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Chapter 190: Floor Master’s Battle

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Each floor between 220th to the 250th in The Heaven’s Arena is owned by a floor master, which means including Allan, there are a total of 30 floor masters.

And when Allan returned to The Heaven’s Arena, he wanted to fight.

So, he directly issued a letter of challenge to the other 29 floor masters through the official website.

However, since most of the floor masters weren’t in The Heaven’s Arena, Allan received three responses to his challenge.

The floor masters who accepted his challenge were the 227th floor’s master, the 235th floor’s master, and the 242nd floor’s master.

Originally, the floor masters can decline the challenge since Allan challenged all of them, but the few who accepted wanted to teach Allan a lesson since they thought he was too arrogant.

The arrogance of challenging all of the floor masters was indeed too much for them.

A few days later, the day of the battle arrived.

This time, Allan challenged three well-known floor masters, which attracted quite the attention from everywhere.

It can be said that this battle was like a grand event in The Heaven’s Arena.

However, Allan, who was already in the Arena, felt a little disappointed that only three accepted his challenge.

He thought that at least ten floor masters would accept the challenge, and that is the bare minimum for him to enjoy the fight.

Allan didn’t really care about the floor masters, actually, and just by looking at the Aura they were releasing, he could gauge their basic strength.

They weren’t weak, to say, but they weren’t strong either.

For him, they were just small characters that can’t make him go all out.

Allan didn’t plan to finish the fight quickly, as he directly looked at the floor masters and said: “The three of you can come at me together.

I will give each of you a free attack, but note that it is only one, so grab that opportunity and use your most powerful skill.”

With Allan’s current power, he was pursuing excitement in battle since only a few can make him go all out in the world currently.

He didn’t want to seem too arrogant, so he will defend against their attacks, or so he thought.

But telling the floor masters to attack together and giving them a free attack was already too arrogant.

The floor masters were really angry since Allan was looking down on them.

“Bastard, don’t look down on us.

Although you defeated Hisoka, it doesn’t mean that you can defeat the three of us together.” One of the floor masters shouted angrily.

“Well then, I will look forward to your performance.” Allan smiled calmly.

Another Floor master said: “Allan, you said you would let each of us attack once, right, but we don’t want to take advantage of you, so the three of us will attack one after the other and not together.”

Allan shrugged and said: “It doesn’t matter.

You do whatever you want.”

“Then I will go first.” The floor master of the 227th floor decided to attack first.

“I’m Yan, and I wonder if you heard my name before.” The 227th floor’s master said.

Allan nodded.

Although he didn’t know of any Yan’s, he nodded to show his respect.

“I will attack you, so be prepared.”

Yan stared at Allan while he took out his weapon from his back.

His weapon was very long and was wrapped in black cloth.

Yan took the cloth covering the weapon to reveal a spear that shone with dazzling light.

Allan narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the spear and said: “A good weapon.”

The spear was silver in color and seemed pretty sharp.

In The Heaven’s Arena, contestants are allowed to use weapons after reaching the 200th floor.

“Let’s go, let me see how strong your weapon is.” Said Allan as he hooked his finger at Yan.

Allan’s gesture was quite provocative to Yan, who immediately said: “I will use my best ability to defeat you.”

As Yan said this, his Nen covered the spear like a red coat.

He pointed the spear toward Allan and shouted: “Crimson Spear!!”

Yan threw the spear toward Allan with all of his power.

Allan still remained indifferent as the spear approached him.

He unhurriedly waved his hand and created an Ice wall.

In the next second, the spear collided fiercely against the Ice Wall.

The flaming Aura covering the flames hit the Ice wall and started evaporating it, and finally, the spear managed to make a hole into the ice wall.


Allan was slightly surprised.

In the next second, the spear blasted into Allan’s body.

The spear managed to pierce Allan’s body, creating a fist-sized hole.

Seeing this, Yan was stunned as he didn’t expect that his attack would kill Allan.

After a while, he smiled in joy as he was the winner.

The audience roared and started cheering.

Standing behind Yan, the other Floor Masters didn’t even manage to make a move, and the match already ended.

They looked at Allan in disdain.

“You aren’t even that strong, and you want to actually fight all of us together.”

The other floor master suddenly looked serious: “You recovered”

“What” The first one heard this and looked at Allan quickly only to see the hole disappearing from Allan’s body and said in disbelief: “What! How can you recover from a hole in your body!”

“What are you two talking about”

Yan wasn’t looking at Allan as he was waving at the audience.

Hearing the conversation behind him, he couldn’t help turn around and look at Allan.

His smile froze as he saw that Allan was intact.

“What’s going on” Yan’s eyes widened as he shouted.

He stared at Allan’s body and exclaimed: “That’s impossible.

My spear clearly pierced your body.

How did you recover”

Yan couldn’t figure this out at all.

Allan looked at him: “Are you surprised”

Allan looked at Yan’s sullen face and smiled.

Yan thought that Allan had a Nen ability that could heal him.

Otherwise, he would be dead.

Yan once again held the spear and threw it at Allan.


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