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Chapter 156: Murder

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“Who are you”

“Why do you know who we are”

Feitan stared sharply at Allan, trying to see something in his expression.

However, he remained expressionless and without any change.

Franklin, on the side, said to Feitan: “No matter who he is, since he is here today, then he must die.

This is also a task assigned to us by Chief.

No one gets out alive from here.”

Feitan nodded and stopped asking.

He could tell from Allan’s expression that even if he asked, the other party wouldn’t answer.

“It’s a pity if you have some friends with our chief, we may have let you go, but you don’t have that opportunity anymore,” Feitan said with a sneer.

At the back of the auditorium, Allan looked at Feitan and Franklin indifferently.

At the same time, the system’s voice rang in his head.

[Ding! You are being attacked by two members of the Gen’ei Ryodan.

Please make a choice]

[1: Take action, kill Feitan and Franklin.

Reward: Swordsmanship Level 7.]

[2: Runaway with Neon.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 points.]

Without a second to think, Allan chose the first option.

It didn’t matter how powerful the Level 7 swordsmanship is; even if the system didn’t give him any options, he would decide to kill both of them.

Because they really angered him right now.

A strong killing Intent appeared in Allan’s eyes as he spoke to Feitan and Franklin up the stage in a cold tone: “You two are going to die here today, and even if Chrollo came, he wouldn’t be able to save you.”

Hearing this, Feitan sneered in disdain: “Huh, arrogant words, do you have the ability”

Franklin’s voice echoed as well: “I hope you have the strength to back up your words.”

“Bragging Humph, if I have the strength to back my words, or not, you will know shortly.” Allan’s face was indifferent as his killing Intent washed over the place.

At this moment, Neon, Baise, and Ivienkov felt the killing intent and trembled.

Fortunately, it wasn’t directed at them, or else they would’ve fainted.

Franklin and Feitan felt the killing intent and couldn’t help the surprise: “What a strong Killing Intent, this guy….”

At this time, Franklin said: “Feitan, I will deal with this guy.”

Feitan nodded and said: “Okay if he kills you, I will get revenge for you.”

Although both of them knew from the Killing Intent that Allan wasn’t ordinary, both of them were too arrogant to gang upon him.

“What I beat him down.”

Franklin directly activated his Double Machine Gun and overcharged it with Nen shooting huge strong bullets at Allan like Gatling.

The power behind the Nen bullets was at least twice as strong as the previous ones.

Facing the Nen bullets, Allan waved his hand and condensed an ice wall like before, but since the bullets were stronger, the wall seemed about to break after a short while.

Allan directly changed tactics and condensed his own Ice bullets, and shot them two the Nen bullets.

After the collision, the Nen bullets were completely blocked, which made Franklin shout and rush decisively.

At the same time, Allan stopped his Ice Bullets and greeted him.


The collision between the two made the entire hall tremble.

In addition to powerful long-range attacks, Franklin melee combat was top-notch as well.

Although he is an emitter, his power doesn’t lose to an enhancer.

In the Ryodan, wrist strength is ranked in the top three.

A single punch can pack up tons of power and can easily break boulders and bend metal.

However, when he fought Allan, both he and Feitan were surprised that Allan didn’t lose in terms of strength.

At this moment, Allan was covering his arms with Armament Haki making them black obsidian in color.

With both Haki and Nen covering his Fists, Allan’s strength doubled as he landed a punch and sent Franklin crushing all the way through the hall.

Seeing this, Feitan, who was standing on the auction stage, jumped up, and his expression turned even more serious.

Allan’s power exceeded his expectations.

Because even Uvogin, who is an enhancer, can’t send Franklin flying with a punch as Allan did.

Feitan arrived in the deep pit and asked: “You want to switch out”

“The game just started.

I’m just warming up.” Franklin jumped out angrily.

He can’t remember the last person who could punch him that hard.

In his eyes, Allan was a powerful opponent he hasn’t encountered in a long time.

At this time, his eyes were burning for a good fight and killing Intent.

Facing Franklin’s fighting spirit, Allan’s face remained cold.

Apart from his killing intent, he wasn’t that excited about the fight because, to him, Franklin was just a prey, not an opponent.

Moreover, with the brief fight with Franklin, Allan already gauged his strength and didn’t feel threatened even a bit.

Facing Franklin, Allan said coldly: “I will accept your head now, Franklin.”


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