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Chapter 110: 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva!

“Ah! This is terrifying indeed! You turned the entire room into a world of Ice” Netero looked at the room with slight seriousness.

He can feel the power in the Ice, and if an ordinary person was here, he would freeze in 10 minutes, enter a coma in 30 minutes, and turn into an ice sculpture in a day.

But Netero wasn’t an ordinary person.

Far from it, he was the strongest man in the world.

Netero frowned as he could feel the pressure this time, but he was excited as well.

“Now, this Old Man can be serious.”

The power Allan showed made him excited.

He started flexing his muscles as if he was warming up.

Netero is definitively a Martial Arts Idiot.

After stretching for a while, his body adapted to the new environment.

Allan stood still while maintaining some distance from Netero.

This is a fair showdown.

That’s why Allan didn’t attack when Netero was getting ready, or else he wouldn’t get the reward from the system.

“Okay, Allan, I’m warmed up.

You can attack me with everything you have.”

“Okay then, here I come, Chairman.”

Allan looked at the excited Netero for a second before he made his move.

Suddenly, Ice shot out of Allan’s hands directly toward Netero, who was surprised, and although he was prepared for the fight, he couldn’t react quickly to this attack.

In an instant, he was completely frozen inside a Ball.

The Ice ball was crystal clear, and Netero’s figure inside it was clear.

At this time, Netero’s Palm was already stretched as he prepared to counter the attack, but unfortunately, his physical condition wasn’t at its peak due to age, so his reflex was slightly weaker than usual.

The Power behind the Ice was terrifying as they froze Netero as soon as they touched him.

This move was used by Aokiji when he froze the Whitebeard.

The attack is called Ice Ball.

Whitebeard and Netero both had something in common.

They were both old monsters.

Therefore, this wasn’t enough to freeze Netero completely.

In the next second, cracks appeared in the Ice Ball from inside out before shattering completely.

“Ah, that’s really dangerous.

I froze and almost couldn’t get out,” Netero said after getting out of the Ice.

“You praise me, Chairman.” Allan didn’t have time to chat with Netero as he immediately launched another attack.


Two Tridents formed from Ice before they tore through the air toward Netero, who wasn’t caught by surprise this time as he brought his hand down.

This movement wasn’t aimed at the Tridents.

It wasn’t aimed at anything at all.

But suddenly, a giant golden palm fell down and blocked the tridents.

Allan didn’t stop an attack and directly spread his hands and shouted.

Ice Block: Ten Finger Bullets.

In an instant, Allan’s fingers turned into a machine gun as he shot Ice bullets out of them.

Although these bullets were the size of a thumb, their speed and power were astonishing.

Each bullet had enough power to penetrate rocks and severed limbs.

Netero didn’t block this time.

Instead, he started dodging the attacks with elegant moves.

“Hahaha, this is exciting, again!” While evading Allan’s bullets, Netero said happily.

Allan knew that he must go all out now.

“Then here I come again, Chairman.”

Ice Saber!

Allan opened his hand and a sword instantly formed in his hand.

“let’s try melee attacks.”

Soru, in the next instant, Allan appeared next to Netero and slashed at Netero.

Netero’s quickly sent a palm out and blocked the Ice sword, but a shiver coursed through his body as he touched it.

It seems the sword can send the coldness as well.

Armament-type: Hardening, Leaf Strong Whirlwind!

Taking advantage of Netero’s surprise, Allan directly attacked the former’s chest with a strong kick covered in Haki.

Suddenly, Netero’s eyes flashed as a giant golden hand flashed and blocked Allan’s kick.

Allan’s expression changed as he exclaimed: “What!”

He hurriedly used Flash Steps and pulled back without hesitation.

Just as he disappeared, a big golden hand fell down where he previously stood.

If that Palm hit him, he would’ve been flattened to the ground.

The floor broke as the Ice Covering it cracked.

Allan breathed in relief.

Netero finally used his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva!

If Allan didn’t have Observation Haki, that last attack would’ve connected, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to stay alive after that.

Allan’s complexion changed again as he perceived the slight fluctuation in Netero’s body, which was a unique way for him to use his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva!

Sure enough, in the next instant, a big golden hand moved toward him like a bulldozer.

It seemed slow, but it was the fastest thing Allan saw until now.

If he didn’t know it was coming, he wouldn’t have responded.

Ice Wall!

Suddenly, a huge, ten-meter-tall wall made of Ice rose in front of Allan.

“This is bad!”

Allan knew that the wall couldn’t hold in front of the giant Golden Palm and directly created two more walls.

The Golden Palm broke the first wall easily, then shattered the second wall, and was on to the third.

At this time, Allan concentrated most of his Armament Haki onto his hand as he clenched it into a fist.

As soon as the third wall broke, Allan used all of his power and punched the Golden Palm.

Lightning seemed to flash as the Fist and Palm collided.

After ten seconds, Allan retreated while breathing heavily while Netero seemed unfazed.

The 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was worthy of its fame, but Allan blocked one attack from it.

Still, Allan consumed too much energy in doing so, as he could tell that two-thirds of his stamina was gone blocking that attack.

If he continued to fight with such intensity, Allan knew that 30 minutes later, he will be completely exhausted.

Although Netero’s physical body deteriorated due to age, the exact opposite happened to his Nen.

The more time passes, the stronger Netero’s Nen became.

What surprised Allan greatly was Netero using 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva to fight him.

Because as far as he knows, 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was Netero’s strongest Nen Ability.

So Netero using it means that he regards Allan as a worthy opponent.

Faced with a serious Netero, Allan knew that he mustn’t spare any effort.

Ice Block: Ground Thorns!

Allan slapped his hands on the ground, and directly coldness filled the place.

Netero could feel the air around him getting colder and was on guard while looking at the ground.

His hunch was correct as Sharp spears suddenly emerged from the ground toward him.

He instantly retreated back, avoiding them.

But the spears didn’t stop as they emerged more and more, chasing after Netero, who avoided them all.

“This is dangerous.” Netero stopped moving, and an Ice Spear directly approached him.

In a few seconds, hundreds of spikes filled the room occupying most of it.

Netero realized that Allan wanted to corner him and defeat him in one move, so he no longer dodged.

Instead, he jumped and sent a palm strike at the ground.

Instantly, a huge golden hand emerged and struck the ground.


The Ice spikes on the ground were blasted away, and Ice crystals fell everywhere.

The entire room shook violently under the might of Netero’s Palm, and the Ice all around the room shook and shattered.

Allan’s pupil shrank at the power of the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

No, this should be the real power of 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva!

Allan created a huge Ice Wall in front of him to block the shockwave.

After the shockwave passed, Allan looked around the room and was amazed by the might that single palm strike had.


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