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 Chapter 220: Shaiapouf

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When Allan took Gel to the next Nest, Kite and the others solved their problems one after the other and approached their next nest as well.

As for the ants, they realized that their situation is getting dangerous.

The humans were more powerful than expected.

In order to keep their base from being attacked by humans, the remaining squadron leaders gathered all Ants that were scattered everywhere and prepared to go all out against the humans.

And the ones leading the attack were the twelve Squadron Leaders.

They also had thirty-six captain ants, which weren’t weak.

The number of ants gathered was 1,200.

A slender blond man stood in front of the squadron leaders with eyes filled with arrogance.

The slender blond man was one of the king’s guards, Shaiapouf, known as Pouf.

Next to Pouf stood a muscular man with red skin, his name is Menthuthuyoupi, one of the king’s guards, known as Youpi.

Those two were now the strongest Ants besides the king.

“Have all Chimera Ants gathered” Pouf asked.

“Yes, all Ants are here, and you can deploy them whenever you want.” The Squadron Leader that looked like a penguin replied.

He is called Peggy.

Although he wasn’t as good as the other leaders in terms of strength, his mind worked the best amongst them.

“So, how many people are we facing on the human side” Pouf asked again.

“As far as we can see, there are ten people,” Peggy replied truthfully.

Pouf raised his brow and said indifferently: “Are you sure that there are only ten people”

“Uh… This… Maybe there are more.” Feeling the trace of anger in Pouf’s words, Peggy hesitated slightly before he replied.

Pouf snorted coldly and said: “Trash! You don’t even know the exact number of our enemy, you’re useless.”

A cold aura spread out from Pouf and filled the cave making all Ants there afraid.

This fear came from their hearts and blood as lower-ranked soldiers.

Therefore, facing Pouf’s anger, the ants could only bear it without resisting.

“So, those humans use strange abilities, right” Pouf suppressed his anger and asked.

“Yes, the ability they use is called Nen.

According to our information, those humans who are attacking us are all Nen users.

They use their life force to increase their power or defense, which is very difficult to deal with.” Peggy replied.

“Nen, and Lifeforce”

Pouf whispered in a low voice and then thought of something: “You should be referring to this right” As he said this, pouf released his Nen directly.

His whole body was wrapped up in a soft membrane as energy covered his body.

This energy caused the Squadron Leaders to kneel and bow their heads.

“Yes, that’s the same energy those humans are using, but Master Pouf’s aura is stronger.” Peggy wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and replied.

“So, we can determine that the humans are powerful because they have mastered using life Force, or Nen, right” Pouf guessed.

“I think that should be the case because, in addition to enhancing strength, Lifeforce can be used to form strange skills as well,” Peggy said.

“Well, since humans can use Nen, we, who are far superior to them, should also be able to use it.” Pouf narrowed his eyes.

“So, what should we do” Another Squadron Leader who looked like a leopard asked.

His name is Cheeto.

“Very simple, just master Nen and then attack the humans.” Pouf said.

“Then, how do we control our Life Force”

The Squadron leader found a way to improve and directly started training Nen.

The Squadron leader’s aura soared inside the nest, while Pouf and Youpi looked at them and released their own Nen.

In an instant, both king’s guards’ aura surpassed the squadron leaders.

“After releasing your Life Force, try manipulating it, focusing it into certain parts, like the hands, feet, or eyes…”

Pouf quickly taught the Squadron Leaders how to manipulate their Nen.


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