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Chapter 189: Puppets - TranslatinOtaku


After two days of traveling, Allan and Ellen arrived at Bol city.

Bol City’s buildings were high and looked magnificent, unlike the barren cities they traveled through.


Allan, Helphes should be inside.

I will rely on your one again when we meet him,” Elena said.

“Don’t worry, and I will deal with him,” Allan promised.

Elena nodded.

She didn’t doubt Allan’s power anymore.

The two walked inside casually, but soon the Reverse Crusader discovered them.

“You guys are the ones who destroyed the branch in Yorktown, right” A cadre from the Reverse Crusader glared at Allan.

Allan didn’t confirm but said coldly: “Call your leader here.”

“Who do you think you are to see our leader”

The cadre said arrogantly.

Usually, for those evil and arrogant small fries, Allan would’ve taken action without talking B.S.

Well, this isn’t any different from the usual since Allan directly covered his fist with Armament Haki and used Soru to flash beside him and killed him with a simple punch.

“What Evil Wolf was killed with a single punch!” The soldiers’ eyes widened in shock at Allan’s display of power.

When the other cadres saw this, their expressions became ugly.

“Everyone, attack together!”

Several cadres teamed up and surrounded Allan and released their aura.

“I will control him first; you find an opportunity to attack him.”

One of the cadres took the lead, and as he did, a few vines appeared on his hand.

Those vines directly moved toward Allan, trying to restrain his hands and feet.

“A good Nen ability, but it’s too weak.”

Although the vines bound Allan, when he released his aura, the vines shattered instantly.

“What! That’s too strong!”

The cadres looked at Allan with surprise as they realized that Allan was in a completely different realm compared to them.

“Don’t just stand still, fight.”

A cadre gritted his teeth and shouted before forming a huge fireball in his hand.

Allan saw this and sneered before he waved his hand to form a ball of Ice that was three times bigger than the fireball, which he crushed and froze the cadre who made it.

Allan didn’t stop but released another attack, and this time, it was to take down everyone.

“Frozen storm!”

The wind roared as a huge storm appeared out of nowhere and froze all the soldiers and cadres of the Reverse Crusader.

With Allan at the center, almost the entire city became an Ice city.

At this moment, Allan saw a man in a black coat riding a monster in the sky.

He stared at Allan angrily and said: “Who are you”

The one who will take your life.” Allan sneered.

“What arrogance.” Helphes snorted coldly and patted the monster’s head.

The monster opened its mouth and released an energy blast at Allan.

“Ice wall.”

The energy blast hit the wall and dispersed with a bang sound.

“What! You actually blocked it!!”

Seeing the energy attack was blocked, Helphes directly yelled, and his hand changed into a crimson claw.

“Blood Claw Blade!”

Helphes rushed toward and Allan, who once again made an Ice wall.

“Ice wall!”

The hard Ice wall shattered due to the crimson claws attack.


Allan didn’t panic.

Instead, he covered his fist in Armament Haki and punched.

Helphes attacked using his weird claws.

Both attacks collided, releasing a large shockwave before Helphes flew away.

“Damn it!” Helphes released all of his aura, and his body started changing.

Helphes had only 50% human genes, and the other half belongs to a monster or a werewolf.

After releasing his aura, he became faster and stronger since he transformed into a humanoid monster.

In the next moment, Allan and Helphes disappeared, and only the collision between their attacks could be seen from time to time.

“Nice power, but it is not enough to kill me.”

After playing for two minutes, Allan got annoyed and became serious.

Flash step!

Allan figures disappeared, and suddenly he was behind Helphes with Yatsufusa piercing the latter’s chest.

Since he was killed with Yatsufusa, he became Allan’s puppet.

“Where is Alice”

“She’s in the palace.”

“Elena, your sister, is in the palace.

Go find her, be careful.”

“Okay, thank you, Mr.


Elena glanced at Allan gratefully and then entered the palace.

Seeing Elena going to find her sister, Allan looked at Helphes and ordered him to disband the Reverse Crusader.

Since Helphes was a puppet, he naturally obeyed Allan’s orders.

After disbanding the Reverse Crusader, Allan told Helphes to go and hide for now.

Allan turned Helphes into a puppet because he was somewhat strong.

Right now, he only had Feitan and Franklin as puppets, so adding Helphes makes them three.

If there is trouble, Allan could summon them to do his bidding anytime.

But since he didn’t need them now, he ordered them to hide.

Since they are puppets, they didn’t need to drink or eat.

Although it’s not good to mess with the dead, those three were demons when they were alive and killed countless people, so Allan didn’t feel guilty after turning them into puppets.

Two days later, Allan and Elena left.

Elena found her sister successfully, so she said: “Mr.

Allan, as promised, I will be your companion in the future.”

“Yeah.” Allan nodded, then said: “Elena, although you’re my companion, you don’t have to go with me and do your thing.

I will do the same, and if I needed something, I would call you, and you do the same.

You can accompany your sister.”

“Thank you, Mr.


Elena was extremely grateful as she took her sister and left.

After finishing this job, Allan didn’t continue taking missions.

He was a little tired from being a bounty hunter.

A few days later, Allan came to The Heaven’s arena and intended to relax for a bit and abuse the new rookies in the sky arena.

Since the last time he took Hisoka’s position as a floor master, Allan didn’t need to participate in many matches anymore.

Allan’s return attracted many fighters in The Heaven’s Arena.

After all, Allan defeated Hisoka, and this alone can make 95% of the fighters jealous.


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