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Chapter 146: Score

“What a freak!” Allan looked speechlessly at Hisoka, who was so excited after being hit.

“So, it’s my turn to attack now!”

Hisoka opened his palm and took out his playing cards, and threw them like shuriken.

Allan didn’t even move a step away, only swayed his body slightly and avoided them.

Allan raised his eyes and saw the cards flying back at him.

Using Gyo, Allan saw Hisoka’s Nen wrapping around the cards and guiding in the air.

Hisoka used Bungee Gum to do this, but it was a useless trick in front of Allan.

Allan was using Observation Haki, so no matter where the cards came, he could dodge them.

Ice Saber!

Allan created a saber and sliced the playing cards apart.

At this time, Hisoka spread his hands and sent dozen of playing cards toward Allan.

Ice Wall!

Allan created an Ice Wall that blocked the sixty or seventy cards.

Hisoka’s playing cards were sharp and enhanced with Nen, and they broke through the Ice Wall.

Seeing the wall break, Allan took a step forward and then kicked.


Hisoka saw the air blade flying toward him and looked serious.

In the next instant, Allan saw him pull his hand quickly, and a spectator was pulled into the ring and acted as Hisoka’s shield.

The Spectator was split in two instantly.

This made Allan frown.

Apart from feeling sorry for the Spectator, he felt that he is truly unlucky.

“That’s a really bad thing to do, Hisoka.”

He didn’t think that Hisoka would steep so low.

“I’m just using my means efficiently.”

Allan didn’t say anything after hearing Hisoka’s words.

Indeed, if no one acted as his shield to block the Rankyaku, he wouldn’t be in his current good state.

Ordinary people can’t stay alive after being hit by the air blade.

After this happened, a commotion broke out.

Some spectators who were closest to the ring started running away.

However, most people didn’t leave.

The audience didn’t want to waste such a rare fight.

When something like that happened, Allan stopped attacking Hisoka using Rankyaku.

Since Hisoka dared to pull someone to the ring as a meat shield, then he wouldn’t mind grabbing another one later.

“By the way, your attacking method is interesting.

I could use some Ice, and that thing you shot is really useful.”

Allan didn’t answer Hisoka’s ridicule.

‘Forget it.

I should hurry up and end the battle.’ Allan thought to himself.

At this moment, Allan rushed toward Allan, who sneered: “Want to fight melee Okay, I will play with you.”

Boom! Boom!

After exchanging three punches and two kicks, Allan smiled coldly.

Armament-Type: Hardening!

Using Observation Haki to predict Hisoka’s movement and Armament Haki to increase his power, Allan’s fist wrapped in black, and with a bang, Hisoka was blown away.

“Critical Hit! Two points to Allan.”

The referee said loudly.

Allan’s current score was three points.

“Hisoka, I changed my mind.

I will just win with points.”

Allan looked at the pale Hisoka raising from the ground with a mocking smile, returning the previous mockery back.

Hisoka’s face was gloomy.

He covered his chest with one hand, as he could tell that at least one rib was broken from the last punch.

This made him shocked since Allan wasn’t an enhancer, and his power shouldn’t be that strong.

Otherwise, Hisoka would’ve been safe after using Ken to defend.

“Did you use Ko” Hisoka asked curiously.

Ko combines five Nen skills, Ten, Zetsu, Hatsu, Ren, and Gyo, in which all of the user’s aura is concentrated into one particular body part.

Gyo is utilized to focus aura on the part of the body, while Ten is used to prevent it from dispersing.

Zetsu is used to completely stop the flow of Nen in all other parts of the body, increasing the output in the desired area.

With Ren, the amount of aura is increased even further.

The only disadvantage of this skill is the lack of defense.

Since a part is concentrated with Nen, no other part will be covered in Nen while using Ko.

Allan didn’t answer Hisoka.

He smiled mysteriously instead.

He wouldn’t tell Hisoka that he used Armament Haki instead of Nen.

Hisoka didn’t ask again since Allan didn’t want to tell.

Allan hooked his finger at him and provocatively said: “Come on, Hisoka, I want to get ten points.”

“Heh, Just what I want.”

Hisoka was a fighting freak.

Facing Allan’s provocation, he didn’t back down.

Even though it might be a trap, he still went forward to fight Allan.


“Clean Hit! One point to Allan!”

Allan hit Hisoka again and scored another point.

“Come again, come on!” Hisoka didn’t pay attention to the pay in his body and rushed like crazy toward Allan.

However, Allan’s speed exceeded his expectation.

But that aroused his fighting frenzy even more.

Hisoka’s Nen radiated around him as both fighters entered a high-speed movement.

Their figure disappeared, and the crowd could only hear Bang Bang sound from time to time.

Afterward, everyone saw Hisoka flying back and sliding on the ground.

“Critical Hit! Two points for Allan.”

The referee loudly stated.

Allan had six points right now, and only four remained.

At this time, Hisoka stopped himself from going outside the ring.

Even though you won’t lose if you get out of the ring, for Hisoka, it meant he lost if he stepped out of the ring.

After scoring six points, Allan intended to take the opportunity to score the remaining four quickly, but to his surprise, he saw several pink thread-like things sticking to his body.

The other end of the threat was in Hisoka’s Hands, who was freely moving them.


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