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Chapter 115: Spider Appears

Time flew by.

Three months exactly passed while Allan taught Kurapika, Leorio, and Hanzo Nen, and finally, they mastered the four basics of Nen.

Allan received his rewards which are the 12,000 Point increase in Nen and the flying slash attack.

As for the advanced Nen application, Allan didn’t teach them that yet because Nen needs time and a gradual process of learning.

Therefore, Allan believed that a strong foundation is the best he can do for them now.

During this period, Gon wasn’t staying idle as Allan took charge of his training to further his arsenal.

Allan’s special training was rough as he was Gon’s sparring partner.

At first, Gon couldn’t keep up with Allan’s speed, but he got better over time and could now barely react to Allan.

This was a huge improvement.

According to Allan, Gon’s physical strength was now close to Killua.

As for Hancock, she just always stood beside Allan without doing much, and after a while, she was interested in Nen.

Allan was stingy and took the initiative to teach her Nen.

Since her talent was extremely high, she quickly mastered the basics of Nen quickly.

A few days later, Kurapika, Hanzo, and Leorio’s training came to an end.

Each of them expressed their sincere gratitude for Allan’s teaching.

At this time, Gon stopped his special training and proposed to Allan to go find Killua.

“Allan, I’m going to find Killua.

Are you coming with me”

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: accept Gon’s invitation and go find Killua together.

Reward: Teigu-March of the Dead: Yatsufusa!]

[2: Refuse Gon’s proposal and separate for the time being.

Reward: Teigu- Cutter of Creation: Extase!]


Allan was extremely happy seeing the rewards.

Both options gave him a Teigu.

This means it didn’t matter if he went with Gon or not.

He will get a Teigu.

However, now the problem was which one should he chose.

Yatsufusa was a blade with a black scabbard belonging to Kurame.

Anyone who is killed by it can become a body controlled by its special ability.

The limit number is eight corpses.

The disadvantage of this Teigu is the burden it puts on the body the more corpses it controls.

The second Teigu was Extase.

A scissor-shaped Teigu said to cut anything in the world.

But only the inner blade of the Teigu can actually have the cutting effect.

The disadvantage of this Teigu was its flexibility.

After thinking about it for a while, Allan finally decided on Yatsufusa.

Since he is a swordsman, he can use Yatsufusa better along with Shusui.

When Gon heard that Allan was going with him, he was overjoyed.

Since Allan is going with him, he wasn’t worried anymore.

“Kurapika, do you want to go with us” Gon turned to Kurapika and asked.

Kurapika shook his head and said: “Sorry, although I also want to find Killua, I still have things to do.”

Allan knew that Kurapika was going to find the Gen’ei Ryodan and didn’t ask much.

Although they had a teacher and student relationship and were good friends, Kurapika took his Tribe’s destruction personally and wouldn’t ask anyone for help to achieve his revenge.

“What about you, Leorio”

“Sorry…” Leorio touched his head and said: “I still haven’t finished my studies and can’t accompany you guys.”

Gon sighed.

He was too naïve as he hoped his friends would go with him.

“Hanzo, what about you”

“Well, let me think about it.

I already got the hunter license, now I already learned Nen, so I think I should go back to the village.”

“Back to the village” Allan asked

“This is where I grew and taught like a Ninja.

It’s a very mysterious place.

If you want, then I can bring you there to take a look.”

“Well, if I have an opportunity, I will visit your ninja Village, Hanzo.”

Allan was quite interested in meeting the Ninjas of this world.

Hanzo said: “Okay then, bring Gon with you.”

“Goodbye, Hanzo.” Gon and the others waved goodbye to Hanzo, who became their friend in the past three months.

After a while, Kurapika also stood up and said: “Okay, guys, I’m leaving as well.

Allan, Gon, and Leorio let’s meet again.”

Leorio also stood up and said: “Well then, I should go back to school then.”

Seeing them leaving, Gon was a little depressed: “Kurapika, Leorio, I hope we can see each other again.”

“We will.” Kurapika and Leorio nodded at the same time, and Allan said: “Take care.”

“Well, you guys take care as well.” Kurapika waved goodbye and left with Leorio.

Gon was a little bit down because of this, So Allan directly cheered up: “Gon, today’s separation is only temporary.

You will meet them in the future.

Everyone is working hard for their goals, so don’t feel disappointed about that.

Before you meet them again, you have to reach your own goal as well.”

Gon said: “Although I don’t fully understand, I will work hard.”

At this time, Gon suddenly thought of something important and asked: “By the way, where is Killua’s home”

“Leave that to me.”

Although Allan wasn’t sure about the place, it wasn’t hard to find the Zoldycks using his identity as a Hunter.

Allan also remembered the Zoldycks who lives on top of Kukuroo mountain.

There are available transport means like trains and planes toward that place.

But using trains or ships would take a long time, So Allan directly booked a plane directly.

Although a plane ticket was more expensive than trains or ships, it didn’t bother Allan.

After buying three tickets for himself, Gon, and Hancock, Allan took both of them out for dinner.

When they arrived at the Hotel’s lobby, the manager greeted them.

“Allan-san, a lady just asked me to give you this.”

The manager handed a black suitcase to Allan.

Although Allan was a bit confused, he took the suitcase.

He was curious about it but didn’t open it immediately.

He looked at the manager and said: “Do you know where the person who gave me this suitcase is”

The manager said: “The lady left the hotel after giving me the suitcase and instruction.”

“Is she alone”


“How long has it been since she gave it to you”

“About five or six minutes.”

“What are her characteristics”

“She is a very young lady wearing a light white short kimono with a purple belt around her waist.

She is petite and cute.”

Hearing this, Allan nodded: “Okay, I see.”

After this, Allan took 10,000 Jenny and gave them to the manager as a tip.

After that, he looked at Gon and Hancock and said: “Hancock, you and Gon go to the restaurant.

First, I will catch up later.”

After saying this, Allan looked around the scare and didn’t see any woman matching the manager’s description.

Allan directly activated his Heaven’s Eye to look for this woman.

He didn’t activate it in the open since he needs great concentration to use it.

Instead, he went into a remote place.

The eye was like a drone that flew into the air, looking around.

Suddenly, he found the woman outside a café two Kilometer away, and when the eye was 100 meters away from her, Allan could clearly see the woman.

His face was stunned as he knew who that was.

That was Machi.

‘Why did the Gen’ei Ryodan appear here’


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