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Chapter 177: Mangekyou Sharingan

It wasn’t that surprising that Chrollo and the others were shocked.

After all, Feitan and Franklin were members of the Ryodan, and seeing them standing against them was shocking.

“Chrollo, as well as you guys, open your eyes and look carefully.

They aren’t fakes.

Since you know them for a long time, you should be able to tell.” Allan said.

To be honest, Allan didn’t bother to lie to Chrollo.

Chrollo looked carefully and felt something weird when he looked at them.

It was like Feitan and Franklin don’t have emotions.

Their eyes were gray and seemed lifeless.

All of them noticed this and looked at each other.

After taking a deep breath, Chrollo calmed down his emotion and looked at Allan.

“Allan, what the hell did you do to them Tell me, why are they like this”

“What happened, you ask”

Allan sneered at this question before looking at the Feitan and Franklin.

“They are already dead, right”

What Chrollo said surprised Machi and Phinks.

“Ah, yes, they are indeed dead.” Allan nodded.

Since he dared to show his puppets, he wasn’t afraid of Chrollo learning that they were dead.

“In other words, now Franklin and Feitan are your puppets, right” Chrollo stared at Allan coldly.

Allan shook his head as if correcting Chrollo: “Pay attention to your words.

They are my partners, not puppets.”

Chrollo frowned: “What do you mean”

“The two of them are dead; however, they still have their consciousness and memory.

Except for the fact that they are dead, they are the same as you know them.

They can eat, sleep, and talk, like normal.”

Saying this, Allan temporarily lifted his absolute control on Franklin and Feitan, granting them a certain degree of freedom, which in this case, he allowed them to speak.

“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come with you in the future,” Franklin said.

Franklin and Feitan wanted to attack Allan as soon as they felt the control falter, but Allan stopped them: “You can’t attack me.

After all, partners don’t attack each other.” Allan sneered as he looked at the two of them.

Franklin and Feitan looked at Allan coldly as their pride didn’t allow them to be just puppets for Allan.

The powerlessness they were feeling made them quite angry.

“You dare make them like this, and I’m going to kill you.”

Phinks clenched his fists and glared at Allan.

Phinks’ killing intent filled the place.

“Well, you have quite the killing intent.

It seems like your relationship with those two is quite good.

In that case, I will consider adding you to be my partner as well.

That way, you could be with them again.” Allan laughed.

Hearing this, Phinks said coldly: “You mean you can kill me”

“That’s right.

If you want to do something, I can’t guarantee your survival because I don’t show mercy.” Allan said confidently.

Franklin and Feitan were killed by him, and Phinks power is as good as theirs, so it wasn’t difficult to kill him.

Just when Phinks was ready to attack, Chrollo said: “Phinks, stop.”

Phinks calmed down when he heard Chrollo’s words and didn’t do anything.

Chrollo knew that Allan’s current ability was greater, far greater than it was in the Hunter exam.

Chrollo looked at Allan and said seriously: “Allan, why are you disturbing the dead Franklin and Feitan were killed by you, but why do you want them as your puppet.

Just let them rest in peace.”

Hearing this, Allan sneered: “Chrollo, these words coming from your mouth are really ironic, you know.”

Chrollo was puzzled: “What do you mean”

“A few years ago, when you slaughtered the Kurta Clan, in order to obtain their eyes, you deliberately angered them, took their eyes alive, and then eradicated them completely.

As far as bloodthirst is concerned, I’m very kind compared to you.

However, it’s normal for you to have such a double standard.

After all, Franklin and Feitan grew along with you in Meteor City, so you have quite the friendship with them.

But we have to clear something right now, and you are not qualified to talk to me like that.”

Chrollo was surprised by how much Allan knew.

However, it was impossible for him to leave Feitan and Franklin be Allan’s puppets.

As the Leader of the Ryodan, he will not watch as his companions turn into puppets even after death.

“What do you want for you to release them” Chrollo asked blankly.

This was his last negotiation.

“It can’t be done.” Allan shook his head.

Both Franklin and Feitan were first-rate masters, and they can be quite helpful.

“If you don’t lift the control off them, I will kill your employer, Neon Nostrade.” Chrollo glanced at Neon.

Allan sneered: “Are you really trying to threaten me”

“You can think of it like that,” Chrollo said seriously.

“It’s really funny.

The leader of the Genie Ryodan is actually taking me hostage and threatening me.

Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at” Allan couldn’t help laughing.

Chrollo coldly said: “I’m not joking.

I never cared about what others thought of me.

Now, can you release Feitan and Franklin and let them rest in peace”

“No way.” Allan refused instantly.

At this moment, Chrollo could no longer suppress his killing intent, but the person he wanted to kill wasn’t Neon but Allan.

The killing Intent was directed at Allan.

Seeing that Chrollo wanted to kill him, Allan’s eyes turned into scarlet red eyes in an instant.

When Chrollo met the Mangekyo Sharingan, he entered in a trance.

It was like he lost consciousness for an instant, and suddenly he found himself in a blood-red space.

The place was filled with a sense of death while the earth and sky were both blood red.

There is no vitality in this place, while he was tied to a huge stone pillar: “Where is this place”

Chrollo looked around in awe.

“This is the World of Tsukuyomi.” A cold voice said from nowhere.

Chrollo frowned as he looked at Allan’s figure, appearing out of nowhere.

“What did you do”

“Also, is wrong with your eyes”

Chrollo looked at Allan’s scarlet eyes and asked.

“These eyes are called the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Each eye had a powerful technique or a Dōjutsu, and you are currently under one of them, the Tsukuyomi.

I dragged you into the world created by my Sharingan.”

“Mangekyo Sharingan”

Chrollo seemed confused.

He only knew of the scarlet eyes of the kurta clan but never heard about the Mangekyo Sharingan and what is this so-called Dōjutsu.

Although he didn’t quite understand everything, he knew that he was under one of the Techniques Allan talked about.


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