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Chapter 160: Puppets

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Allan knew about Feitan’s ability and had time to interrupt what’s he’s doing, but he didn’t.

On one hand, being strong made him won’t look down on those who thought that they were strong and use that strength foolishly.

Killing indiscriminatingly without a goal or purpose to feel strong was just psychopathic.

On the other hand, he wanted to see how powerful Feitan’s ultimate ability is.

As the dark aura continued to gush out of Feitan, a weird costume suddenly appeared around him instead of what he normally wore.

This costume was produced by Feitan’s Nen and could defend against high temperatures.

The fireproof suit enveloped his body, only leaving a small gap for his eyes.

Allan could the power gushing out of Feitan, but his expression didn’t change.

He looked at Feitan as if telling him to hurry and do whatever he wanted to do so he can kill him.

Feitan saw this and clenched his teeth and said: “You will regret waiting for me.”

As he said this, the Nen in his body skyrocketed again and condensed into a ball in front of him before he let it go, and it started to fly above his head.

When this ball flew into the air, it suddenly expanded violently and turned into a huge fireball in an instant.

From a distance, it looked like a sun emitting extreme heat.

This huge fireball is called Raising Sun, and it can emit high temperatures, burning anything close to death.

The special thing about this is the heavier Feitan was wounded, the stronger the fireball is and the higher the temperature.

Previously, he was wounded by Allan’s slash, and although it wasn’t a serious injury, it wasn’t light either.

Therefore, the blazing Sun was releasing a terrifying heat.

The hall was like an oven.

The air moisture disappeared quickly.

Allan remembered that Feitan used this against one of the leaders of the Chimera Ants.

As the heatwave swept by, the hundreds of corpses that Franklin killed previously burned to ashes.

Feitan, who was under the Sun, was unaffected.

This was because of his fireproof suit that can block the heat.

Except for him, everything else can burn.

“Now, you can’t escape, and you will burn by the scorching sun.” Feitan sneered as he thought that Allan would be burned to a crisp.

However, in the next second, his sneer disappeared as he saw Allan calmly raise his hand.


With Allan as the center, a blast of cold air swept around.

The cold air collided with the heat and caused a strong evaporation effect splitting the scene into two.

On one side was Feitan’s purgatory, and on the other side was Allan’s Ice.

Seeing this, Feitan’s face became extremely ugly with anger that he couldn’t speak.

He thought that the temperature would turn Allan to ashes, but he didn’t expect that the latter would be immune to the high temperature and could even fight it off with his Ice.

Allan sneered as he saw Feitan’s face: “Didn’t you want me to burn”

“It’s a pity that the high temperature from your fireball can’t melt my Ice.”

When his voice fell, Allan raised his hand and aimed at the fireball in the air.

Ice Age!

In an instant, cold air coursed from Allan’s hand, freezing the fireball in midair turning it into a huge ice ball.

Then it fell with a bang.

It burst open and shattered on the ground.

Although the temperature of this miniature Sun was quite high, it’s a pity that Allan had the Ice Ice fruit.

Allan’s Ice Ice fruit is a disaster-level fruit that, at the full potential it can freeze the entire earth.

This little Sun of Feitan can only burn things within a few Kilometers at best.

“Okay, this hunting game is almost over, but I will let you fight your friend.”

With that, Allan pulled out Yatsufusa and aimed at Franklin.

In the next second, Franklin suddenly opened his eyes and got up.

He stood blankly in front of Allan, with grey pupils.

He was no longer living and was just a puppet.

“What the hell did you do to Franklin”

Seeing Franklin standing up, Feitan looked in surprise.

At the same time, he felt that something was wrong.

He was certain that Franklin was killed by Allan just now, but here he is, standing up and without the familiar aura around him.

This was different from the Franklin that he knew.

“Could it be that sword The puppet you talked about earlier is this” Feitan thought suddenly.

Allan said before that he would use his sword to turn Franklin into a puppet.

“Does that sword have an ability to kill someone and turn them into a puppet to be manipulated” Feitan asked in a deep voice.

Allan nodded and smiled: “Yes, this sword does have such an ability.

You will try that effect now.”

“Franklin, go and kill your companion Feitan.”

Allan held Yatsufusa in his hand and said.

Hearing the order, Franklin directly attacks Feitan with his Double Machine Gun.

A large number of bullets rained on Feitan directly.

Feitan instantly summoned his umbrella and opened it to block the bullets while dodging when he can.

Seeing Franklin and Feitan fighting, Allan smiled.

Yatsufusa’s manipulation was very good.

Although Franklin is just a puppet, his strength remained the same.

Even his Nen was the same, and only someone as strong as he was before can defeat him.

Right now, Feitan was forced to evade and search for an opportunity to strike back.

He quickly unsheathed his sword and stabbed Franklin.

However, the sword didn’t have any effect on Franklin, and he finally understood that Franklin was already dead, so such a strong attack was of no use at all.

He could only deal with Franklin by destroying his body or cutting off his head.

Or else Franklin will continue fighting without stopping.

Realizing this, Feitan changed his attack method and planned on cutting down Feitan’s head.

Allan noticed this and could only commend him on his cleverness.

This made Allan determined to turn Feitan into a puppet.

Yatsufusa can manipulate up to eight puppets, and right now, he had Franklin and planned on adding Feitan, and that would be more than enough for most of the situations.

When Feitan was waiting for an opportunity to cut Franklin’s head, Allan made his move.

He flashed and appeared behind Feitan, who was focused on Franklin.

Feitan was worthy of being an elite as even though he didn’t see Allan, he felt his presence behind him; however, it was too late.

“Go to hell.”

A cold light flashed in Feitan’s eyes as Yatsufusa’s blade precisely cut into his heart.

After stabbing him, Allan directly twisted his hand again, completely shattering his heart and turning him into a lifeless corpse.

From the moment he moved to the moment Feitan died, it only took two seconds, and Feitan couldn’t even struggle before he died.

Looking at Feitan’s corpse, Allan said: “Get up.”

Feitan suddenly opened his eyes and stood in front of Allan.

Like Franklin, Feitan’s eyes were grey as he lost his humanity and turned into a puppet.

He now planned to use Yatsufusa to build a puppet organization.

Yatsufusa can hold eight people at the same time, and now he has two, and only six more remained.

He didn’t decide who the other six will be because even if he encounters someone strong, he won’t just go kill them to turn them into puppets.

Now that Feitan and Franklin are dead, Allan believed that the Ryodan would seek him out for revenge.

If this developed to that point, Allan wouldn’t mind killing them and turning them into his own puppet, and form a puppet Ryodan.


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