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Chapter 113: Eight Inner Gates Technique

Netero has lived for a long time, over a hundred years, and his interest in most things already diminished greatly.

There was only one thing that he was interested in right now: his pursuit of Martial Arts.

Although Allan didn’t satisfy him completely, it was a long time since he felt so excited about a battle.

The battle between the two lasted until dawn.

As soon as the first sunray pierced the sky, the battle came to an end.

The outcome of the battle wasn’t known to anyone except the two of them.

However, for the next few days, Netero had a cold, while Allan couldn’t move from his bed.

The blows by the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva caused enough damage to crack his bones and tear some of his muscles.

Through the Battle, Allan realized that his Devil Fruit couldn’t protect him and make him immune to Nen Attacks.

He needed to turn into his element on his own before he is hit, or else he would be hurt.

Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was a pure Nen ability, which made Allan’s elementalization ineffective.

After the Battle, Allan received his reward: The Eight Inner Gates.

The gates were as follow:

First Gate: The Gate of Opening!

Second Gate: The Gate of Healing!

The Third Gate: The Gate of Life!

The Fourth Gate: The Gate of Pain!

The Fifth Gate: The Gate of Limit!

The Sixth Gate: The Gate of View!

The Seventh Gate: The Gate of Wonder!

The Eighth Gate: The Gate of Death!

Opening each Gate would release great power.

Allan wasn’t a Ninja and didn’t have Chakra, but since the system adapts every technique to him, each Gate will release the energy contained in his Cells.

Therefore, Allan won’t be afraid of death if he trained really hard to get his body to its peak and opened the Eighth Gate.

The power inside his cells is different than chakra, so even if he exhausts it, he won’t die but will only be weakened.

A human’s body contained 30 trillion cells, and since Allan’s arrival to the Hunter x Hunter world, his body got stronger and stronger, and now, his body should have triple or quadruple that amount in his body.

Therefore, as long as he got stronger, opening the Eight Gates won’t pose any harm to him.

However, this didn’t mean that he can use it constantly, as it always puts a great burden on his body.

With his current strength, even without the Eight Gates, Allan could count the number of people that could harm him on both hands.

After resting for two days, Allan took Hancock out to try the power of Eight Inner Gates.

He went to a rocky valley and stood on top of a rock.

Not far from him, Hancock looked at him and asked: “Why did you bring this Empress here” Hancock asked.

“Just watch.”

As he said this, Allan clenched his fist and started concentrating on opening the First Gate.

Gate of Opening: Open!

Allan gave a low shout, and suddenly huge energy burst out of his body.

Looking at the steam of energy emerging from his body, Allan didn’t panic.

Instead, he was overjoyed.

This meant that he succeeded in opening the first Gate.

Although it was only the first Gate, Allan could feel that he became faster and stronger.

The first Gate is basically lifting the limit of the brain, making the body exert 100% of its power.

In a blink of an eye, Allan crossed ten meters without using any technique.

“So Fast!!”

Allan wasn’t surprised.

Allan couldn’t imagine his power if he opened the Eighth Gate.

Not far away, Hancock saw Allan’s speed and the energy released from his body and was surprised.

Allan decisively opened the second Gate.

“Gate of Healing: Open!”

Allan’s body released stronger energy, and the steam around him doubled.

The second Gate can lift the fatigue limit of the body and muscle, overloading the strength that the body can exert.

Sure enough, Allan’s speed doubled, and the fatigue caused by the first Gate’s opening disappeared.

Allan didn’t feel any pressure after opening the second Gate, so he decisively chooses to open the third Gate.

“Gate of Life: Open!”

After opening the third Gate, Allan’s body turned red, and a green light was emitted from his body along with the steam.

The third Gate was the last safe place in the Eight Inner Gate Technique.

From the fourth Gate onward, the body could be damaged.

Therefore, as long as he stays in the third Gate state, his body won’t be damaged.

Allan was a lunatic when comes to power, and even though he knew that he could damage his body if he went further, he still opened the fourth Gate.

“Gate of Pain: Open!”

After opening the fourth Gate, the power and speed are greatly enhanced, but the body will be damaged from using it.

Allan felt the pain in his body and gritted his teeth, but he was strong, and he wouldn’t relent because of a small injury.

Although he only opened the first four gates, his power increased several times over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Allan suddenly moved around the rocky valley so fast that he seemed a blur to Hancock.

He didn’t use anything, no Soru, no flash steps, no Nen.

All of this was pure speed granted to him when he opened the fourth Gate.

“This power is great if I opened all eight gates…”

Allan was amazed.

If he indeed opened the eighth Gate, then he wouldn’t be afraid of Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

The Eight Inner Gate Technique was a forbidden technique because it puts a great burden on the body and harms the user.

Allan could cope easily in his current state, but if he were to open the fifth Gate, the damage and pain he felt would be doubled.

If he opened the fifth Gate, he would reach the speed of sound.

After closing the gates, Allan suddenly felt soreness and fatigue overwhelm him.

Ignoring the fatigue, Allan felt hungry.

“Let’s go eat.”

Allan took Hancock to the restaurant from last time.

Although Hancock was astonished by Allan’s power just now, she didn’t ask him about it and just followed him obediently.

The restaurant manager, Robert, was standing in front of the door, and as soon as he saw Allan and Hancock, he directly led them to the best table in the restaurant.

However, Allan didn’t notice that Robert ran outside after leading them in and made a call.

Half an hour later, Allan felt full and directly took Hancock and went out of the restaurant.

Before he got far, several black cars blocked the road, and dozens of black-suited men wearing sunglasses surrounded Allan and Hancock.

Then a blond young man wearing a white suit got out from one of the cars.

This guy is surprisingly the guy Allan beat last time in the restaurant.

The Superstar Edward Wells.

Getting out of the car, Edward was accompanied by men, one short and one tall.

“Huh, don’t think about leaving this place.” Edward looked at Allan coldly and solemnly said: “This time, I will get my revenge.”

Allan didn’t put this small guy in his eye, but he got annoyed now.

He was in a good mood today, so he said: “I will give you guys three seconds to get out of the way.”

Hearing Allan’s tone, Edward angrily roared: “Get him!”

Suddenly, an invisible power emerged out of Allan’s body, directly making all the bodyguards faint.

Edward panicked and directly called the two men behind him: “Tall guy, short guy, it’s up to you guys.”

“Let’s teach that brat a lesson and take his money.” The short man said, and the tall guy nodded and ran straight toward Allan.

Allan looked at them and knew they weren’t normal people and were slightly capable.

[Ding! Make a choice.]

[1: Kill the tall guy in a second.

Reward: 50 Million jenny.]

[2: Kill the tall man and the short man in a second, and eliminate the superstar Edward Wells.

Reward: Mysterious Treasure Chest.]

[3: Be a good person and let them go, then take Hancock away.

Reward: A sports car.]


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