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Chapter 165: 100%



The chain that Kurapika conjured wasn’t an ordinary weapon but also a restriction he placed on himself.

When Kurapika wasn’t fighting, the chains would hide under his sleeve and connect to the rings on his hand.

Five chains for five fingers, and each one of them had a different ability.

Amongst them, the chain connected to his thumb is called the Holy Chain, which can heal any injury, but in the process, the body’s defense against Nen would be drastically reduced.

Kurapika currently had two broken ribs from Uvogin’s punch along with his hand.

He raised his hand and unhurriedly wrapped the chain around his wound.

Greenlight burst out of the chain, directly connecting and healing his injuries.

Uvogin was greatly surprised by this since those who can heal injuries with Nen are rare, and it would require an Enhancer who can increase the body’s regeneration.

Kurapika’s injuries were healed in two seconds, while Uvogin thought that Kurapika was an Enhancer.

But previously, his abilities were closer to an emitter or a Conjurer than an Enhancer.

While Uvogin was analyzing Kurapika, the latter slammed the chain on his middle finger.

The chains can’t be underestimated, and although he wasn’t sure what type of Nen Kurapika was using, he had no doubt that the chains were covered in Nen and were quite powerful.

Uvogin directly avoided the chain and jumped away.


The chain hit the ground and created a huge pit.

Uvogin wasn’t someone who would stay on the defensive, and as soon as he avoided the chain, he rushed toward Kurapika.

Kurapika still didn’t recover his chain back, and yet Uvogin was in front of him with extreme speed and stood his fist at Kurapika.

Seeing that there was no time to dodge, Kurapika quickly raised his arm and punched back.


Kurapika was knocked up in the air, and without waiting, he sent the chain again at Uvogin.

Uvogin was going to pursuit Kurapika in the air but seeing the chain coming toward him, he moved sideways and escaped.

After landing, Kurapika quickly used the Holy Chain to heal his hand after Uvogin’s punch.

In a few seconds, his hand, which was almost destroyed, recovered.

“You healed again”

Seeing this, Uvogin frowned.

At this moment, Kurapika spoke: “Is this your full power”


“That punch just now, it isn’t your full power, is it”

Hearing this, Uvogin sneered.

Kurapika’s tone seemed to mock him.

“That punch is just about 50%, and the next one will be 80%.”

Uvogin’s aura burst out of his body like flames.

Kurapika didn’t show fear.

Actually, his face didn’t show any emotion at all.

No matter how strong the spider is, Kurapika was confident that he could subdue him.

The chain and fist once again collided.

“Again, come on, release your full power.” Kurapika provoked Uvogin.

“Here is full power!”

Uvogin rushed aggressively while Kurapika matched him without fear.

In his current state, he can exert 100% of power in each type of Nen.

“This time, I will tear you to pieces.

No one can withstand my full power Big Bang Impact!”

Uvogin raised his hand and slammed the ground.

In an instant, an overwhelming force hit the ground, and the entire floor of the auction was destroyed, creating a giant hole in the building.

Kurapika’s figure seemed to disappear under the destructive might of the Big Bang Impact.

“Did he die Heh, even if I don’t hit you head-on, you can’t escape my power.”

Uvogin sneered, but in the next second, the smile on his face disappeared.

He saw a figure appearing from the ceiling.

“Bastard! You hid there” seeing Kurapika without as much as small injury from his full power punch, Uvogin became furious as he wanted to rush forward.

However, to his surprise, he couldn’t move.

His body seemed to be bound by something invisible.

“What is this”

Uvogin used Gyo and saw the chain wrapped around his body, locking him.

And at the other end of the chain was Kurapika’s stretched hand.

“How is this possible When did you bind me” Uvogin was shocked.

Kurapika said coldly: “When you attacked me with your first Big Bang Impact, the chain was already wrapped around you, and by using [In] on the chain, you couldn’t notice them.”

“Damn it!” Uvogin gritted his teeth as he intended to break the chains.

However, he was shocked to find he can’t use it.

In addition to strong offense, Kurapika’s chain can restrain the target, and once he’s restrained, he would be in a state of Zetsu and can’t use Nen.

Right now, Uvogin can’t use his Nen, and it was almost impossible for him to break from Nen enhanced chains using brute power alone.

“Capture complete.”

Kurapika said blankly.


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