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Chapter 143: Machi

Allan walked around The Heavens Arena with Hancock, who was very displeased staying in The Heavens Arena recently.

“This is annoying.

Men here stare at me all the time as if it was their first time seeing a woman.”

“That’s because you’re so beautiful.

They probably didn’t even see a woman as beautiful as you.” Allan smiled and said lightly.

With this said, Allan put his hand on Hancock’s waist and walked in front of the passers-by, who looked at him in envy.

“I really don’t like to stay in that place.

When are you planning on leaving”

“Well, we’ll leave after Hisoka and Gon fight.

They will fight next month most likely.”

Hearing this, Hancock nodded before she noticed someone and said: “Look, isn’t that the woman who caused you trouble in the airport”

Allan turned around to look and found a familiar face.

It was Machi from the Ryodan.

“Why is she here” Allan was a little surprised.

“Is she here for me”

Allan shook his head as he remembered that Machi was here for Hisoka.

At this time, Machi noticed Allan and remembered what happened before, and directly glared angrily at him.

“What a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Allan took the initiative and greeted her.

Machi snorted coldly: “I didn’t come to find you, but you delivered yourself to me.

Very good, I will kill you here.”

A threat suddenly appeared on Machi’s hand and launched it as Allan.

The Thread cut through the air fiercely.

Allan was already on guard and directly raised his hand and blocked.

Allan knew that Machi was a transmuter, and her main ability was the Nen threads.

The Thread can have many functions, like attacking and strangling, and it can also stitch wounds.

Even though it was very thin, it was tougher than a thick rope.

She can even stick a needle to it and use it for tracking.

The strength of the Threat is proportional to the length it stretched to.

Once it became too long, its strength will decrease.

Seeing Allan easily block her attack, she directly jumped forward with a claw attack on his chest.

Looking closely, Allan could see the threads wrapping around Machi’s fingers.

When the attack was about to land, Allan avoided easily by stepping sideways.

Unwilling to give up, Machi once again sprung forward with her claws and once again failed.

Allan seemed to be teasing a cat.

While Machi was fiercely attacking him, he was just smiling.

“You… Damn it!”

Machi was frightened and angry at the same time.

She thought she was good before, but she couldn’t even touch Allan’s clothes with her attacks.

No matter how she attacked, Allan seemed to see through her and avoid easily.

This is the first time she had such a predicament.

“Okay, let’s end this game.”

Allan easily grabbed Machi’s hands from the wrist.

“Don’t be rush!” Allan smiled lightly.


Machi gritted her teeth.

She couldn’t keep up with this guy’s speed at all.

She was once again subdued by this man.

Thinking about how Allan played with her the last time, she was extremely angry.

“What do you want”

Seeing Allan being silent, Machi asked.

“Um… I’m just thinking, should I kill you”

Machi’s pupils shrunk hearing this.


Seeing her expression, Allan asked again.

“Huh, you can do that if you have the ability,” Machi said coldly.

She was mentally prepared to die.

However, she didn’t expect to die at the hands of someone like Allan.

Hearing Machi’s answer, Allan shrugged and said: “Okay, as you which.”

At this time, a card flew over and interrupted Allan.

Allan raised his brow and looked at Hisoka, who appeared from somewhere.

“I don’t know what happened between you two, but it seems like I came at the right time,” Hisoka said.

“Don’t be nosy, Hisoka.” Allan glanced at him, unfriendly.

Then he looked at Machi and said: “Although I don’t want to be nosy, I sill owe that woman a favor, so I hope you can let her go.”

Allan looked straight at him and said: “Are you pleading for her”

“Almost,” Hisoka said.

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Give Hisoka face and let Machi go.

Reward: Golden Treasure Chest x1]

[2: Kill Machi directly.

Reward: Devil fruit: String String Fruit.]

[3: Hold Machi hostage and threaten the Gen’ei Ryodan once.

Reward: Nen Ability: Holy Prayer of Light.]

Seeing the options, Allan frowned.

All three rewards were good, actually.

The second option was indeed great.

Doflamingo’s devil fruit was very powerful.

If developed properly, its power won’t lose to a Logia fruit.

However, Allan had the Ice Ice fruit and didn’t need the String String Fruit.

On the other hand, Allan was curious about the third option.

Judging from the name, this ability wasn’t ordinary and may even be a healing ability.

After thinking for a while, Allan finally chose the third option.

Allan looked at Hisoka and said: “Hisoka, it’s not impossible for me to let her go.

However, she attacked me and wanted to kill me, so I can’t just let her go like that.”

Hisoka nodded and asked: “So what do you want”

Allan thought for a bit and said: “Let’s do this.

Hisoka, you go to Chrollo and tell him that Machi is in my hand, if he wants her, then take out a Billion Jenny as an exchange.”


“Is it too much”

“No, Chrollo has the money, and it isn’t that much for him,” Hisoka said.

“That’s fine then.

Please go tell him.” Allan said.

“I can go meet him, but Allan, are you really blackmailing Chrollo You know that the Ryodan is a notorious criminal organization.

They have always been the ones who steal from others.”

Allan lightly replied: “You don’t need to worry about that.”

“Alright then.”

Hisoka stopped talking and took out his phone to call Chrollo.

Machi was still subdued by Allan and saw that he wanted to use her to blackmail Chrollo.

She good did nothing but grit her teeth and said: “Damn it, you dare use me to blackmail the chief, I won’t let you go.”

“Shut up.” Allan shut Machi up.

If it wasn’t for the reward and the Billion Jenny, he would have let her go so easily.

On the other side of the phone, Chrollo heard his phone ringing and directly picked up.

“Hello, Hisoka”

“Yeah, Chief, it’s been a long time.” Hisoka smiled.

“Hisoka, what’s the matter” Chrollo asked.

“You asked Machi to come to The Heavens Arena to inform me about what’s coming, but it seems like there is trouble.”

Chrollo frowned: “Trouble What troubling you”

“It’s not me who is in trouble.

It’s Machi,” Hisoka said.

Chrollo asked in surprise: “What did you say What happened to Machi”

“Maki is now in Allan’s hands.”

Hisoka’s sentence made Chrollo’s face sink: “Is Allan also in The Heavens Arena”


“How did Machi end up in his hands What happened”

“I don’t know the details, but it seems there is a conflict between them, and Machi attacked him first and wanted to kill Allan.

As you know, with her power, it’s impossible for her to harm him, so she ended up in his hand, but she isn’t hurt.”

“Is that so.” Chrollo breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that she is okay.

“So, What’s Allan going to do now” Chrollo asked in a deep voice.

“Allan asked me to tell you that if you want him to let her go, you have to give him a Billion Jenny.

Otherwise, he would kill her.” Hisoka stated.


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