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Chapter 201: Pokkle

An hour later, Allan and Ponzu reached a village in the NGL.

“There is no one here, were they all killed by the Ants” Ponzu wondered aloud.

Allan shook his head: “No, they took them, not killed them.”

“Why are they kidnapping them” Ponzu asked.

“Because Chimera Ants are produced by the Queen, who need a lot of food every day to lay eggs.

Therefore, the Chimera Ants will attack villages and take them away to be livestock.”

Ponzu was horrified: “Where did those monsters come from Why did they suddenly appear in here!”

Allan mused: “As far as I know, those ants came from the dark continent, and there are two possible reasons as to why they came here.

The first is that someone deliberately brought them here to achieve some goals.

The second possibility is that the Chimera Ants have encountered the threat of extinction in the dark continent and came here as a last resort.

As for why they came here, it’s the same as before, either someone deliberately put them here, or they chose this place since it’s not developed by humans, as there is no means of communication and it’s almost a locked-out place, which will give them time to develop.”

“Where is the Dark continent” Ponzu asked curiously.

“It’s somewhere not suitable for humans to live there,” Allan replied vaguely.

“Have you been there before” Ponzu asked again.

Allan shook his head: “No, there wasn’t a chance.”

“So, what possibility do you believe in Did they come here by themselves, or did someone bring them here” Ponzu asked…

“Well, I don’t know, but either way, the Chimera Ants pose great danger to all humans, and if they aren’t dealt with, they can destroy us entirely.”

Ponzu seemed surprised by this: “Do you mean this is a war between races”

Allan smiled and said: “It’s not a way yet, but no matter how powerful the Chimera Ants get, they can’t eradicate humans.

They are dangerous because they don’t have a natural predator.

If they go to areas where humans are developed with high tech, they wouldn’t have gone so far.”

Ponzu nodded.

At this time, a wasp who was searching for the Chimera Ant’s nest flew back.

“Ah, there is only one left.

The others were killed.” Ponzu said with eyes full of tears.

She raised each wasp with great effort, and by the time she could communicate with them.

Losing one was equivalent to losing a friend, and now, only one of them is left.

“Did that wasp bring any information” Allan asked without comforting her.

Ponzu nodded: “Well, it told me that there is a cave a few Kilometers away, and Chimera Ants were moving inside, but they aren’t sure if Pokkle is there.”

“Okay, let’s go and take a look then.”

Ten minutes later, Allan and Ponzu reached the cave.

Allan instantly used his Observation Haki to search the cave and discovered many Chimera Ants in there.

“Let’s go in,” Allan said.

Ponzu nodded and followed while holding the Jungle Dagger tightly in her hand.

After the two entered the cave, the Chimera Ants quickly detected them.

Several strange-looking Ants rushed toward them brainlessly.

They were the lowest-ranked ants.

Allan killed them directly, but he left one for Ponzu to kill.

Seeing this, Ponzu slashed her dagger down toward the Ant, and to her surprise, the Ant was shopped down cleanly.

“So sharp!”

Killing a Chimera Ant with a single slash was something she didn’t imagine.

“Haha, I said before, this dagger has a special effect on creatures like the Chimera ants.

Even ordinary people can kill the Chimera Ants with that dagger, not to mention someone much better than normal people.”

Ponzu was no longer afraid of the Chimera Ants and was quite confident now.

The two marched forward all the way inside the cave while beheading as many Chimera Ants as they encountered.

Finally, they reached the innermost chamber and saw a large pile of bones on the ground, and those bones belonged to humans.

Those Chimera Ants made meatballs out of the captured humans and then transported them to their Queen.

At the same time, many people were still in the iron cages witnessing the slaughter without being able to do anything.

“This is so terrible!” Ponzu saw this for the first time in her life and was frightened and almost vomited.

When the ants noticed Allan and Ponzu, they rushed toward them, but Allan just waved his storm blade, beheading them directly.

Seeing the Chimera Ants beheaded with a single strike, the imprisoned people were shocked.

Allan slashed his sword at the cages and freed all the captures.

At the same time, the system announced the completion of his rescue.

[Ding! You successfully rescued Pokkle and received the Stall of Thunder.”

At this time, Pokkle couldn’t believe what was happening and said: “Are you… Allan”

Allan nodded: “It’s been a while, Pokkle.”

Pokkle was quite surprised: “I haven’t seen you since we were in the Hunter Association.

By the way, why are you in the NGL”

“I’m here to find Gon and Killua,” Allan explained.

“What They are here as well” Pokkle was quite shocked and surprised.

Allan nodded and said: “Let’s talk in another place.

Let’s leave this place first.”


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