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 Chapter 203: Items

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On the way to Gon and Killua, Allan noticed that Ponzu didn’t have any way to protect herself, so he gave her The Staff of Thunder and the Shield of Courage.

“Ponzu, take these two,” Allan said.

“What are those” Ponzu asked curiously.

“This is the Staff of Thunder, and this is the Shield of courage.

Use them to protect yourself.” Allan explained.

“But you already gave me the Jungle’s dagger,” Ponzu replied.

Allan smiled: “Compared to the Jungle’s Dagger, these two items are more suitable for you.”

“Really” Ponzu stared at them with wide, curious eyes and asked: “How do I use them”

“The staff of thunder can release lightning-like energy to strike at enemies from a distance.

So it can take away the hassle of getting close to those Chimera Ants.” Allan explained.

Ponzu exclaimed: “So Strong!! What about the Shield”

“The Shield of Courage can defend against attacks and enhance your teammate’s attacks,” Allan explained.

“In other words, I can use the shield to increase Allan’s attack power, right” Allan nodded.

At this time, Allan saw a Chimera Ant close by and said: “Here, I will demonstrate their effect.” So Allan picked the staff of thunder and pointed at the Chimera ant in the distance.


With Allan’s voice, an energy beam was released out of the staff of thunder and instantly killed the Chimera ant.

“That’s amazing!” Ponzu exclaimed in surprise.

“The range of attack of the staff of thunder is about 50 meters, within this range, you can hit any creature, but remember, the farther the target is, the weaker the attack gets and vice versa.

Also, you can charge the attack before releasing it.

The longer the charge is, the stronger the attack gets.”

“What about the shield of courage”

“It’s very simple.

For defense, you just lift it up, and if you want to buff your teammates, think about releasing the energy inside it.”


After receiving the items, Ponzu returned the jungle’s dagger to Allan.

At this moment, Allan felt a few auras approaching them, and soon three Chimera Ants stood in front of them.

The ants didn’t rush in but were vigilantly observing from a distance.

“That man looks very strong.”

“That woman isn’t strong, and she’s just a normal person.”

“In that case, we only need to kill that man.”

The three Ants instinctively felt danger from Allan and decided to go against him together while ignoring Ponzu.

Allan could tell that those three were Squadron leaders from their aura, but he wasn’t going to face them.

Instead, he looked at Ponzu and said: “Ponzu, take care of them.”


Ponzu was a little nervous, but she didn’t hesitate.

The three Ants slowly approached Ponzu and Allan, moving slowly, step by step in caution.

Allan stood behind Ponzu while watching the Ants, ready to protect Ponzu if she was in extreme danger.

“You want to woman to deal with us”

“Humph, you’re underestimating us.”

“A mere human dares to look down on us.”

“Let’s kill the woman first, then deal with him.”

The Ants saw that Allan wasn’t going to make a move, so they decided to kill Ponzu first before joining hands and killing him.

“Go ahead, Ponzu.” Seeing the Ants were within ten meters, Allan reminded her.


Ponzu nodded, raised the stuff of thunder and pointed at one of the ants, then shouted: “Release!”

In the next second, a burst of energy rushed out, blasting toward the Ant, who couldn’t react in time.


The energy exploded directly, killing the Ant.

The other two were stunned as they didn’t expect this girl to have such a strong attack.


Ponzu, without hesitating, once again attacked using the Staff of Thunder, killing the second Ant.

The last and finally reacted and rushed toward Ponzu quickly, which made the latter raise the Shield of courage, and with a bang, she blocked the Ant’s attack.

“Damn it!”

The Ant didn’t retreat but instead kept attacking, and mysteriously, every hit was directed toward the Shield.

(T/L: He could’ve attacked anywhere else, but he ‘mysteriously’ attacked the Shield!)

“Charge release!”

Ponzu held the Staff of Thunder that was being charged and aimed at the Ant before releasing an energy attack from a close distance.

The Chimera Ant couldn’t react and directly exploded.

After finally dealing with the three Ants, Ponzu sat down exhausted.

Although she killed the three ants, she consumed too much energy.

“Good job, Ponzu!”

Ponzu blushed slightly at Allan’s praise and said: “It’s all thanks to the items you gave me.

Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for me to kill them by myself.”


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