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Chapter 221: Awakening

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Pouf called the process awakening.

The twelve Squadron leaders who awakened were Leol, the Lion, Peggy, the Penguin, Colt, the birdman, Meleoron, the chameleon, Octopus…, Turtle… and so on.

“It’s great, I feel a steady flow of power in my body.”

With Pouf’s guidance, the Squadron Leaders mastered Nen one after the other.

They marveled at the constant surge of energy in their bodies.

Each showed surprise, excitement, and arrogance for gaining power.

Amongst them, there are a few leaders who thought that they are as strong as the King’s guards.

However, this naïve idea was quickly shattered.

When Pouf and Youpi released their aura, they realized that they were far behind.

The difference in Aura was wide apart.

“Nen is actually the potential of the body, and you just mastered manipulating that energy in your body.

If you want to further improve, you can develop Nen Abilities.” Pouf explained.

“Master Pouf, even though we awakened, those humans can’t be underestimated.

I hope Master Pouf can take action and help us with this.” Peggy said.

The other Leader looked expectantly at Pouf.

“Although I really want to take action, my duty doesn’t allow me to leave the Ant King for even a moment.” Pouf said in an embarrassed tone, but it was apparent that he looked down on the humans.

“Yes, before the birth of our king, as direct guards, we need to guard the Ants King all the way till his birth,” Youpi added.

Seeing the Two King’s Guards unwilling to take action, the Squadron leaders were a little angry.

After all, in terms of power, the two of them were in their own leader.

At this time, the turtle man stood up and said: “Last time, even for Neferpitou was killed.

Just relying on our meager strength, I’m afraid that we can’t do anything to those humans…”

Before the turtle man could finish his words, Pouf appeared in front of him and with a punch, sent him flying away.

The other squadron leader was shocked and couldn’t react at all.

“Listen well, if any of you have the same opinion as that turtle, I will kill you all.” Pouf warned them.

The Squadron leader didn’t refute his words and didn’t dare disobey.

“As one of the King’s guards, Pitou was killed by a human, which means that she is weak and can only blame herself.” Pouf said.

The Squadron leader could only accept their words because there is nothing they can do.

“Okay, we’re going back.

The king should be born tomorrow at the latest.

If you can’t deal with the humans by then, you can’t run away if the king blames you.”

After saying this, Pouf and Youpi left.

After they left, the remaining Squadron Leaders were relieved, but soon they turned serious.

“What should we do now”

“What else can we do, of course, kill those humans.”

“But those humans are so strong, can we really deal with them”

“There is no other way, if we don’t go, the King’s Guards will execute us.”

“It seems like we can only fight.”

The Squadron leader seemed depressed because they realized that both ways may lead to death.

However, what made them afraid of the humans was Pitou’s death ten days ago.

Although they didn’t participate in the fight that night, the battle between Pitou and the humans was very fierce.

They thought that Pitou would surely kill the humans, but in the end, she was killed instead.

Since then, they have greatly reduced the range of their activity and didn’t dare appear in the territory of the humans.

However, ten days later, which is today, the humans formed a team to exterminate them.

Being forced to this point, apart from feeling, they could only fight to the death.

As for running away, it was impossible, because if they run away, it would mean that admitted defeat in front of the humans, and they would become deserters and the King’s Guards would kill them.

So, they could only choose to fight humans.

“We have an absolute advantage in terms of numbers, and we can defeat them with quantity.” Said Penguin.

“Quantity This method was used before, but it didn’t work, the soldier ants are weak, they are no different from cannon fodders.

They will be wiped out easily.

They can only be used to wear the enemies’ strength because only Squadron Leader can deal with those humans.” Colt said.

“Since there is no good way, we can only adapt to the circumstances.” Said Meleoron.

At the same time, on a hillside, two kilometers away from the main nest of the Ants.

“Do you see that That towering peak in the distance is the main nest of the ants.” Allan said while standing on top of a mountain.

“Well, although it’s far away, I can feel the ominous feeling from that place.” Gel said solemnly.

“It looks like they are all gathered there, waiting for a showdown with me,” Allan said.

“What now” Gel asked.

“Before Kite and the others arrive, let me give them a heavy blow first.”

Hearing this, Gel looked puzzled: “What are you going to do”

“I want to destroy that mountain.” Allan laughed.

“Destroy the mountain” Gel couldn’t believe this.

“Can you even do that”

“Of course, don’t underestimate me,” Allan said.

Seeing Allan’s confidence, Gel didn’t ask anymore and waited to see what he will do.

Allan took the Meito, Shusui, from the Inventory, then held it with both hands and approached the nest.

The entire nest was 1,500 meters tall, it’s naturally impossible to destroy it, but Allan could split it apart.

With his level 7 swordsmanship, he only needed a full blow to do just that.

Allan swung Shusui, and a blue arc of energy rushed toward the mountain.

In the next second, the cave in which the squadron leaders resided, started shaking and collapsing.

“What’s happening”

“We’re being attacked”

“Everyone, hurry up and leave.”

The powerful energy slash made the entire mountain shake violently and caused the Squadron Leader to flee.


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