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Chapter 142: Hisoka The Magician! Part 2

Killua gave Gon and weird look and said: “What Do you think Hisoka is a good person That guy is the same type as me, and I don’t know how much blood is on his hand already.”

“In other words, Hisoka killed a lot of people, right” Gon asked

“Yeah.” Killua nodded.

Allan then said: “Gon, take this opportunity to see how strong Hisoka is.

I think Kastro should be able to force Hisoka to show some skills.

You can take this opportunity to know more about your target.”

“I understand.” Gon nodded.

At this point, the game already started.

Hisoka and Kastro didn’t start fighting from the start as they talked about something.

Afterward, they saw Kastro’s stance change.

Then he directly attacked Hisoka.

Allan saw Kastro using his tiger bite fist, which was indeed fierce.

If a hit lands, it would seem like a tiger’s bite.

Kastro didn’t learn Nen the right way, so his Nen ability wasn’t compatible with his Nen type, and which Hisoka used to disrupt him.

Kastro used his body double to unleash his True tiger bite fist.

He successfully cut off Hisoka’s left hand.

However, Hisoka didn’t panic at all and wore a confident expression all the time.

After a bit, he revealed the secret behind Kastro’s clone, confusing him.

Then Hisoka used his ability to attack his hand to his body and make it seem like he regenerated.

This made Kastro panic, and the course of the battle changed.

It happened the same way as the show, with Kastro defeated and Hisoka killing him.

Gon felt a little regretful about Kastro’s death, and at the same time, he realized that he was too naïve about challenging Hisoka.

After the game ended, Allan found an excuse to get out and directly searched for Kastro’s body before using Predator on him, gaining 10,000 Nen points, and to his surprise, Kastro’s Nen ability was Tiger Bite Fist was added to his skills as well.

Allan tried to use Tiger Bite Fist and found out that it was similar to Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist.

The difference was strength and agility.

The Tiger Bite Fist imitated a tiger which was fiercer and stronger than a wolf, while the Wolf fang Fist imitated a wolf, which was more agile and faster than a tiger.

Allan was quite intrigued about what would happen if he merged the two styles together.

What kind of Style would he end up with

It would be more powerful and fiercer than Wolf Fang Fist but also more agile than the Tiger Bite Fist.

After returning, Allan copied wing and took the recording of Hisoka and Kastro’s fight for Gon and Killua to watch.

Then he asked them to find out Hisoka’s ability.

“What kind of Ability did Hisoka use when he fought Kastro, it seems very mysterious.” Gon asked as he stared at the recording.

“I can’t tell.” Killua was slightly frustrated as he turned toward Allan and asked: “Allan, can you explain”

“Of course.”

Allan stood up and walked toward the TV before started explaining.

“Hisoka used two abilities, the first is called Bungee Gum, and the second is Texture Surprise.

Bungee Gum is turning Nen into Gum like substance that can stick to targets like gum.

It also has the ability of rubber.

Texture Surprise can turn Nen into various kind of texture, like skins texture which he used in the fight to make it seems like his hand was reattached.

This ability can reproduce any kind of texture, and it is only limited by the user’s imagination.”

“But we can’t see Hisoka using Nen.” Gon said.

“That’s because Hisoka used an advanced form of Zetsu, which can hide Aura well.

This technique is called [In] as in ‘conceal,’ which make Nen hard to detect without stopping the aura flow like Zetsu.”

“So that what happened.

Kastro didn’t notice anything at all then” Killua asked.

Allan nodded: “You can say so.”

“So, how can we see through [In]” Gon asked.

“It’s not difficult, you only need to apply the principle of Ren to focus part of you Nen into your eyes, and you can see his Nen clearly.

This is an advanced Technique of Ren and called Gyo.

If you want to see what’s Hisoka’s doing, you have to learn it.”

Upon hearing this, Gon and Killua immediately tried to gather Nen to their eyes and see through Hisoka’s [In].

Allan reminded them: “Gyo is a high-level technique, and if you want to learn it, you need to be highly proficient in using Ren.

Otherwise, even if you can barely use it, you will not be able to see Hisoka’s Nen.

Because Hisoka is quite clever in using Nen, he can almost hide it completely, and a half-hearted Gyo won’t be able to see through him.”

“We understand.” Gon and Killua replied in unison.

After that, they directly started training.

Seeing this, Allan didn’t disturb them and went out of the room quietly.


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