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Chapter 150: Neon Part 2

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Just as the woman passed by Allan, she suddenly fell down to the ground without a word.

Allan shook his head and left the villa after burning the scene of the crime without leaving any clue behind.

Back to room 2302, Allan saw Dalzollene again.

Seeing Allan back so quickly, Dalzollene looked at Allan, slightly frightened, and said: “Done”

“See for yourself.” Allan dropped a bag casually.

When Dalzollene opened the bag, his pupil shrunk slightly as he saw Guere’s head.

Taking a deep breath, Dalzollene looked at Allan and said: “You unexpectedly finished the task.

You’re really amazing!”

“It was easy.” Allan didn’t care.

Dalzollene felt slightly guilty, but in the end, he said: “On behalf of the Nostrade Family, I hire you as the Bodyguard of the Nostrade Family.

Your duty is to protect the Boss’ daughter, Miss Neon.”

With that said, Dalzollene took out a contract and handed it to Allan: “Please take a look, and if there is no problem, you can sign below.”

Allan glanced casually before signing his name.

He didn’t care about the contract.

As long as he had power, nothing would happen to him, even if he broke the contract.

Seeing Allan signing without hesitation, Dalzollene nodded in satisfaction.

He thought that he could restrict Allan by the contract and said: “from now on, you’re a member of the Nostrade Family.

Your job is to protect Miss Neon as she is the most important person to the boss.

You mustn’t let any harm come to Miss Neon.”

“I can guarantee her safety when I’m working, but I can’t promise that outside of work.”

Allan’s words made Dalzollene a little dissatisfied as he said seriously: “You have signed the contract just now.

The contract mention that you have to stay by Miss Neon’s Side all the time.”

Allan shrugged and said: “In other words, I have to eat and drink and do other necessities while Miss is around”

“That’s not necessary because you’re not the only one who will be protecting Miss Neon.” Dalzollene clarified.

Allan nodded and didn’t say anything.

“On the 1st of September, there will be a ten days auction here.

You will pick Miss Neon at the airport.

I will contact you via phone.

This is Miss Neon’s photo.”

After taking the Phone number and Photo, Allan smiled lightly: “Are you sure that it’s alright for me to pick her up Aren’t you afraid that I will take her away”

“You’re someone recommended by Master Zeno, and I don’t think you’d do that,” Dalzollene said.

Allan smiled: “So Master Zeno is a guarantee of my credibility.”

“You can say that.” Dalzollene nodded.

“Since master Zeno guarantees my credibility, why did you suggest that I come here and make me do that $hit Task I’m not an Assassin hired the Nostrade Family!”

Feeling the killing intent and the pressure coming from Allan, Dalzollene was secretly frightened as sweat covered his forehead and quickly explained: “As I said before, the rules of Nostrade Family stated that everyone needed to complete a task when they are here for an interview.

If you weren’t good enough, we wouldn’t have hired you.”

Allan sneered: “Guere Dahl is at the same level as your boss, Light Nostrade, and both are business rivals.

The task that you had me do, if someone ordinary went there, wouldn’t he be dead already With so many bodyguards around Guere, even if you, the head of the bodyguards, went, you wouldn’t have made it, right Not to mention killing Guere.

And you actually handed that mission to me, the person who came for an interview Do you dare say that this wasn’t taking advantage of me”

When Allan said this, Dalzollene’s expression became ugly as he couldn’t find words to refute Allan’s claims.

Allan continued: “When you saw Guere’s head, you seemed quite surprised.

I think you’re surprised that I can kill him so quickly.

You just lost a major rival, Am I right”

Facing Allan’s questioning, Dalzollene nodded with an ugly face: You’re right, Guere’s death indeed means that the Nostrade Family will have an easier time.” Allan snorted and looked at him coldly.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see how good the person Master Zeno recommended.

This was my selfishness.

If you’re unhappy, please just come at me, and don’t attack the Nostrade Family.”

Dalzollene knew very well that if Allan could kill Guere, he could also kill Light Nostrade, his boss, as easily.

However, he also knew that this matter doesn’t have anything to do with his boss, and he was the one to be blamed for this.

“To be honest, I’m really upset right now.

But this time, let’s forget it.” Allan saw that he had some spine and decided to let him go.

Since taking Guere’s head meant nothing to him, to begin with, he just felt a little uncomfortable being taken advantage of.

“You, are you really willing to let me go” Dalzollene couldn’t believe this because of the Killing Intent.

“Listen, I will forgive you this time.

But if you dare use me next time, you will end up like Guere.” Allan said as if it was a fact.

“I see.

There won’t be another time.” Dalzollene said.

Allan nodded, and the Killing Intent disappeared completely.

“Then, I’m leaving first, don’t forget to contact me,” Allan said, then turned around and left.

Watching Allan leave, Dalzollene sighed in relief.

It was the first time in his life that he felt that kind of pressure.

He realized that Allan was terrifying, but he also felt extremely lucky.

Fortunately, Allan is now hired by the Nostrade Family and not an enemy.

In the afternoon of the next day, Allan went to the airport to pick up Neon.

Soon after, he saw a sweet and lovely girl dressed like a princess at the airport.

Allan’s eyes lit up as this Neon was a little cuter than he thought.

Next to Neon, there were two female attendants and a man.

This man was Shachmono Tocino, one of the bodyguards of the Nostrade Family.

At the same time, he is also a professional hunter.

When he saw Allan coming over, Tocino became vigilant and stepped forward: “Who are you”

“I’m Allan, and I’m here to pick Miss Neon.”

Tocino was surprised: “Captain Dalzollene sends you to protect Miss Neon”

“Yes.” Allan nodded.

“Well, it turns out you’re a colleague.

My name is Shachmono Tocino.”

Tocino dropped his guard and introduced himself.

Allan nodded.

“Miss Neon, hello, starting today, I will be your Bodyguard.

I will protect your safety 24/7 until you leave.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Neon looked at Allan.

Seeing his appearance, she retracted her eyes in disappointment since he had nothing to show off.

She nodded her head and said: “Sorry to bother you.”

Allan naturally noticed Neon’s disappointed look.

He didn’t care since he was still under disguise.

If he showed her his real appearance, her eyes will brighten up and shine.

However, he wasn’t here to pick up the girl, so it doesn’t matter what she thought about him.

After that, Allan took Neon to Hotel Beitacle and stayed in the Hotel temporarily.

Allan’s room was next to Neon’s, as he was responsible for her safety.

Dalzollene arranged this.

Allan didn’t care much since he was here to protect her in the first place.

On the other hand, the news about Guere’s death spread amongst the gangs and caused quite a sensation.

Guere’s reputation wasn’t great in the mafia circle, and most people wouldn’t pursue the matter.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to connect anything to him.

Also, Guere and all of his bodyguards were killed, which wasn’t something that many people could do.

The prime suspect is the Nostrade Family since their rivalry is well known.

Since such a great rival for the Nostrade Family was removed, many families were dissatisfied with them, especially the Dahl Family that suspects the Nostrade for Guere’s death.

As the security captain of the Nostrade Family, Dalzollene is responsible for dealing with those enemies, so he left Neon’s Protection completely to Allan.

After all, Allan was stronger than him, which relieved him greatly.

That night, Neon was attacked in the Hotel by some people of the Dahl family who used their connections to find Neon and launched an Attack.

Fortunately, Allan noticed the danger and killed the enemies.

They just broke into Neon’s room, but Allan killed all of them before they could try anything.

Neon panicked after seeing Allan’s strength for the first time.

This ordinary-looking Bodyguard gave her a shock.

She realized that under that ordinary look, great power was hidden.

Allan didn’t care much about Neon’s attention, as he knew that this job was about protecting Neon without any personal feelings.


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