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Chapter 109: All out!


Allan flashed as if teleporting, and the next second he kicked Netero using Leaf Strong Whirlwind along with Armament Haki!

Netero’s eyes flashed as his palm moved slowly toward Allan.

But time seemed to stop as the palm moved while Allan is still in the air.

Suddenly, terrifying shockwaves spread out like a hurricane as the whole room trembled.

Netero was surprised by the black-colored kick and looked at Allan with curiosity.

Allan’s power exceeded his expectations.

Allan’s heart was beating like crazy after his strongest physical attack was blocked so easily by Netero.

‘What a crazy old man! He is too strong! Is he really in his hundreds’

“Again.” Netero laughed.

“Okay, here I come.” Allan nodded.

He knew well that Netero was letting him attack, so he didn’t shrink back and attacked.

Armament-type: Hardening!

Allan clenched his fist, and his arm instantly turned black.

Allan instantly unleashed the strongest punch he could master at Netero while the latter was grinning: “I knew I was right! You are so young and promising!”

Netero looked at Allan in appreciation as he lightly sent a palm strike toward Allan’s fist.

His palm glowed with a golden light that seemed strong enough to lighten up the world.

A golden palm met with a black fist!


The moment they collided, the black and the golden light intertwined as a great shockwave burst out.

After the fierce collision, Allan directly pulled back and retreated ten meters from Netero.

Allan looked at Netero seriously as he reached a certain conclusion, which was: ‘The damn old man is way stronger than I expected!!!”

Allan knew that if he competes with Netero using Nen, he would’ve lost already.

Thanks to his Armament Haki, he could at least challenge him slightly, even though Netero could end the fight anytime if he was serious.

At this moment, Netero suddenly asked: “Allan, Your fist is so strong because of that black energy coating them, right”

“It’s called Armament Haki.” Allan didn’t hide anything.

“It can freely cover any part of the body like Nen, and this can improve the offense and defense of the user.”

“So, it can be used like Nen, but it isn’t something produced by Nen, right”

“Yes, The Armament Haki isn’t produced by Nen, but the two are somewhat similar to each other.”

“Then, come again, I want to see which is better, this armament Haki, or Nen!” Netero exclaimed.

“Then, here I come, Chairman!”

Allan instantly flashed out and appeared in front of Netero with Armament Haki covering his fist!

Netero sent out a palm with Nen covering it and strengthening it.

The black fist and golden palm kept flashing out as they collided at a high-speed, causing an explosion from Time to Time that could be heard all over the Association’s building.

Allan was using Soru and Flash Steps at the same time, which resulted in extreme speed that left after images behind while Netero’s speed didn’t lose to the former.

The Black Fist and Golden Palm collided for the hundredth time, but neither of them was hit.

From Time to Time, A bodhisattva would block Allan’s attacks, but despite that, Allan didn’t cease his attacks.

His greatest advantage in this fight is his body, which should be more durable than Netero’s old aging body.

Of course, if Netero was serious, Allan would be on the floor almost as soon as the fight started.

Allan continued his attack, kicking and punching Netero with Armament Haki covering his limbs.

Suddenly, Allan sent a flying slash by kicking the air using Rankyaku.

The slash was black, unlike the usual blue because Allan used Haki Along with it increasing its power.

This attack should be enough to force Netero to use another get slightly serious.

Netero’s eyes flashed slightly as a golden bodhisattva’s arms suddenly appeared behind him and blocked the attack.

At this Time, Allan stood in the air using Moon Walk as if waiting for an opportunity, and almost as soon as the attack collided with Netero’s bodhisattva’s palm, Allan rushed down.

He sent another toward Netero’s back.

Feeling the attack from behind, Netero suddenly flashed out, and in the next moment, the Rankyaku slammed on the ground, creating a deep gash on the ground.

“Hooh~ That seems dangerous.”

Netero looked at the deep gully on the ground as if sighing in relief because he wasn’t hit.

Allan frowned slightly, as Netero’s reaction was quite fast.

Netero’s avoiding the Rankyaku didn’t mean he couldn’t stop the attack.

Allan wasn’t that naïve to think he could face Netero and defeat him.

However, the power needed to dodge an attack was far less than the one needed to block it.

From this, it is clear that Netero wasn’t a brainless fighter.

Allan started sending Rankyaku attacks all over the place, hoping to prevent Netero from dodging.

Sure enough, Netero’s eyes flashed as he clasped his hands together.

Immediately a faint golden light burst out from his palms, forming a curtain covering him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Rankyaku slashes continuously slammed into the curtain, which caused ripples as if the curtain was made of water, but nothing else happened, and the curtain remained strong.

As soon as Allan touched the ground, he once again fierce kicked the air, and this Time, another slash quickly formed out and moved toward Netero at a high-speed.

The slash assumed a bird shape as it moved toward Netero’s golden curtain.

“Break it!”

Allan’s figure flashed as he once again sent another slash with all of his power.

Inside the Curtain, Netero’s felt a slight pressure, but he didn’t move, and in the end, the golden light around him repelled Allan’s attack completely.

“Sure enough, it failed.” Seeing this, Allan sighed.

He used all of his power, but he still couldn’t break through Netero’s defense.

However, Allan stopped that train of thoughts.

After all, he was fighting the world’s strongest here.

Only a few people could even dream of matching him.

Even though he was old and his power declined, his Nen was as strong as ever.

“Your moves are quite interesting and powerful.

I was a little overwhelmed.” Netero said.

He wasn’t exaggerating, as he believed that Allan’s techniques were quite interesting, fierce, and held a lot of power.

And he could tell that none of his attacks used Nen.

It’s like another system of power independent of Nen.

This made him feel strange, and he couldn’t help asking Allan.

“Allan, can you tell me, what were those moves”

“Of course.” Allan smiled slightly as he wasn’t afraid that Netero could steal his moves.

“The Air Slash I used just now is from what is called Rankyaku, from the six powers.

There are six techniques, which are quite apparent from the name, and each one is different.

The movement technique I use is called Soru, which generates quite the speed.

The upgraded version of this technique is Moon Walk, which allows me to fly, and as for the other three techniques, I still didn’t learn them yet, so I can’t tell you about them.”

“Hehe, it’s okay.”

He admired Allan, who was unreserved about his abilities, and smiled slightly: “Aren’t you afraid that I will learn those techniques Or do you have something to counter them”

Allan shook his head and said: “If it was someone else, I would really worry, but if it’s you, Chairman, I won’t have to worry about that.

Because you are stronger than I’m, moreover, my techniques are suitable for me, I don’t think others can learn them.

Therefore, worrying about this wasn’t necessary.”

‘Hehehe, He’s really good!!’ Netero smiled and asked with Interest: “Then, do you have any other abilities Show me what you got.”

“Of course, I have.

If Chairman wants to see, then I must go all out.” Allan showed confidence on his face, which meant he had an ace up his sleeve.

“Come on then.

I will take it seriously.” Netero smiled.

“Here I come!”

In the next second, Cold air started filling the room as the mist formed out of nowhere.

Allan’s ace was the ability of his Devil Fruit.

The first thing he needs to do is turn the battlefield into a natural advantage.

Ice Field!

With Allan as the center, Ice spread all over the room, freezing the ground and the walls around very quickly.

The room turned into an Ice cube.

In three seconds, the room was completely frozen.

The ground, walls, ceiling, corners, and anything in between were sealed in Ice.

Allan looked at the freezer he created in satisfaction.

He now had the home Advantage (Battlefield advantage).

This is a battlefield specifically created to benefit and increase the power of his Ice Ice Fruit.

Allan wasn’t confident enough to defeat Netero, but he would try his best to do so.

At this moment, Netero is standing on the Ice looking at the Ice covered room, and his face showed a serious expression, finally.


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