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Chapter 222: New Reward

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“Heuu… You actually split the mountain apart!”

Gel was shocked when she saw Allan slash the Nest.

The destruction caused by a single slash made the entire Mountain collapse.

Above, in the air, Allan held Shusui like some demon god out to destroy the world.

He once again unleashed another slash.

The already split mountain was once again hit, and boulders started flying in the air.

The Chimera Ant’s soldiers were wiped out due to this devastating blow.

The Squadron leaders who originally planned on fighting the humans to death were caught off-guard

They were lucky enough to escape the nest in one piece.

The first idea that came to their mind was to run away as far as possible.

However, they still had one question they couldn’t answer, who attacked the Nest

What method was used to cause such destruction

Then, they looked at the sky.

They saw a man holding a black sword floating leisurely in the air.

Seeing Allan and feeling the immense presence he carried, caused them to feel astonished.

“Such power!”

“Is he the one who destroyed the nest”

“His aura is more oppressive than Master Pouf and Youpi, is he the human who killed Master Pitou”

Countless questions emerged in the minds of the squadron leader as it was the first time, they saw such a powerful aura released from a human.

His presence was not weaker than the King’s Guards, maybe even stronger.

Just looking at him from a distance made them think he is invincible.

At this time, Allan also noticed the squadron leader on the ground who escaped from the Nest.

However, he didn’t do anything.

Because he didn’t bother wasting his energy on eliminating those guys.

Moreover, he believed the attack just now should alert Kite and the others, who should be here soon.

At that time, the squadron leaders would be dealt with.

The ones who can make Allan a little bit interested in fighting them were Pouf and Youpi.

Of course, there is also the Ant King.

Allan wasn’t interested in the rest of the Chimera Ants.

Those squadron leaders released that Allan didn’t bother with them.

No, it should be he didn’t put them in his eyes.

This made them very upset, but due to Allan’s display of power, they were afraid to make a move and wanted to leave this place quickly.

After all, their lives were more important than their pride.

So, they directly started running away, but unfortunately, they run into Kite and the others.

Therefore, the two sides engaged in a racial fight.

While they were fighting, Allan returned to Gel’s side.

“Allan, you are really strong.

You destroyed the main nest and all of the ants gathered there were wiped out.

Isn’t it better to take advantage of the situation and destroy them”

Regarding Gel’s suggestion, Allan waved his hand and smiled: “Although some of them slipped out, I believe Kite and the others will deal with them, so we don’t have to make a move.”

“Okay, what shall we do now” Gel asked.

“Wait here for them to come and then go find where the Ant King is going to be born,” Allan said.

“Where will he be born” Gel asked.

Allan shrugged: “I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not here.

If it was, I would’ve found out.”

Gel nodded and didn’t ask anymore.

She now knows Allan’s strength, so everything is under his control.

Allan said what to do, and she will do as he said.

“By the way, Allan, do you have a teacher” Gel asked.

“No.” Allan shook his head as he didn’t have a teacher.

“You don’t have a teacher, so how come you’re so strong” Gel asked curiously.

“Maybe I’m talented.” Allan smiled, he is not naïve enough to tell about his system.

“Let me ask something else.” Gel thought for a while.

“What is it” Allan asked.

“Are you single” Gel asked a question that Allan didn’t expect.

Allan nodded: Yes.”

“How old are you” Gel asked again.

“About twenty,” Allan replied.

“Oh, do you want a girlfriend”

“You want to introduce me to someone”

“How about I introduce myself” Gel laughed.

“Introduce yourself” Allan pretended to be surprised.

“Are you really stupid or are you pretending to be confused I’ve already said it, it’s so obvious, so what’s your reply” Gel asked anxiously.

Allan smiled: “Well before replying, I want to ask, what does Miss Gel like about me.”

“I have taken fancy to all aspects.” Gel said straightforwardly.

“All aspects”

“Well, you’re young, handsome, and most importantly, really strong.” Gel said.

“I think only the last point attracts you,” Allan said speechlessly.

“You can say that I admire strong people, so I hope to find someone strong that can protect me.” Gel expressed her inner thoughts about the criteria for choosing a spouse.

“So, I meet your criteria then” Allan laughed.

“Well, that’s how it is.” Gel nodded and waited for Allan to agree.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Become Gel’s Boyfriend.

Reward: Slow Slow fruit.]

[2: Reject Gel and insist on staying single.

Reward: Five thousand Nen points.]

Compared to the Nen points, the Slow fruit was better.

Moreover, Allan thought that it was about time to stop being single, so he picked the first option.

“Okay, I will be your boyfriend.”

Hearing Allan’s answer, Gel was very happy and said: “Then, we will be lovers from now on, so take responsibility and protect me.”

“Of course.” Allan smiled.

At the same time, Allan received his reward from the system.


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