ding! You successfully crushed and mocked Adolf.

Reward: Marine’s Six power-Soru.]

Soru was a speed movement technique that requires its user to step on the ground ten times in the blink of an eye.

The user would disappear suddenly and appear seemingly teleporting.

Allan didn’t feel the need to learn it, but having it was better than nothing.

Because skills were like money, you won’t have too much of them.

After walking for a few minutes, Allan and Cheadle reached the Association building and directly went toward Netero’s secret room.

“This is the Martial arts hall that the chairman use for mediation and Practice,” Cheadle explained.

Netero was already waiting inside the room wearing sportswear while meditating.

Allan squinted his eyes as he observed Netero’s body.

“Snake Princess, can you please go out of the room I have something to discuss with Allan.”

Hearing this, Hancock replied arrogantly: “Bald Old man, don’t order this Empress around.”

“Haha.” Netero smiled and said: “This old man is indeed bald.

After all, when people reach a certain age, their physical functions will decline.

This is a fact in the world that no creature can escape.

But I could live for at least a hundred years! At that time, you will also be an old woman.”

“Rude Old Man, this Empress’s beauty is eternal, and my body will never age,” Hancock said with slight anger.

“Hehehe, Yes, that eventually will happen.

After all, there is no beauty in this world that can withstand the passing of time.

If there is, I really want to see it.” Netero laughed.

“Well, Chairman, maybe you can see it,” Allan said.

Netero was already over a hundred years old, but Allan knew that with his current body and power, it wouldn’t be strange for him to live another hundred years.

However, Hancock didn’t know how horrifying Netero could be.

“Hancock, please go out first with Miss Cheadle, and wait for me.” Allan directly decided to comply with Netero.

Although Hancock was slightly upset, she obediently left the room with Cheadle.

“Hehehe, the Snake empress only listen to you.” Netero’s words were full of envy.

Allan smiled and said with triumph: “After all, I’m so attractive.

But I guess when the president was young, you must have attracted quite a few girls, right”

“Haha, it’s okay.

When I was young, there were indeed a few girls around me.” Netero Laughed.

Allan nodded.

He didn’t think that Netero was bragging at all.

After all, this guy was so powerful when he was young, and it’s normal for him to have a few girls around him.

“Speaking of which, where is Chairman’s wife” Allana asked suddenly.

“This old man is married!” Netero said.


“Huh!” Netero didn’t expect Allan to question him suddenly and was startled.

Allan then said: “I guess that you were married, and maybe you have a child somewhere.”

Netero’s expression changed slightly, and Allan picked the change, but he quickly regained his calm expression.

Netero coughed a couple of times with guild and said: “Allan, this old man is alone, how can I have a child”

“Haha, I just guessed, since Chairman said he was popular with the ladies when he was young.”

Allan remembered that Netero had a child named Beyond Netero.

After Netero died, Beyond jumped out and made a public appearance.

Moreover, he was quite ambitious, as he has always wanted to explore the dark continent.

Netero stared at Allan for some time, then smiled.

“Hahaha, when I was young, I had some romance for a while.

Maybe I have some child out there.”

Allan didn’t say anything as Netero was trying to hide his son.

“By the way, Chairman, why did you ask for me to come here It isn’t for a simple chat, right”

Netero smiled and turned serious: “I want to fight you.”

Allan was stunned for a moment.

He didn’t expect Netero to be straightforward.

“Don’t take me for an old man.

When I was young, I defeated many people, how about it Are you interested in a spar” Netero said.

Allan thought for a while and was about to answer, but suddenly the System gave him another choice.

[1: Have a fight with Netero.

Reward: Increase Nen by 10,000 Points.]

[2: Reject Netero.

Reward: Increase Nen by 5,000 Points.]

[3: Embrace your warrior soul and fight with everything you have against Netero, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, go all out.

Reward: The Eight Inner Gates (Hachimon Tonkou).]

‘The Eight Inner Gates’

Allan’s eyes lit up as he looked at this reward.

The Eight Inner Gates technique almost the strongest Technique in Naruto.

When Maito Gai used it, he could defeat all Kage and even Madara.

If Allan has this Technique, he could walk like he owns the place anywhere in the world.

Of course, this Technique has its risques.

The more gates you open, the greater the side effect on your body.

If the Eight gates were fully opened, the user would die in the end.

But that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

After thinking about it, Allan picked the last option.

He will fight Netero with everything he had without holding back even a bit.

Seeing Allan staying silent, Netero was slightly anxious: “What do you say, Allan Do you want to fight this old man If I enjoy the fight, I will even let you enter the Twelve Zodiacs.”

Allan didn’t care about Netero’s offer.

All he cared about was the eight inner gates technique.

He raised his head and said: “Chairman, as the strongest person in the world, it’s my honor to have a fight against you.

I can’t refuse such Honor.”

Netero squinted and smiled: “Hehe, it’s rare for a young man to be so humble.

It seems I didn’t judge you wrongly.”

“Then, come on, president.” Allan took off his black suit and flung it aside while assuming a fighting pose.

Netero also got serious and folded his hands together and said: “Then come, Allan.”


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