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Allans excitement shot up the roof as he felt the change in his body.

Now, he had a clear understanding of Observation Haki.

There were three main points to this change.

First, his perception improved greatly.

He can now detect the presence of a faraway target.

Second, his hearing improved immensely, and now he can hear the breathing sound and heartbeats of his target.

Third, all of his senses were enhanced.

This didnt refer to a single organ, but it was an overall improvement.

When there is a threat to his life, even without seeing the threat came from, and locate it accurately by listening to the heartbeats.

If he raises his sense to a higher level, he would be able to even predict the future for a short time.

Observation Haki increased perception in general.

Everything that helps with perception is improved to the point of transcending a Humans senses.

This ability is linked to the spirit and mental fortitude of the user.

The stronger the mental power is, the stronger the Haki will be, and the more focused it gets, the more accurate I would be as a result.

Allan focused a little and activated his Observation Haki.

An intangible and invisible sphere spread all around with him in the center.

The Observation Haki was similar to the advanced Nen application, En, but the difference is that Observation Haki didnt use Nen, cant be detected, and also had a wider range.

But now, Allan discovered that his Observation Haki could only cover ten meters radius, which he directly linked to it being at a Novice Level.

Beyond those Ten Meters, Allan couldnt feel anything.

“This is a bit embarrassing.”

Allan was embarrassed because his current En can reach a distance of 20 meters easily.

In other words, his current Observation Haki isnt as practical as his En.

However, since the Observation Haki doesnt use Nen, unlike En, he can keep it active at all times when he fights.

A fairly elderly man with a short and stocky build came out of the cabin holding a bottle of wine in his hand.

He glanced at Allan and Gon before looking at Chrollo and the other three.

He took a mouthful of wine before saying: “Haha, it seems that only the five could handle the storm.” He took the bottle once again into his mouth before saying again: “Im the captain of this ship.

You can call me captain or Captain-san.

You guys now tell me your names.”

His words sounded like he was ordering them, which irritated Uvogin: “I dont care that youre the captain, why should I tell you my name”

“This drunk is trying to scare us.

Let me see what you can do.” Uvogin said disapprovingly.

If he didnt consider the exam and his chiefs words about not causing trouble, he wouldve just thrown the old man into the sea to become sharks food.

Chrollo stared at the old man as if he was thinking about something, but he didnt state his name.

Allan, on the other hand, was staring at the old man and already guessed his identity.

He is probably a temporary examiner from the Hunter Association.

But a temporary examiner is an examiner nonetheless.

Whether they pass the test or not depends on his words.

If he offends him now, he will be likely eliminated in the next exam, and thats why the old man warned Uvogin and said he would regret it.

Thinking about this, Allan directly stepped forward and introduced himself: “Hello, Captain-san, my name is Allan Yeager, just call me Allan.”

After he said this, he pointed at Gon and said: “This is my little brother, Gon.”

“Well, okay, I will remember you, Allan-boy, and Gon-boy.” Compared to the violent Uvogin, the old man was satisfied with Allans polite answer.

Gon, on the other hand, heard Allan changing his name and looked at Allan with confusion and whispered: “Allan, isnt your full name Allan Nefertari When did it change to Eren Yeager Which one is the real one”

‘Idiot, both of them are made up.” Allan thought, but he wouldnt dare say that.

Instead, he leaned toward Gons ear and whispered: “Gon, the world isnt a good place.

Peoples hearts arent always good.

Of course, I cant use my real name in such a public place, especially my last name.

Thats why I made a pseudo name for our safety.”

“Oh, I understand.” Gon said as if he realized something and said: “Allan, youre really very reliable.”

Allan smiled with a guilty conscience and said: “Hehe, Really Then you should always listen to my words.”

Gon nodded quickly and said: “Yes, can I also use a pseudo name for example Shar-Pei Gon.”

“Shar-Pei Shar-Pei Gon” Allan was taken aback.

“Yeah, dont you think it sounds cool Just like a foreign name.” Gon said smugly.

He felt that he was so smart now that he could think of such a name.

Allan didnt speak as he looked at Gon blankly.

He wasnt able to understand how Gon found a dogs breed as cool.

It was a dogs breed, for gods sake.

Seeing Gon still very proud of himself, Allan couldnt help ask him: “Where did you learn that name Is there such a Do…, I mean strange name in this world”

Gon shook his head and smiled: “Hehe, I dont know if there is such a surname, but the village Chief had a Shar-Pei.

I didnt expect it to go so well with my name.”

“Uh…” Allan was unable to complain, but in the end, he sternly said: “Gon, the Name Shar-Pei Gon sounds like a stray dogs name.

You cant use it as a Pseudo name.”

“Why…” Gon was hit in the head by Allan.

He shut up and looked at Allan: “Than what Pseudo Name should I use”

Allan patted him on the shoulder and said: “Just use your name, Gon.”

“No, I want a pseudo name like Allan.”

Seeing Gons stubbornness raising, Allan thought for a bit before he said: “Well, then how about Kakarot Gon”

“Kakarot Gon” Gons eyes lit up as he nodded: “Thats a good name, slightly better than Shar-Pei Gon.”

Allan was speechless.

‘Why is this guy so attached to the Dogs breed!!!”

But now, he could finally sigh in relief.

Fortunately, Allan watched a lot of animes; otherwise, he wouldnt be able to get such a pseudo name anytime soon.


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